Voddler app for Symbian (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland)

| September 19, 2011 | 18 Replies

It seems that Voddler launched an app to be used with Symbian this time.

“The app is free and works on Symbian smartphones that have upgraded to Symbian Anna.”

According to Voddler’s website “at launch, the app has about 250 movies activated for mobile viewing, but new titles will be added on a running basis from Voddler’s growing catalog of over 4,500 titles.”

Since I’m not in any of the launch countries, I can’t download it to test it.

Lets hope the number of countries where it is available, gets expanded alongside the catalog.


Get more info at Voddler’s website



It seems that the app will be available for the N9 as well via

Thanks for the link James


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