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In this review, I’ll be showing you Nokia Maps, Drive Navigation, Ovi Music and the Nokia Store.


Maps takes a bit of time to boot. Don’t worry, your new N9 isn’t laggy already. I think it has a very well designed interface. Like the video says, not sure yet how to add more maps at this stage, but I will endeavour to try and do it.

I’m glad they added two finger rotation is this version, was something I definitely thought needed to be included in the Symbian versions. The load time of searches and the 3D buildings were quite quick (over a WiFi connection) and I didn’t notice too much lag.

The bottom toolbar allows you to choose between the Map, Nearby locations and events, Navigation and Settings.


The Drive part of Maps is a little complicated to initiate at first, but I think it wouldn’t take too long for you to get used to how it works. I used this on Friday night and I found it to be very accurate in finding a decent route and also staying locked on my position (despite travelling through heavy bushland).


The Ovi Music store is a very modern looking app to purchase and listen to music. At first, you are required to select the country you reside in, and this cannot be changed.

Although I’m not quite purchasing music yet, it was a pleasant experience to just scroll through the app. The difficulty I had with finding ways to preview the song would have to be my only criticism for the Music Store.


Finally, the Nokia Store (although labelled with Ovi Store) is very smooth and elegant. It reminds me of the Nokia Store just released to Symbian (or should I say the Symbian store replicates this).

There are quite a few apps already available in the store, and hopefully a lot more to come.

P.S I apologise for stopping half way. A weird clicking noise was coming from my N9 just before it went all laggy.



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