Screenshots: Nokia Maps for Windows Phone

| October 2, 2011 | 101 Replies

The Nokia Maps app is apparently on Windows Phone 7 Market Place.  Above is a screenshot on yfrog found by the tweet below.

@whousahCc: @JayMontano RT @Symbian3_ID: [screenshots] Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 7 on Marketplace (via @joaoluisc) ^w

We know Nokia’s Mapping solution is infinitely superior to Bing Maps in almost every way (except smoothness). Rumours suggest Nokia’s Windows Phone Maps will have 3D Maps and Voice Navigation. Either that’s a step up from the 3D landmarks or that’s the awesome 3D maps browser style. Voice navigation, and step by step guidance – if that’s the same as standard Nokia maps on Symbian, I’d be very pleased.

Update. @adnokr5 tweeted a site that contains more screenshots. Possibly the originating source of the screenshots above.

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Yaaay!!! Now all the checks are ticked, am totally getting a Nokia Windows phone.

  2. jr says:

    The Nokia storm is coming .. Symbian fanboys can eat themselves up.. ftw

    • Stylinred says:

      why? metro ui is still atrocious

      i wouldnt mind WP7 but i simply cant get over that UI

      i think i know how android/ios users feel about symbian

      and i can understand how WP7 fans are like “what are you talking about the UI is awesome” because thats the same way we feel about Symbian when we’re defending it against android/ios users

      • jr says:

        the only devices with somewhat nice UI are webos,iphone,meego?,and wp.. android needs lot of improvements but its manageable with some of the custom UIs available… Symbian is down at the buttom struggling it out with BBOS.. maybe slighllyt better than bb but its still awful.

        ask yourself why there is a wp7 ui launcher on android marketplace with about a million users and why there is none from symbian there.

        • Stylinred says:

          like i was hinting @ its all based on preference

          I hate the WP7 UI just detest it
          I think iOS is a joke

          I like Androids UI especially the customization

          Which is what I’ve always liked about Symbian the customization is still there too

          so it simply comes down to function and symbian beats out android imo

          but i think u’re just trolling anyway so there’s no reason to get into it anymore (based on ur other posts)

          • jr says:

            you are the one trolling.. you kept bringing in symbian on a mango discussion…

            Symbian is a joke btw.. few years ago I used to think just like you but I have eseen the light.. I have seen how much a junk it is. Maybe you have to get out of your confort zone and broaden your horizon.. it always helps

        • outdated os says:

          bec android will be exposed as symbian copycat? 

        • Svenkka says:

          You are entitled to your own opinion and I would defend your right to express it. My own opinion is somewhat different. Up until Symbian Belle, I was 100% sure WP7 user experience is better. Now I have to get my hands on Belle before I can tell.

          The first impression of Belle was very, very nice. I have now used WP7 since March and I still prefer it even over MeeGo Harmattan that I tried in N950 for a short while. But that can be because the Swipe UI takes a bit of getting used to especially when using WP7 at the same time. I have bee using Symbian for a long time, so Belle did make sense very quickly.

          Well, I just have to keep on trying, meaning both Nokia WP7 and Nokia 700 are in my shopping list, along with N9, of course.

        • Raja says:





          5- bb os



          • guest says:

            MeeGo is the winner. There’s no substitute for it’s task switcher/multitasking. WP7 could shoot unicorns and rainbows but MeeGo is still the winner.

        • Nrde says:

          Maybe because Android and Symbian are more or less the same, homescreen with icons and widgets. Why would Android users get a launcher that is basically the same they have now.

      • Jesse says:

        It isn’t against the law to have bad taste yet.. You are safe for now :D

  3. realtechie.. says:

    I think they had made a plan to kill every rival as soon as possible.

  4. hooliganforlife says:

    That’s the final piece of the puzzle for me, well except Opera Mini and Sports Tracker. Sports Tracker I can manage without, I’ll still use the N8 for that (it’s still gonna be my going out a night camera anyway), and Opera Mini, well I’ll just have to be smart about how I browse the net. Nokia Maps is indispensable though, I can’t how much I have used it since it went free back in Jan 2010

  5. fff says:

    apple cheaper iphone 4 and high end iphone 5 coming to kill nokia windows phone ecocystem!!! hahah

    n9 is still much much better than nokia windows phones! hahahahaha

    love iphone 5/4s and n9!!

  6. Cod3rror says:

    I was going to post a comment but I’m in love so I’m not going to say anything bad.

    Will Nokia Maps be available for all other WP7 phones? What about Nokia Drive? Is that Nokia exclusive?

    • fff says:

      hope samsung can have nokiia maos for free because nokia is stupid

      • realtechie.. says:

        what u said just now didn’t make any sense.

      • outdated os says:

        it that happens, then they’re toast coz sammy and htc spews out phone like crazy. The sooner they suck, the faster they get to plan b.

        • yasu says:

          Well, Nokia’s CEO would really like Samsung to do well with WP7, he said so at D9 this year.

          • Viipottaja says:

            Your point being? Would you not want your ecosystem to thrive? You think all those Android apps are made for say Sammy phones alone?

            • N9user says:

              Yes the key word here is “your” ecosystem, its clearly not NOKIA ecosystem its MS ecosystem, all the revenue from all angles goes to Microsoft Microsoft is the gate keeper of their ecosystem, so only if nokia CEO is still talking as a MS top management guy can he be talking about WP ecosystem as his, as it clearly is not NOKIA ecosystem, cmon apps for sale, made with MS languages ??? is that NOKIA share of the ecosystem, wow. Were is the nokia software backbone that powers is how ecosystem???

            • yasu says:

              “Your point being?”
              Nokia’s CEO wants his company to have more competition? Isn’t Nokia’s situation bad enough?

              “Would you not want your ecosystem to thrive?”
              Sure. I would expect Ballmer to wish for his WP7 licensees to do well.

              “You think all those Android apps are made for say Sammy phones alone?”

              Nope. But I don’t recall Samsung’s or HTC’s CEO rooting for each other success, wether on Android or WP. They seem to care about the success of their own company, not that of a competitor. Unlike the altruistic Nokia’s one…

    • N00-00 says:

      Nope.. Elop has said million of times whatever Nokia does for Wp7 will find its way to Samsung and HTCs… Elop wants to contribute to WP7 ecosystem rather than Nokia..

      So if you buy any WP7 device, you’ll get all the Nokia Services as standard…

      • jr says:

        And he also said they are going to get revenue for the services he brings onto the the wp7 platform..

        Right now Nokia maps is free on current Nokia devices which ads up to Nokias expences.. if they could get revenues to ofset some of the cost they incur why not?

        • ravo says:

          i think that they nokia will get a small fee of every wp that is not from nokia..

        • Ole says:

          The maps are not free. You have to buy a Nokia phone to use them. Anyway, many people think free on contract phones are free also… Makes me wonder about human intelligence:-)

        • Cocco Bill says:

          Is that revenue more or less than what Nokia has to pay for Microsoft for all the WP7 licenses? If the crappy deal with MS tells anything, it’s most likely a lot less.

    • jr says:

      No it will not be exclusive but they will sell it on other devices

    • ssdh says:

      Good for you… <3

    • Timm says:

      In love with whom…Tim Cook?

  7. whousah says:

    If nokia maps for wp7 apperas in marketplace, so others vendor users can diwnload it too?? :-/

  8. keshaforeva says:

    Jay Montano.. im still waiting for ur review on ur samsung galxy s2… i need to know ur point of view as we r both nokia users… other blogs are biased toward.. i need to know whether it is a good replacement for my n8 (slow n crap phone)… after all u did say that u were gona do a review after 2 weeks of using it on ur ‘tryiing android’ post last august…

  9. squircle says:

    will it be integrated into local scout? Can local scout at least access maps data from nokia maps? I hope it can.

  10. fff says:

    i know nokia is so generous man, please make one for ios and android for free or a hefty price

    note that, i can jailbreak my iphone to install tomtom for free. and maybe your nokia maps for free

  11. Ninja says:

    Sad to see Nokia giving away the crown jewels

  12. Viipottaja says:

    Great news:
    1) Shows WP implementation in Nokia is on track and timetable. Even if you don’t like WP but do wish some success for Nokia overall, this is good.
    2) If Maps becomes a part of the WP ecosystem, the WP is all the stronger and is likely generating some license fees or reduction in the fee Nokia pays for WP; hopefully though Nokia would keep some of the Maps innovation for itself for say half a year or so before giving it all to the platform
    3) If Maps is sold on the Marketplace but not part of the ecosystem, Nokia would generate some revenue; however, ultimately 2 above would likely be the more strategic move; I doubt selling a single app like Maps on the store would create revenue that is significant enough compared to the potential of 2 above.

    • Just Visiting says:

      @Viipottaja…Agree with you mostly. I really would like to see Nokia come out on top, financially, with regards to their maps. I am on board with a Nokia WP device, but it would be really nice knowing that because I have a Nokia branded product, that in addition to the Nokia device itself, that I have a service completely distinguishable and superior, from those on a HTC or Samsung WP device. If it benefits Nokia to lend their maps or aspects of their maps to the other WP oems, that’s OK, but Nokia should be compensated especially if the others (both users and oems) want all of the bells as whistles featured with Nokia Maps. In other words, they need to pay for the app! It just doesn’t make sense that, according to some reports, that Nokia clashed with Google because of Ovi Maps, but then have Nokia turn around and just give away or short sell their maps on another platform.

      Seems like Microsoft needed the Navteq for Bing with regards to the basics; and also for better usability for countries outside of the U.S.; not solely for the WP platform. But I guess we will see the true manifestation of this deal, especially with regards to Nokia Maps, over time.

      • viipottaja says:

        the difference with regard to Google though is that had Nokia gone with Android, they would in the worst case scenario even been able to integrate their Maps to search results or any other location solution. Maps would hsve been only a driving/routing app and much of the potential of Navteq would have gone unused. Therefore, as far as Navteq and Maps go, the WP route was undoubtedly a far better one.

  13. xyz says:

    Even if I love my Symbian Belle on the Nokia N8 I will give the WP Nokias a chance… just because it’s Nokia and I always liked their build quality which is superior.

    Great to see their Maps is coming.

    • Mapantz says:

      Couldn’t agree more. And i’m willing to bet that there’s plenty of people here, and on forums, that will constantly complain about Nokia and WP, yet they will end up secretly purchasing one down the line. They can say they won’t all they like, but it’ll happen. ;-)

      • wow says:

        So its as come down to wishful thinking, this is the big strategy? Maybe the nokia last remaining fans, will still buy nokia even if its not really a nokia phone any more.

      • Cocco Bill says:

        I can promise you that I will never buy a WP7. To me it’s not even a Nokia phone anymore with WP7 in it.

        Looks like N9 will be my last Nokia phone. Unless Nokia somehow sees the light and flushes that WP7 shit down the toilet where it belongs and goes back to their own Linux based operating system (be it Maemo/MeeGo/somethingnew).

        • N00-00 says:

          Me too…. Only Meego\Synmbian phones from Nokia for me.. After them I’ll may go for a S40 or Meltemi phone rather than WP7..

  14. Bhairav says:

    Thought Metro ui to be crazy and unconnected (with no future) at first but after trying windows 8 it somehow Feels natural and feels like this is how it should be all along(on phone as well as on Windows).
    I can now see why apps is gonna be a huge feature of windows phone 7 as it can pull them from windows 8!!

    Hoping MS+Nokia pulls an n950 stunt and gives all developers free windows phone devices !!!

  15. Bazil says:

    This is the free version of Nokia Maps, which is available to every WP device. I suspect that Nokia phones will come with the full version, which will be the only one to have 3D maps (and maybe some other features). This is what is hinted in the information that has leaked so far. The OS will also be slightly different in Nokia devices. Remember, the leaks hint “3D voice navigation” and “Mango+”. ;)

  16. John says:

    ooohhhhh so it looks like this is really happening !!!! :-) can’t wait to try my first device !!! :-D

  17. Jesse says:

    Very nice, love Bing maps but they don’t have as much info as Nokia outside the US.

  18. Vikas Patidar says:

    As Nokia has already got the access of full source code of the Windows phone OS and I’m expecting some good things like some thing else then those huge tiles on the main screen.

    Some times i feel that Windows Phone is designed for Senior Citizens who have not good sight at all and need larger text and icons all the times.

    also huge titles in panorama based apps doesn’t make any sense at all.

    Can Nokia brings something ground breaking features of the N9 style multitasking view so that one doesn’t need to swipe left an right all the time when want to resume an app which is far away in the Multitask view.

    WP looks promising but still needs something which all the Nokia fans are expecting.

    No matter how much Symbian is powerful in features but it’s very hard for a developer to develop apps for Symbian while on the same it is very easy job for the Windows Phone. So more developers are getting chance to try hands on WP and ultimately an ecosystem is growing.

    Ultimately most of the consumer wants content on their device and if you have no content to present them then obviously it s not going to help you. That it.

    Hope something good from Nokia. Otherwise i would love to stay with my Series 40 phone which can almost do everything(Chat, email, browsing, maps, etc) for me.

  19. jaykay says:

    Nokia will die with WP7.Only Elop believe in it. Employees, nokia’s fans don’t believe in WP7. RIP Nokia.

  20. Bosh says:

    To all of you complaining about the WP7.5 features. Here you can be heard:

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