Qt Car Mode from Nokia – for Belle devices (new and upgraded) as well as MeeGo-Harmattan (N9)

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Back in May 2010 (and possibly even earlier), we got a glimpse of the Qt Car integration goodness (called Terminal Mode then).

You’ll remember this is much better optimized, not only for touch but for car navigation. – bigger buttons, being fonts, so you divert less time looking at the screen and more time concentrating on the road.

Nokia Conversations had a post yesterday about the new Nokia Car mode.


You can see similar map styling to Nokia Maps. At this screen size, you can afford to lose a little map space and have another part indicating Speed/distance.

Since the app is Qt based, it will be available for Belle devices, Nokia 600, 700, 701 as well as the earlier S^3 smartphones for Belle. Also for N9 fans, it will be available for MeeGo-Harmattan too.

The app, written in Qt, will be available for the Nokia 600, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and earlier smartphones that have been upgraded to Symbian Belle. It will also be available for Nokia N9.

Thanks to amoshydra  for the tip!



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  • Mendax

    Looks like the official N9 release countdown is on (in Finland, at least):
    …less than 17 hours to go, it seems.

    • I’ll believe it when I see it. Nokia has forced me to trust them even less than I trust politicians. That countdown means nothing to me until that phone is on shelves. Too bad I’m not in Finland to pick one up anyway.

    • Ronny

      So DAM YOU ELDAR!!! you did it again!

    • Zinus

      That’s just for the marketing campaign we’ve all read about.
      It look obvious now, that the soonest we can expect it, is October.
      And they still haven’t freaking given us an exact “date”!

  • Jayzteroid

    Its a marketing campaign.
    For a four week period of time people are asked to share their opinions on the features of the N9.
    Similar campaign that we had for N8-00.

    Participants have a chance to win the N9 every day.

    Operators are taking preorders in and the pricing is 599€ for the 16GB version and 699€ for the 64GB version.

    N9 is expected to be in stores in october.

    • JD!

      So much for a device which even Nokia doesnt want to support!

      • scelero

        well they are going to support it.

      • Anjanu Sonkar

        they dont want to sell it…they are creating room for Windows Phone…Nokia is Microsoft’s bitch!!!

        • Couldn’t have said it better. This phone’s release keeps getting delayed so that its forced to compete with Nokia’s WP7 devices, the first of which may ship in a month or two.

          • Mendax

            When will you people stop with the conspiracy theories?! It was just announced that the first WP won’t ship until Q1 2012! I don’t care what Elop said. If the MeeGo team says they’ll stand by it, then that’s good enough for me.

            And what exactly is support, anyway? You’re already asking for updates on a phone which has yet to be released. It has already been mentioned multiple times that the N9 has hardware support for BT 4.0 and FM transmission. You’ll have access to Qt apps (S^3 will obviously be supported). The developers are also hard at work to give the N9 more functionality.

            Seems to me that the phone’s unique design and wonderful(ly exclusive) OS will earn you more than enough bragging rights among the Android and iOS crowd. If you’re so insecure, don’t buy the damn thing!

            • We can’t buy it, it’s STILL not out 🙂

  • marc

    @jay gsmarena has a preview of the nokia 700. go check it out

  • masood.alkhter

    AMAZING DEVICE!! I am always using my ovi maps satnav in my car,this new wire looks a treat and much eazer to use now, thanks ALPINE and NOKIA!!! i have nokia N8 right now with bella. my nex device will be a meego phone. i think nokia after symbian will stick to 2 plat forms WINDOWS and MEEGO.

  • StylinRed

    Id love my phone to display on my lcd screen

    but mine doesnt support it i dont think

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