WhatsApp on Windows Phone (Update – now in Market Place)

| September 19, 2011 | 56 Replies

I think I read some comments saying apps like WhatsApp won’t be coming to Windows Phone.

Well WMPowerUser reckons they have some screenshots of WhatpsApp above.


WhatsApp is an oddly named but very useful cross platform messenger service that’s free to trial, and $1.99 per year if you wish to continue (according to the site). Whether it’s an iOS/Android/Blackberry or a ‘Nokia’ – now it seems to be coming to Windows Phone too.

Source: WMPowerUser

Cheers Chris for the tip.

Update: This is now in the market place




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  • Joshua Williams

    Hmmm, it seems u are now baptized in the waters of Microsoft.
    Just know that in the future to come Nokia would not have anything to do with Microsoft

    • Jay Montano

      And why would you say that I am “baptized in the waters of Microsoft”?

      • Tej Parker

        indeed you are, stop behaving otherwise

        • Jay Montano

          Your comment makes no sense as usual. Get off my blog.

          • Eugen

            It’s ok Jay, not everyone who loves Nokia lost adequacy. You are doing the right thing, man.

            • Jay Montano

              I don’t mind that not everyone likes Windows Phone, but that guy is always badgering us. I have been as patient as I can with him but he’s always there to make the snide, condescending or attacking remark when ever possible.

              • The best thing to do is to ignore these fools.
                WP7 is an excellent OS which beats the crap put of android and iOS. But its still no match for N9.
                But if eye candy is what the mass market requires, then Nokia has no choice but to make a WP7 device.
                As long as Nokia has Symbian devices out there, I have no problem with them making wp7, and since this is a Nokia blog, I excpect WP7 related news here.
                So just ignore users who speak in riddles.

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      You know something we don’t? Wouldn’t it be more sincere if you wrote something along the lines “i hate microsoft so i just make up all kind of BS to bash her”

    • Cloud_Connected

      A bit cryptic, your post, don´t you think so?

    • Hypnopottamus

      I can’t believe that people are STILL in denial. Nokia and MS are a FACT. Deal with it. You may not like it, but don’t think that MNB won’t be reporting anything MS that’s Nokia related.

  • Ali Abdulla

    whatsapp aint free, it just gives u a year trail

    • Jay Montano

      Sorry, yes. App is free, service is $1.99/year.

      • Cod3rror

        Huh? It’s free on iOS.

        Anyways, I tried WhatsApp, it’s decent but pretty useless to me.

        Now Viber, that’s an awesome app!

        And where is Skype for WP7?

        • jr

          free for the frist year.. as on ios android and wp7 this is no different.. now educate yourself before making ignorant questions

          • akse

            What happens after first year? You have to pay? Why not just use some other IM service that is free..

      • Harangue

        No, it’s free for a year and then a one time only 1.99 to keep the service.

        @Cod3rror; iOS ain’t free either, it’s 0.89 in my country at least. One time only.

        • Cod3rror

          Ah, well thanks for clearing it up.

          I thought you guys meant paying 1.99 every year.

          Yea in iTunes it costs 0.99 cents.

          WP7 apps are over priced.

          • Harangue

            Symbian apps ain’t exactly free either. Angry Birds launched at a fairly high price and so is WhatsApp (1,99 on Symbian)

            But indeed, WP apps are fairly expensive. It better come down in the near future.

  • Spitfire

    Microsoft products are all over-hyped because microsoft puts their products down peoples throaths with big contracts and ad’s but when it comes to real consumer experiences with microsoft products those products mostly appear to turn out to be a big fail and nothing compared to other manufacturers products(i.e. symbian)

    Read my words… the metro stylish UI and menu of Windows Phone is over-hyped and going to turn out to be a big fail again. Then Nokia will start to invest into Symbian again when they find out WP is not selling that well as they hoped it to be.

    • ddjddj

      exactly my thought,

      nokia need a expensive lesson to understand what people want! they will be back to meego and symbian next year! new ceo next year!

      • Spitfire


        it has been know for ages… you can’t force people to love something

        • viasco

          apple do 😀

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      “the metro stylish UI and menu of Windows Phone is over-hyped and going to turn out to be a big fail again”

      What i find strange is that the “over-hyped” and “failed” metro has just won 3 design awards

      • Spitfire

        Let me gues.. it’s an american award and voters are mostly staff of microsoft or fans of microsoft?

        This award comes from a WP fan-site… you must be kidding me *sigh* haha

        • Spitfire

          correction: award comes from IDSA which ofcourse is still the same point made

          • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

            how is it the same point? wmpoweruser simply reported the news

      • N00-00

        No wonder considering that event is MS sponsored..

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

          honestly i didn’t know that. I haven’t been able to find the list of sponsors. Could you paste the URL please?

    • Cod3rror


      It’s already turning out to be a failure. No one is buying or wants a WP7 product.

      When people look at WP7 it does not make them want to use it.

      Now Microsoft hopes Nokia will push WP7 for them, that won’t happen.

      • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

        Everyone in this blog and their cats know how “objective” u r

    • Hypnopottamus

      Nice opinion post.

  • ddjddj

    dont be fooled by whatapp dev, skype all the way! or maybe its alternative when ms screw them

    • viasco

      seriously, whatsapp is an instant messaging service while skype is more focused on video & chat call

      whatsapp doesnt need you to create an account or log in, just need telephone number and voila, you can chat to your friends who’s installed whatsapp on their device.

      moreover it’s light, efficient, and easy to use 😀

      you must be a morron saying things like that 😡

  • elchi

    That is nice but I would prefer to see Whatsapp on the N9.
    I think there is no version of Whatsapp available for the N9 yet ?

    • Spitfire

      I hope so too…. N9 is way more attractive than any other WP device there’ll ever will be.

      Let’s hope some day whatsapp will become an open platform so that everyone can develop 3rd party apps for whatsapp..
      Then Meego/harmatten will get a whatsapp app too

      • Harangue

        Targeting WP does show more potential right now since there is a customer base already. The N9 is yet to come out and attain a customer/user base who might buy the app.

        If WhatsApp wanted to make one for Maemo they could have already done so for the N900. N900 apps should run on the N9 right?
        Yet they didn’t make on due to a small user base if I recall that correctly.

        WhatsApp won’t make their platform open, that would be throwing away your income.

  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    WhatsApp needs to have screensaver notifications for Belle

  • KeiZka

    People are as ludicrous as always.

    How many of you WP7 haters have actually used it before dooming it? And with used I mean longer than 15minutes.

    • Cod3rror

      I tried but I could not use it for more than 10 minutes.

      Besides, people not even wanting to use it or try is already a problem. In fact that’s the problem, it does not attract people to even use it for 15 minutes.

      • arts.

        im pretty sure the tiles are too small to press for you big troll fingers.

        • Cod3rror

          Tiles are absolutely stupid!

          They are no big enough to really display useful info and they are oversized for icons.

          iOS’s icons are the perfect size.

      • Hypnopottamus

        But you use an iPhone so you’re not intelligent enough to understand anything else.

    • I used a HTC Surround for over 2 months. It was days of my mobile life, filled with huge frustrations.

      Why do you think we should love a flashy PMP with some half baked GSM functions thrown in randomly?

      I do NOT need a self-entertaining time killing device (a toy), I need a full fledged personal communications device (a phone) god damn it!

    • Guerrahp

      If it takes more than 15 minutes to like what you see, you are just fooling yourself.

      • N00-00

        Hehehe.. Nice one…

    • N00-00

      Please don’t start this again. Many of “WP haters” here have used WP devices and didn’t like it.. I have a HTC trophy and Samsung Omnia 7 (with Mango build 7712) and got bored with them quickly.. I like to personalize my phone which I can’t do much with WP.

      Besides, when somebody goes to buy a phone or a contract don’t get to play with working phones for more than 15mins each to like it or hate it.

  • Hi JAY,

    i found a Nokia N9 Unboxing video.. very interesting..

    it’s in greek though

  • Fanel

    WhatsApp is now available on the Marketplace:

  • arts.

    When there is an win 7 post here, maybe you guys should disable the commenting section. or put it up for moderating.

  • arts.

    and i thank you guys for covering this stuff. it helps ease the transition from symbian to win7 for me later on.

    • Hypnopottamus


  • munemune

    Is that whatsapp WP7 ver can all ways online?

  • Mike

    WhatsApp is quite the hit here in the netherlands…

    I can only guess but, i think it’s bigger then BBM, and that for a 3rd party app.

    Don’t see why it’s not in your countries?