Themes: Great Black v2 by Ru1eZ – free at Ovi Store

| September 12, 2011 | 25 Replies
Final theme for the day. Hopefully you made it through.
This one is called Great Black v2 by Ru1eZ. It sports its own keyboard design, and is another dark theme that’s very good for AMOLED screens. The icon set is Anna.
That wallpaper makes more sense in landscape.
Download it for Free at Ovi Store:
Check out other S^3 Themes

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  • mawire


  • Saj

    there is one more on OVI, which is free too, called
    Very nice too

    Check it out

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  • Astound

    i hate purple, reminds me of tint haha

  • Tej Parker

    Looks like the themes are free, but i think Jay is getting some money from the source for posting these themes continously. LAME ! these only look like sponsored posts !

    • DM

      Hello Tej,

      Your assumption is wrong and i am here to clarify that, if you could go to Tips section and have a look as i was the one who advised Jay to post it as they are excellent themes and need some credit for the developers. Neither myself or Jay get any benefits for this, we are trying to help the nokia fans whats available out there and themes are important part for an phone which justifies their existence.

      I am not sure if even the developers are aware that their themes were posted.

      • Tej Parker

        Then there better be a themes/mods/wallpapers etc section which is updated and takes a good place permanently towards the right of the blog posts. but posting 4~5 posts like this draws very less attention because a post gets lost with time(as the new posts pop up) and neither are they organised in one place, if for example i was searching for good themes !

        • DM

          There is an TAG at end of every post and if search or click on the tag you will see all the posts with relates to particular tag.

          For example:
          S^3 Themes

          and there is also an option on the top tool bar section called Themes. The main page is like an feed and it posts all the articles that are posted.

          • Tej Parker

            Oh then you and Jay are great people. you deserve a ***** prize.
            now end this here please 😐

            • Mendax

              I understand where your comments are coming from: it’s mid-September, the N9 is weeks away from release but it’s unclear when; we’re all restless and tired from the wait and a few Symbian 3 theme posts aren’t enough to tide us over. But FFS, man! Get yourself together and quit whining. The MNB team have been more than dedicated with their coverage. If it bothers you so much, go get your news elsewhere.

            • Hypnopottamus

              Man, you are truly pathetic. You come here almost EVERY time and try to start some LAME shit criticizing this blog.

              In the end, you get owned every time. It really is quite amusing.

              • Tej Parker

                you better mind your own job

                • Hypnopottamus


                  • Tej Parker

                    Then i have to beat you real bad !

        • Arts

          Just screw off.

    • Harangue

      As much I like to see the more news related posts rather than themes, news is just a bit thin on the ground.

      A lot of the people here don’t want to read WP news. I come across a lot on a daily basis but just don’t make a post if it here because of the negativity and bashing that comes out of such a post.

      So cut each writer and especially Jay some slack. Be grateful that you can come here and read, comment and do basically whatever you want without any strings attached. Someone dedicated his/her free time to this blog to provide others with news whatever it is about.

      Just have some respect, even if you think a post is sponsored. Would it really be that bad if this blog made some money? Server space does cost money.

    • Jay Montano

      “Looks like the themes are free, but i think Jay is getting some money from the source for posting these themes continously. LAME ! these only look like sponsored posts ”

      Hi Tej,

      Apologies I was not able to get to your concern earlier. I have been very busy today and have not been at my computer because I was packing/travelling/unpacking/sorting out new move.

      As I knew that I would be away, the day before I had made arrangements to have all of today’s content scheduled, so that despite my absence I could ensure that our readers would have something that they might find either interesting or useful.

      I do appreciate that there was a mass of themes today and perhaps it would have been better if I didn’t block them together. Although please note, I did mention this would take place, and I think it’s warranted because those themes are really good. They are not sponsored, but as you were informed, were tipped by a reader.

      Thank you as always for your constant negativity towards our posts or what I do. I think you have something very personal against me as you still use my name on posts that were not mine. Please explain what it is that I’m doing that does annoy you and if we cannot work towards this, I could suggest perhaps you not visiting to prevent yourself feeling any distress as caused by my posts.

      • Tej Parker

        first, i never seeked that long explanation that you gave above.
        second, i never and will never have anything peersonal against you. for that matter, why should i? have you any reason for the your assertion?FUNNY !
        third, i didnt know that it wasnt you that posted a previous post you mentioned. since you post virtually every post in this blog, i assumed it was you and commented. after knowing it was not you, i apologised too !
        fourth, you or your blog posts do not annoy me . infact, the very reason i comment on your posts is because iread them, and the very reason i read them is because i like your blog.


        • arts

          too complicated for you? it figures.

          • Tej Parker

            Just mind your business buddy…not good for you at all this way i guess

  • Cod3rror

    Themes are cool but answer me this Nokia experts…

    Is there an app that will record a video and overlay GPS speed and other data over the video for the N8?

    iPhone has an app called TrackCam

    Can Nokia do this? Is there an app that does this? Then some of you say that developers and third party apps aren’t important, I couldn’t find anything that does this on Ovi Store.

    • Tej parker

      +1, boss

  • nfbsk

    Why aren’t these last four posts combined into one single post?

    • Jay Montano

      A few reasons.

      1) We’re trying to build up a theme section again. When you click on S^3 themes, you’ll see a selection of “THeme name, by designer” etc.

      2) Each theme deserved it’s own post. But I may have to agree it possibly would have been better to space them out.

      3) However, since I knew I’d be packing/travelling for a long while/unpacking, I had made provisions to set about at least some content for our readers. There were some non theme stories to begin with, but I did mention that this was also a good opportunity to showcase some themes whilst I was unable to get to a computer.

      Apologies to those who found it a bit too much, but I’m also glad to see some people found them useful to spice up their Symbian phone appearance again.

  • arts

    one question, does themes still apply on symbian bella?