N9 to arrive in Australia next week. AUD$ 668

| October 1, 2011 | 16 Replies

I was at work when I came across a catalogue for a retailer here in Australia known as Allphones. Like the name suggests, this retailer distributes phones for various carriers in Australia, through the one store.

The front page boasted the N9 with the tagline “Beautifully Simple”.

After searching through it, I found the outright price for the device will be AUD$668. I’m assuming this is for the 16GB model, although no indication suggesting this, or otherwise is given.

For those of you living in Australia, here’s the on-contract pricing you can expect.

Something I find interesting, is Vodafone notes online, that the N9 is the 64GB model, whilst others have 16GB. The contract pricing is fairly competitive and in my opinion very, very cheap for the better handset. Is this a mistake or just smart marketing?

After seeing the pricing already detailed, I was confused as my Nokia contact told me THEY hadn’t received their N9’s. So how could a retailer? Long story short, they have not been received yet and are scheduled to arrive next week (October 8th onwards). Exciting stuff for Nokia and N9 fans.

Side Note: After talking with Nokia, they may be giving me the N9 for free to do reviews for you all. I will not celebrate until I have the phone in my hands, but it’s exciting news.

Know how much the N9 is expected to retail in your country? Let us know.



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