Symbian Belle Update coming October 26th?

| October 7, 2011 | 32 Replies

We’ve had a lot of tips in today, apologies for not being able to get to them. I did read some of them but I’ve been stuck in practicals and lectures all day followed my more errands after getting back to post.

I’m trying to get through them now, possibly for posting tomorrow (btw, some have already been pushed back as a weekend read thingy).

Anyway, excuses aside, GSM Arena reckons that Symbian Belle might be released as an update on October 26th.

That’s the start of Nokia World. Whilst that’s likely, they’re only going on speculations of possibly a Nokia Blog. I’m not sure because some of their post is just a complete rip from ours so it might be a content farm.




I was checking out vimeo last night when I noticed this pretty decent advert for the Nokia C2-06. I don’t know if it’s official or fan made, but it was apparently just done in one day, animated with Adobe After Effects and exported in Final Cut X.

Compared to the crap we’ve seen come out from Nokia with their artsy-fartsy meaningless drivel of web promos, this actually points out some things this phone does.

Being a web only promo, it suggests a certain audience willing to look at specifications, and this advert does that very well. Kudos to Wilton Santana.

And then what they’ve put in their post:

I was checking out vimeo last night when I noticed this pretty decent advert for the Nokia C2-06. I don’t know if it’s official or fan made, but it was apparently just done in one day, animated with Adobe After Effects and exported in Final Cut X.
Compared to the crap we’ve seen come out from Nokia with their artsy-fartsy meaningless drivel of web promos, this actually points out some things this phone does.
Being a web only promo, it suggests a certain audience willing to look at specifications, and this advert does that very well. Kudos to Wilton Santana.
Unless I’m somehow blogging elsewhere without knowing, or we’ve come up with exactly the same composition of words, then that site may be a content farm so I’m not sure how much we can trust that source.
Thanks everyone who sent this news in!



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  • XtiaN8

    I hope they release Belle to the US first. Lol we’re such a sad bunch since we didn’t even get Anna yet.

    • Just Visiting

      @XtiaN8…I think that regardless of when the Belle update is released, that North American will be amongst the first, if not the first, to receive it given that N.A. has not received Anna. It would just make sense to do it that way.

      • nugs

        I’d be happy with Belle in a couple weeks, skip Anna altogether in the US. I read a comment from someone somewhere a cpl weeks into the anna rollout about skipping Anna in the US and going straight to Belle. We’ll see.

    • smithChart

      Nokia hasn’t been making much sense lately… I fear it’ll be a repeat for the anna release and NA will just have to wait… who knows maybe “claire” is in the works and we’ll get belle when “claire” comes out.

      Note* I made up “claire” as the 3rd major update and assumed they were going in alpha order.

    • jonnyjl

      I know… wtf we still don’t have Anna. This is ridiculous.

      No Anna for a Nokia bought device, I can’t get the N9 because Nokia wants to shove WP down our throats.

      It’s like Nokia doesn’t want me to buy their phones. I guess Nexus Prime it is…. Supposedly going to be announced on the same day as Nokia World…. I’m going to guess Google/Samsung will actually deliver their products faster than Nokia ever will.

      • stylinred is expected to get the n9 by the end of October according to their ‘enterprise sales rep’

    • j!gray

      Understandably I also hope that NA gets Belle first, if so just to raise the perception that Nokia doesn’t gives 2 f*** about the NA market. Then they can blow off the normal population with the WP7 Nokia phones, while the current Symbian users in NA is happy with their new and improved OS. 🙂



    we wre waiting .

  • dsmobile

    I think Nokia 500 won’t get belle update. May be a lot later but sure won’t get it same time as original S^3 models.

    Nokia 500 is more and less S40 type of low end device that is going to left behind.

    • Viipottaja

      Nokia staff have said it will.

  • phishbone

    I’ll believe it when I see it. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that we got PR1.1 in Canada.

  • Yemi

    Still waiting on Anna on my E7. I’ve been patient but I’m almost pissed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy using the phone as it is, it’s just about not having what others have lol.
    As it is, my ovi store just got updated today to Nokia store. You could see a lot of belle elements in the design.
    I really think Belle will be late to US as Anna is

  • Gordon

    Unbelievable, still no Anna update in Canada.

    • nokia fan

      I used Phoenix to update.

  • Maseri

    i got the Anna update through fota,ovi suite & software updater O_O (on Both N8’s i have with different product codes)

  • Ninja

    Well guys, this is GRRRREAT news!

    And of course Belle is:

    a.) By many accounts as good as or better than iPhone UI
    b.) By many accounts as good as or better than Android UI
    c.) Due to the above two, means people have hardly any reason to move (not upgrade) to Windows Phone devices.

    N8 + Belle means a UI as good as or better than all it’s rivals, plus an OS WAAAY better than it’s rivals, plus running on hardware WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than it’s rivals.

    That means N8 + Belle is actually, in my humble but somewhat informed opinion the best phone and “multimedia computer” on the planet (with E7, C7, C6-01 coming up fast behind). Seriously. Nnnnnice.

    • Ninja

      Oh and massive credit to Nokia if this date is right and they said Q4 – means they are less than a third into Q4, and thus WAY earlier than everyone has come to expect!

    • Jorge

      Dude, do you even have a Belle running device? I mean its good, looks nice, feels better, but by no means is it actually better than Android or iOS, take it easy.
      let’s not settle for whatever Nokia gives us and keep demanding what we as users deserve, after all, they are still the biggest mobile communications device company in the world, right?

      • Arshdeep Brar

        Jay is also using Android these days, Ask him if he likes it or not??
        I think he does.. Symbian Belle is good, fast BUT too late..

        IOS/Android are moving to the next level as IOS 5 is out and on 27th oct Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be out..

        So Belle is still not as good as Froyo or IOS 4.

        Wake up guys, start thinking..

        • pep

          if nokia improved their native apps sure it woul be bttr dan froyo

        • Kenny

          Well, for me iOS is only but an app launcher, that is all, and android is just a copy of iOS… so what is that another level u r talking about?

        • j

          is the android ui finally gpu accelerated?
          Wht about androids security issues?
          Well i wont buy a handset, when the software is from another company than the hardware.

    • stylinred

      agreed ninja

  • Johnnny

    common guys… after all the BS and delays with anything Nokia does.. do you really believe Nokia will come through this time and release Belle so early??

    this post is a joke right? is it April 1st?

  • Paul Grenfell

    There will be announcement Oct 26.. Nothing more..
    GSMArena is speculating..Until Nokia put it in Official Circles, it means nothing.. We will be Flat out getting Anna by October 26, let alone Belle..

  • Babis

    i see many upset users in US complaining there is not even the anna
    these people over there will…OR wait for windows OR will give up with nokia brand
    i guess nokia have NOT understand some of these people may not have enought money now days to spent for an other phone, or even if they have is very terrible to know that there are updates and they dont get it

    all nokia employers i guess they having all the latest updates so they dont understand how it feels

    the result in my opinion is to go for an other brand

    about belle
    the faster will give the update better for nokia

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  • Maxxx

    Great newwwwwwwwwws

    • Paul Grenfell

      What news? Its all speculation..

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  • BellGo

    I really, really hope this is true. If done right this could mean great things to Nokia. =)

  • hifidelity09

    I have Anna on my C7 (I guess I was lucky to be in Peru at the time of the update), and love it! Viewing the Belle videos, I have no reason to believe that Belle will be a let down. They need to release it in the US, and soon. Not all of us will stay through WP7 if we aren’t taken care of through Symbian^3 updates until upgrade time or money becomes available. And unless someone gives me a free nokia, thre is little likelihood that I will be getting any new phones for at least a year.

    What does iOS actually have that Symbian doesn’t? 500,000 apps? That’s all iPhone is. Like Kenny said- it’s just an app launcher. And how many apps do we really have/need? I have the iPhone 3g, and the Nokia c7…and the C7 is by far my preferred (give me about 5 more apps not avaialable and I would never even pick up the iPhone…especially since the Anna UI made it even better).

    Android keeps running in to issues as far as smoothness (from the Android phones I’ve played around with), and apparently security and so forth. Add to that the fact that Android is recveiving backlash from developers…

    Pair that with the WP7 mango, and how many people are raving about it, and with the updates to Symbian…this is for Nokia to lose. By far, superior hardware, and Symbian^3 Anna is superior software. It is faster, more powerful, more versatile, and more customizable. The only thing missing is a handful of apps that anyone really needs. Darn, I have a Nokia and not the iPhone/Android, and cannot throw crumpled pieces of paper at the back of an animated officemate; but I can create a free WiFi hotspot, get free TBT walk/drive navigation, a browser with flash, and so forth.

    Come on Belle update!! It will easily blow away Android- and the apple ui is just swiping to different screens–plus rememebr Symbian functionality…Qt?