20% of Windows Phone gets Mango update in 10 days.

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WPCentral is saying that Android is paling in comparison to Windows Phone in terms of how long its taking for the install base to get the new update.

The figures indicate apparently 20% of WP getting Mango. This data is from a sample size of 83,527 – from users using an app called “I’m a WP7”.

Some things folks would want to point out is the sheer number of Androids out there compared to Windows Phone. Yes, that’s true.

I guess it’s the same thing when Apple CEO, Tim Cook compared how long it took Windows users to reach 10% of install base upgrading to Winows 7 as opposed to OSX Lion. Percentages should not be the only way to look at things.

However, on the positive side for Windows Phone, because of the guidelines (or restrictions) it does mean that unlike the multitude of Androids with different variants (UI, skins, hardware capabilities), the only thing in the way of an update is pretty much the network (and Samsung, because being Samsung your update is by default, delayed.)

Some things WP central want to point out:

  • MS doing controlled update, meaning small percentage will get update notification.
  • They expect 10 days before hitting 50% of users to Mango.
  • Android 2.3 from DECEMBER 2010 has 38% of devices with that OS after 10 months.
  • WPCentral say it’s not so much about the numbers but the difference for model update distribution. MS is much more direct to ensure that those 10 devices on 50 carriers were all on the same page at the same time.
  • They understand scale matters, but point out that update model is a differentiating factor.
Now we have our own issues regarding updates on the Nokia side. Though Nokia does have tons more country variants, device variants, network variants to deal with. Another issue we should possibly consider is whether consumers actually choose to update. Update notification is useful. Not all users generally have a mobile internet plan or may not have WiFi or PC connection. I’m not sure what proportion those type of users make in terms of update processes.
We have our own big update again in the name of Belle. Some phones in certain countries still haven’t had Anna. Perhaps that might just be skipped entirely.

Source: wpcentral



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