Nokia SeaRay pictured again from T-Mobile Germany

| October 1, 2011 | 72 Replies

Another anonymous tipster sends in some more details on Nokia Windows Phone. Mark Guim of TheNokiaBlog was sent a new pic from T-Mobile Germany, yet another leaked image of  the SeaRay.


This may be one of three Windows Phones from Nokia to be announced at Nokia World if another anonymous tipster is to be believed. 🙂

Source: TheNokiaBlog

Cheers @adnokr5 for the tip!


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  • John

    Freaked out when I saw this !!!!!! I WANT !!!!! 😀 😀

    One thing I am sceptical about this ad is that you cannot have that colour combination in Windows phone right know unless Nokia are using custom colours.

    • Just Visiting

      @John…I think carriers can have custom colors. The Futjistu devices all had customer colors to match the phone.

      • John

        Ahhh cool, I am hoping Microsoft will allow more colour options like the black tiles above they look really nice 🙂

      • migo

        Sea Ray is a code name, T-Mobile wouldn’t announce a device according to the code name.

        • Cloud_Connected

          I´ve seen ads lately using the Codename of the BB Dakota…so perhaps they just put it in the ad.

          • migo

            Were they real ads?

    • Jesse

      Me too, hopefully my next phone!

    • Bou_zone


      • Filip

        The signal indicator is initially not visible. Not making any claims as to whether this image is fake or not, but your argument is invalid.

    • Pedrokas

      Black tiles is just one of the new colors possible on WP7.

    • none

      I dont. Windows… Brrr….

      Nokia is dead to me as long as they keep making these shitty decisions 🙁

  • blert13

    Uglied up the N9 with huge buttons.

    and Windows…

    • Slayer

      they can’t come up with something else I guess.

    • jr

      U always feel the need to bring up the n9 in every discussion?

      • Hexpoll

        Mmmmm, well every time I see this I get a little sad because it means that I’m getting a Motorola or a Galaxy S II.

      • me

        You can’t see the connection here?

        Useless, obsolete “home key” UI paradigm reduces the available screen area because Microsoft couldn’t bring themselves to be innovative, and simply chose to copy the Android concept (widgets/tiles and app drawer/app list).

        Innovative software teams like the one behind Meego do innovative things which, for example, increase the available vertical screen area.

        • none

          This so much.

          Nokia has made some really bad decisions 🙁

        • migo

          And the N9 is innovative? It just copies the iPhone’s app-a-mole UI.

  • Slayer

    This is lame.

    my opinion.

  • sepp

    fugly OS

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      surely u’r kidding

  • Just Visiting

    Love those Black Tiles! I sure hope that the black tile option will also be available on the U.S. version. Black on Black – Love it! 🙂

  • rob

    This advert is a fake, IMHO. It contains grammatical errors (3D-Navigation, Amoled-Display) and the overall styling doesn’t fit T-Mobile Germany:

    – Background is always in white
    – Catchy Slogan missing
    – Wrong Fonts, Colors, Sizing, Spacing
    – No TM, (R) — typical for T-Mobile ads

    plz compare to:,21767,25055-_,00.html

    • Jay Montano

      I did wonder about that. But I don’t know German at all to notice.

      • migo

        It’s been a while since I lived in CH, but I do recognise the English punctuation instead of German. Should be 3,7″ – just like they do numbers 26.000,00 instead of 26,000.00. Fake on so many levels.

    • Raja

      +100 and in my view sea ray is a code name not a actual name right ? And if it was a real t mobile ad they would have mentioned the number which nokia is going to follow as it’s naming that’s what they decided . And I dont think any company like t mobile would do or even make there promotion stuff with code names it overwhelmingly looks fake IMO

    • Andre C

      Yes, looks a little bit odd.

    • yasu

      It’s interesting to see that here Windows Phone, as Apple (iPhone and iPad), and Motorola XOMM, has its own section.

      That doesn’t stop Android ,and Apple of course, to dominate the sales :

      It can be seen at :,22732,10189-_0-0–0-25-,00.html

      and change the third combobox from “Neue produket” to “Topseller”

  • Spitfire

    Windows Phone is just plain UGLY and BORING

    • Raja

      You have you’r opinion nothing wrong in it just curious to know if you have ever used wp7 ? Like yours I have my opinion too symbian is extremely boring,messed up ,ugly and a laggy os and iam saying this after playing with nokia 701 with belle . Waiting for the wp7 phones from nokia.

    • Spitfire

      Read my words.. this is how it’s going to turn out with this MS/Nokia partnership.

      within the next 12 months Windows Phone fails due to it’s ugly looks but won’t completely be removed from the picture because obviously some morons still think the Metro UI style is everything they have ever dreamed off. Wake up… The WP UI there is nothing beautiful about it.. where is the neat background or randomly shapes widgets? all the widgets on WP are boringly squared.. what’s up with that cr*p? ..and next they are stealing swipe like ideas from Meego?? Why the hell did Nokia leave Meego and turned to WP.. oh right I forgot.. Stephen Elop has been either payed off or blackmailed by MS.

      Anyway after about 12 months Nokia has to admit that the sales numbers of their WP devices are way too low and abandons WP and starts investing more money into Symbian for high-end devices… and maybe on the sideline they’ll start making a few Tizen(Meego) devices again or maybe some androids.
      At the end:
      Symbian becomes the future again

      • Just Visiting

        @Spitfire…Lol. This is one of the most humorous posts I’ve read in a long time 🙂

        Anyway, Nokia with WP will not fail, but you’re welcomed to chant, summon the demons and spirits, or whatever….

        • Spitfire

          Well at least something has to be changed about the current WP start screen… my guess is that maybe MS will change the start screen(the one with the tiles) because that is something people will be getting bored of for seeing the same tiles with the same colors every time over and over day by day…

          If I’d be using a WP devices.. I will sure be missing the fully customizable homescreens of Symbian Belle with the neat background and shaped widgets

          • Andre C

            I think WP will soon get multi-colored tiles like windows 8. That looks better IMO.

            • John


        • Arts

          It’s boring looking at all these comments now. Like really.

      • Andre C

        Did WP eat your lunch or something? There is no point in hating an OS so much. WP isn’t beautiful (subjective), it’s beautifully simple.

        Also there is one problem with your analogy; WP fails, nokia dies. So you’d better hope WP succeeds.

      • jr

        If Nokia fails with wp7 then it will be a dead company.. theres no coming back for them.. if you cared you would have wish for it to suceed with wp7..

        just so that you know the metro UI is the future.. not everyphone has to be in widgets and see of icons.. Metro is where windows iis going to with windows .. are you going to hide from that too?

        • N9user

          Well if you want to be honest you will have to concede that windows 8 metro UI is only for tablets, that I don’t see much future for after the amazingly priced amazon kindle fire with custom android.

          Regular windows users will never see it.

          • jr

            I dont know if you know what you talking about that regular windows users will not using it when am using one now.. so is several millions of people.a whooping 500,000 people downloaded the developer build in just under 12 hours.. right now there are several million download.. xbox is going to be in metro.. Hotmail and all live services used by over 300million people is going to get revamed into metro ui next week. win8 is going to run on everything..!!

            Right now there are several android tabletes on the market and none is selling.. every new tablet gets touted as the ipad killer just to fail miserably as the previous one..

            • N9user

              What I mean is that regular windows 8 desktop will not use the metro style UI.
              And thats what people know and use as windows.

          • Andre C

            I believe windows 8 on tablets will succeed. It’s far more polished than honeycomb and I’m pretty certain that it’ll have a large developer support too.

      • N9user

        Even I that like Symbian know that there is no turning back for nokia to Symbian, there are no more Symbian people in nokia they are all in acenture now.

        If things go as you say and I believe there is a good chance it will, nokia will be in serious serious trouble.

        There is no reason to believe that what failed to be a success with Dell HTC Samsung etc will be with nokia.

        • Andre C

          I never thought I’d come across a person that is even more pessimistic than I am.

          I have my doubts about nokia/WP future but their situation isn’t the same as samsung, htc, etc.
          Those companies adopted android as their main OS and didn’t care much about WP. I have a feeling that maybe even microsoft forced them to release windows phones.

          If nokia releases some well designed windows phones, if they market it properly and if network operators actually help them instead of hiding their phones from customers, then nokia might have a chance.

          • N9user

            That is another aspect of the thing, how come would the operators want to help nokia to sell WP phones? Remember Microsoft is the owner of “evil skype”.

            Again this might very well work, but its seams nokia is taking all the risks here, to Microsoft falling in this business is nothing new, and like in the past they will scratch everything again and start all over again… But to nokia, well it will be the end on one of the greatest innovators, in the mobile business since its beguiling.

            It wouldn’t hurt nokia to do a bit like HTC or Samsung and not put all the eggs in the same basket no?

            • John

              Isn’t that way Nokia have back peddled on Symbian support though in case Windows Phone doesn’t work out.

              Nokia have definitely something in the works in heir R&D department but they will never tell us or give us any hints, I am sure Nokia know the risks if Windows Phone doesn’t work.

              • N9user

                John I would like to be so hopeful, but wen nokia pretty much got rid of all of the former symbian people the meego people is reduced to a faint memory of what is used to be working in a s40 replacement… I really don’t see were those people might be hidden.

                No nokia as gone all in with WP, for better of for worse its now dependent on its success. The contract with WP apparently is for several years, and the contract does not allow nokia to do or sell other smartphone OS’s so yeah a fail of WP is the death of NOKIA.

                • John

                  I think Nokia has a plan b in case widows phone goes wrong, I don’t think its Symbian is it though it will be something using Linux.

                  Nokia will NEVER admit that they have a plan b, it shows weakness and not much confidence. Whatever you think about the Wp7 deal their dedication to it
                  and their desire for it ti succeed shows some confidence.

                  There is now doubt that Nokia has an OS being tested deep in their R&D department. Remember there is a lot about Nokia we don’t know and they will never tell us.

                  You would be surprised in how many products that are amazing are canned before they are released or are considered for the market.

                  All I am saying is EVERY company has plan b’s ready in their R&D department if you don’t then you are not using the R&D department properly.

            • Raja

              Nokia has a great reputation it just faded Over the time , infact remember symbian was cool ,innovative and great but after iPhone people changed their view about how a smartphone must be ,then android came which changed it further and that’s were symbian started to look dated,boring and lagy. if nokia could have been innovative and had started the meego development in 2007 soon as iPhone came it would have been still number 1 , n9 was needed in 2008 or 2009 not now .

              The square tiles by the way on wp7 are dynamic they give u notifications after using mango my life has become so easy no need to open a dedicated app for using Facebook or anything it’s right there integrated from chat to tagging , uploading pics everything . The os is fast , sleek very very clean and elegant .

              I played longtime in nokia store in Mumbai so that I can like symbian belle but iam extremely sorry to say it was ugly and laggy the only thing impressed me was the hardware and like always it was top notch .

              Nokias strength as of now at this point of time is hardware and infact will be better if they put all there focus in making something which can really be class apart they have the talent and capacity to knock apple down because for software they have wp7 which fluid , fast sleek like iOS infact better I would say ,they just need mindblowing hardware , if u observe people buy apple products because they look cool and upmarket if u really use iOS u will see it takes more time to get things done then wp7 .

              Not maybe this year but iam very very sure nokia will be coming with some mindblowing killer hardware which people will buy and nokia will become the king again iam very sure . And iam glad nokia dint go for android because that’s a really a ugly POS ( my opinion after using it )

              • Shamus


                You do realise that Maemo was out before iPhone 1 & was extremely innovative?
                It just wasn’t popular/mass-markt, because Nokia failed to make the switch from Symbian much earlier.
                N900 was treated as little more than an experiment, OPK: “step 5 of 6..”
                There was a massive internal battle that raged-on for yrs, & Symbain dept kept wining.
                Even though the whole impetus for Maemo originally, was to gradually supplant Symbian.
                Please have a lit more understanding of Nokia’s history before blabbering that Nokia didn’t innovate.
                They did, they just didn’t commercialise properly, & soon enough.

    • dude

      Success with WP7???
      Don’t say like that.
      Last quarter MS sells WP Only 170m!!!!
      It’s less than Samsung’s BADA device(The world’s best Domb phone even symbian!)
      What should i say?

  • domsch

    It’s wrong. The last sentence also doesn’t make sense. A brilliantes 3,7″ gewölbtes Amoled Display doesn’t exist. Actually it must’ve been Amoleddisplay or, to make it easier to understand, Amoled-Display, AMOLED-Display or whatsoever. And a display can’t be gewölbt by 3,7″. They probably meant a 3,7″ display that it also gewölbt, but that’s not what they wrote. And actually, as a part of the display name (3,7″ is not a adjective), it must have been linked to the word display as well or rewritten in a different way like “AMOLED-Display mit (einer Größe von) 3,7″”. Overall, the short sentences sound pretty untypical for advertisement. At first they use a typical sentence for advertisement that reaches everyone, the second sentence is nothing but telling the OS (what many people probably don’t know) and the last sentence is telling us about a brilliant display. This just can’t be real.

  • Rock

    Nokia story on Engadget for you Jay, about a new Feature phone OS

  • Eddie

    Will it be unlock and sim free that should be the question.

    • yasu

      I don’t see a reason why not. Then again, it may depend on where you live.

      • Eddie

        In the US at&t or Tmobile maybe which would sucks.

  • Dan McGuire

    As nice looking as this phone is nothing comes close a black N8.

  • dd

    if nokia does not change the metro ui, qit wil be a big fail!

  • Cod3rror

    N9 looks better.

    Microsoft would get with the times and create a UI that does not require physical buttons.

    • Keizka

      Maemo, where art thou…

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  • XcloudX

    wow, i like n9 design …. Cant wait for this 🙂

  • dsmobile

    Itäs good for N9 design to have this windows phone OS also. It is really Magical design anyway.

    But Nokia should keep up the work with linux based OS and windows OS. both. Then Nokia will win. There never is just one OS to win customers.

    I like WP7.0 from some parts but it’s not as simple as iOS and N9. sadly. So We need both. N9 and searay and future something between.

  • what ever is this fake or real i like it.

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  • JL

    Physical buttons? That’s so 90’s!

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