Voddler app for Symbian (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland)

| September 19, 2011 | 18 Replies

It seems that Voddler launched an app to be used with Symbian this time.

“The app is free and works on Symbian smartphones that have upgraded to Symbian Anna.”

According to Voddler’s website “at launch, the app has about 250 movies activated for mobile viewing, but new titles will be added on a running basis from Voddler’s growing catalog of over 4,500 titles.”


Since I’m not in any of the launch countries, I can’t download it to test it.

Lets hope the number of countries where it is available, gets expanded alongside the catalog.


Get more info at Voddler’s website



It seems that the app will be available for the N9 as well via

Thanks for the link James


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  • Adam

    I’m from Sweden, and I can confirm that it works like a charm 🙂

  • Scelero

    I havn’t watched any movies yet but the app itself is really smooth. Was quite surprised actually how smooth it was.

  • dsmobile

    and might come for N9 also. that’s good.

    I have try that app with new belle symbian phones. Haven’t try with Anna. Good app.

  • Silky smooth on 3G, 3.5G and WiFi.

  • ravo

    some that got the app says that it does not work when they connect it to thier tv with the hdmi cable.

    • Pökö

      Yes, I can confirm this one. At least those free movies give message that HDMi is not allowed and screen goes blank.

      Havent’t tried those that you have to pay to watch. Pretty dum, if you have to pay 4€ and you can’t use your tv.

      Otherwise the app works nice and smooth at least in wlan.
      I have N8.

    • From Voddler’s side, I can confirm that the video-out functionality on the app is disabled. We haven’t got the film studios yet to agree to enable it; they don’t trust that the copy protection/DRM system is strong enough on that connection. (Similarly, we haven’t enabled video-out on our iOS or Android-apps.)

      As you can imagine, it’s not the end scenario we have in mind, and we’re working hard to change it.

      (For more info on the app, welcome to our blog at

      Anders Sjöman
      head of communication Voddler
      Twitter: anderssjoman

      • MontyN95

        When will the media industry realise that constantly enforcing DRM on everything in such a way that will stiffle or limit the end consumers’ enjoyment of that media content will only push more and more people to torrents! Especially when they’ve paid for it!!

      • Julius

        Thanks for info. Are you planning to release the app for N9 as well? That would be awesome!

      • CSS

        Any perspectives on the release of this app to other markets?

  • James

    @ Jay

    You neglected one minor detail 😉


    • James

      sorry I meant @CSS

      • CSS

        I’ll add the link to the post

        Cheers 😉

  • Ninja

    All very nice, but the video app we want to see for Symbian is FX Studio, that was promised by Nokia over a year ago with the launch of the N8:

    Enquiries have recently been made to Framestore as to why it hasn’t been released and they say they completed it and gave it to Nokia, who are now sitting on it.

    Anyone on Twitter should tweet @phonedaz (Damien Dinning, head of Nokia N8 camera stuff which the Fx Studio app was designed to show off) to demand it’s release!

    • StylinRed

      yeah that was one of the main selling points really of the N8 weird that it never made its way to us

  • StylinRed

    could someone upload the sis file or link the direct dl link?

    even if we cant use it id like to see how the app runs :/

  • koez
  • leo

    I able to download and install in my c7. the is file from this site
    but my country is not supported, any apps that i can be detected as supported country? any idea?