No Belle update for October 26 (+More anna variants)

| October 9, 2011 | 84 Replies


I was concerned about the source GSM Arena used that claimed October 26th would be the date for Symbian Belle Update.

Yvonne (Promotions Manager (Software Update Management) aka Skyee – who, odd fact, I think looks like Elizabeth Banks/Kate Beckinsale) says that whilst Belle update is coming, it won’t be the 26th October.

and I can already tell you that this one is just a rumour & definitely not happening.


As you all know we are NOT announcing any dates for our software updates in advance. Plus: At the moment our focus first is to get Symbian Anna out to our customers in the US, Canada & Australia. Symbian Belle IS coming – but definitely not on 26th October as some blogs are claiming.


It’s still coming, priority is to get Anna out first.  BTW, It seems that I missed one of Yvonnes mails on an update (or I’m having amnesia on posting it)

But here’s some more Anna variants:

– Israel –Partner IL

– Italy – 3IT

– LATNAM – Peru, Chile (except C7 Entel) & Venezuela

– Russia – MTS

Cheers @Hdrules for the tip!


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  • Keist

    Who cares if they don’t release it forever? I’ve already moved on to a Samsung Galaxy S II. Have 3 updates already since I bought it. Tons of custom ROMS to choose from. And ICS coming end of this year. I will never go back to Nokia ever again!

    • Nonikhanna

      Good bye we won’t miss you

      • Keist

        I pity Nokia fans. They are begging Nokia to release that damn software update. While Android has plenty of those and even much better.

        • GS65

          Why are you still here? Didn’t we say goodbye already?

          By the way, Anna was just released.

        • JD!

          We dont want a platform which has software updates every 2 days. Coz they cannot launch a software without bugs.

          Anyways, how is SGS2 battery treating you… I bet, you must be cursing yourself! lol

          • Harangue

            I can’t say that my Anna software is bug free. It’s agonizingly slow, touch response has worsened from my PR1.2 and OVI suite doesn’t recognize my phone anymore.

            Also, the keyboard still isn’t multitouch which causes some agrevation when typing fast. And battery life has nearly halved from PR1.2.

            Yes, the SGS2 isn’t all rosey either in my experience. It has the occasional hick like every other phone or computer. But it does compensate with a nice screen, speed and a reasonable battery life considering in what package the phone comes.

            In the end, Nokia’s offering today can’t compete with flagship products from say Apple and Samsung. This doesn’t mean that Nokia’s products are bad, they just can’t really be compared to high end devices by other MFR’s.

            Frankly, it’s a shame that it is that way. Nokia might have a very compelling device in the N8 but there are, like with there other phones, to many areas in which you get annoyed. So Android may have poor battery life, Apple might be too closed of an OS. Apple does deliver a very sleek package that compensates for that, people are willing to accept the closed aspect of it because the general experience is so good.

            Android is a bit different, not all MFR’s provide good hardware. The ones that do however compensate with that good hardware for poorer software or fragmentation.

            Symbian doesn’t really compensate for the problems it has. At least not to me. The N8 is the only device that does compensate, with the camera. That is the only thing that makes me put up with Symbian (and Anna in particular) in the N8. If that aspect wasn’t there I would have jumped ship to another OS earlier this year.

            • MontyN95

              Always do a clean up of your N8 with a software update. That’s where all ur slownness is coming from – all that junk on your phone!!

              • Harangue

                Well, I won’t deny that it will help. But is this really the way it should work? I need to manually clean up my phone or do a full re-installation of the software if I want peak performance?

                If that is the case, then why offer OTA updates? Just eliminate those all together and make connecting to the PC a requirement so that a back-up and clean install is always done.

                I know that a clean install will create a more responsive phone (did it with PR1.2 also) now I can’t because of problems with OVI suite.

                Regardless, the average customer doesn’t know about clean installs etc. the average customer needs the best experience it can get from Nokia, Apple or any other he bought from. That is my biggest gripe with Nokia, customers seem to be irrelevant to them at times. There are ofcourse enough stories about where the experience is good or where customers are #1.

                Yet there are also enough forum posts about buggy software either at launch or at updated software. Those are things that shouldn’t happen especially now when Nokia’s brand value is as low as it is.

                Whether my experience is due to too high expectations or if they are justified. Either way, Nokia hasn’t been doing so well, especially when you have been using models from the competition from time to time to compare Nokia(‘s) with.

                • aleci

                  a manual clean up isn’t as tasking as porting your android to a custom rom

                • aleci

                  or even needing to connect your iphone to itunes every god freaking time

        • SteaDy

          No need to pity, youre the one stuck in the camp that’s known for serious fragmentation.

    • Why do you say who cares and post comment here? This is for those who do care like me. If you don’t care, you are welcome to not come here.

    • SteaDy

      Ok, bye bye. Remember, don’t worry, be happy.

    • MontyN95

      You’re obviously missing Nokia if not you wouldn’t be here!!

    • douthinkurgs2iscool?

      if u dont care then why u posted this shit that your gs2 had many bugs and google need to fix them with 3 updates????

    • Bosh

      So then leave and stay at your loved Android blogs, nobody wants you here 😛

  • The_Newtype

    I still can’t believe they haven’t released Anna here in the USA. Completely ridiculous.

    • MontyN95

      USA is run by arrogant but stupidly powerful mobile networks!!That’s why it’s taking such a long time to get the varients out there and approved

      • Yemi

        No. It has nothing to do with the mobile networks. Absolutely nothing. I bought my E7 unlocked like everyone else in U.S because non of the mobile networks carry the N8 or the E7.
        What I don’t understand is why I bought a phone unlocked at full unsubsidized price and still have to wait to get the update dead last.

        That’s the frustration I think everyone here is having with Nokia.

      • Bosh

        No single US carrier has a N8. I think everyone bought it unlocked (as I did from, I just can’t understand what’s up with the f*cking firmware fragmentation :@

    • Just Visiting

      @The_NewType…But isn’t it better to have a bug free update than one riddled with issues? So many users that complain about issues now present with Anna that they didn’t have BEFORE installing Anna.

      Personally, given that Anna is nothing impressive with regards to an update (in my opinion) coupled with the fact that I am having absolutely no issues whatsoever with my N8 w/PR1.2, there is no way that I am going to install Anna even when it becomes available in the U.S.

      Hope Anna is all that you expect when it is made available to you, and here’s hoping that you don’t have to wait too much longer. But it’s possible that once Anna is ready for N.A., Belle will be ready to roll out; so they may just put N.A. first on the list to get Belle, and roll out both updates to N.A. at the same time.

  • Timm

    Skyee looks more like Anne Hathaway than kate beckinsale

  • aboodesta

    they can take as much time as they want. posting this from the n9 =) and kept my n8 to try belle out when it comes out

  • simran

    wow.. from N9. that’s gr8.. its sad that NOKIA is not launching n9 in INDIA.. people here are waiting for the launch.. sad.. :((

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  • Paulgo

    I’m in Australia and everything is agonizingly SLOW to appear here,especially from nokia who are just LIARS. I have installed the SPB3D front end/GUI from spb software and it’s really smooth. Looks Fantastic. SHITS on Nokia’s excuse for an effort and it’s only $14.00

    Most of the bugs have been ironed out as it’s a constantly evolving product,but for $14 who’s complaining??
    The N8 is an awesomwe phone but unfortunately,just like everything else,it wasn’t really ready for release with the CRAP software it has at present. I hear that Belle is not too bad but Anna…why bother?

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  • Ole

    They can not release Belle the 26 October. It might draw attention away from their WP release during Nokia world. Then Nokia will delay some more to make people buy their WP phones. My guess is that Belle will be available for existing devices earliest February 2012..

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