Nokia 603 – Symbian Belle with ‘Keypad’? – E6 successor, T9 keypad or just touch? – on par with 700?

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I’ve had some messages pointing out that the unannounced 603 may have a QWERTY and might be the E6 successor.

Taking another look at the Nokia 603 uaprof seems to indicate that this thing will have a PhoneKeyPad.

Now in contrast with the E6 uaprof, that specifically mentioned “QWERTY”. Similarly, against the X7, that says all touch. So what could it be?

Well if you remember the other uaprof for the Nokia 500, 600, 700 and 701, all of which are pure touch devices only, all said “keypad”.

Whilst the trend does focus on touch only input, it would be a shame to not deliver a E6 successor. There are still plenty of users out there who need this ‘always there’ portrait QWERTY as BlackBerry will attest to.

Another tidbit of information. Remember that being “603” I assumed due to Nokia’s explanation, that makes it better than lower numbers (600, 500 etc) but not as good as higher numbers (700, 701). dsmobile (who amongst a rare few people pretty close to future Nokia projects somehow) said:

“not as good as 700? It’s not really that simple comparison you will see :D”

After being asked what made it special,

“Can’t really say

Compared if something is good than other most likely depends of the user.

actually more “correct” thing to say would be “not as good as 701″

That’s intriguing. It indicates that there maybe something quite user dependent that would put the 603 and the 703 so close. We could have thought that might be a keyboard as that would be highly subjective as what would be better, but we’ve sort of established it doesn’t have one.

What can we further speculate?

Cheers folks for the tip on the ‘keypad’.



This was missed


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