Competition: 10 Nokia N9s to win in the N9 Ideas Project, Peter Skillman on judging panel.

| October 12, 2011 | 33 Replies

I was checking out @v4ibhav‘s blog and noticed that the ideasproject has a competition to give away 10 Nokia N9s.

Your ‘idea’ is feedback on the N9 UI – how do you think key features can be improved.  Peter Skillman will be on the judging panel.




Give your feedback on the Nokia N9 user interface – in particular ideas to improve the key features described below. We are also interested in hearing your innovative ideas for the next generation of mobile touch screen devices. The top 10 ideas will be rewarded with a Nokia N9 each!

Tell us what you think about N9!
The best ideas will be reviewed by Nokia user interface designers.


Begins: October 12, 2011 at 09.00am EET (GMT+2)

Ends: November 15, 2011 at 5pm EET (GMT+2)


Panel of judges:
Nikki Barton, Vice President, Smart Devices UX Design, Nokia
Peter Skillman, Vice President, Services & MeeGo Design, Nokia

Anton Fahlgren, Senior Design Manager, Nokia


Challenge hosts:
Ronan MacLaverty, Developer Advocate, MeeGo
Heli Haapkylä, Manager, Crowdsourcing, Nokia

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  • et3rnal

    My idea 😀 “actually its the only thing i need in n9” 😐

    • XFCE-Desktop

      Brilliant idea!

    • Mad

      Great idia

    • taste of iphone

  • my idea 🙂

  • StefanP

    I miss Elop on the panel. He has control and block too much innovation on the N9.

    • Viipottaja

      Yeah, one must wonder why Elop is allowing all this N9 promotion to go on, him being The Devil and all..


    • viasco

      on contrary, i can’t imagine for how long N9 would’ve been delayed if it’s still the old management 😉

      • migo

        For sure, would have been waiting more than a year for it.

  • Peter L

    First of many ideas to come from me:

  • Teja
  • Edmund

    Submitted an idea about app launcher resizing. Definitely not one handed use but hope it will help ppl click things more easily. 🙂

    On a side note, sigh, it’s so hard to improve on something already good.

  • StefanP
  • StefanP

    I saw this Nokia ideas project the first time. It’s really funny to browse through.
    Here is a suggestion to generate power for a phone with the help of the human blood stream. 🙂

  • Tommi

    I have this kind of idea to use swiping to share, send or download content!

    Please press Like so i could get an N9! 😀

    Also comments are welcome!

    • M

      I had an idea about an improved search function, the Smart Search. Check it out and I think you will agree that this would be an awesome feature 🙂

      • guest

        It interferes with the default swipe from bottom when app is open. In the main screen it would work. Good idea.

        • Tommi

          i dont understand how it interferes with swipes, because these are from center to edge. Standard swipe gestures go from edge towards center?

          Anyway, i added a bit better description to the page.

          Thanks for comments! Let´s hope i get an N9 😀

        • ddhdj

          agree with you

          not practical and confusing

    • guest

      This is good idea, but needs developing to be simpler. In my opinion, this gesture should open ‘action drawer’ from the edge, based on what content you are swiping. The ‘action drawer’ would contain icons for ‘share’, ‘add to clipboard’, ‘open in application’, ‘open in a new tab’, basically every action that you could do with images, links, copy paste content etc. The action drawer would open from every edge if you drag content in there.

  • guest
  • guest

    Quick App Switcher, switch to previous app with U-turn swipe. Go and press like!

  • migo – this one’s not too different from how the BlackBerry Playbook brings up the keyboard by swiping from the bottom corner, but the Playbook has a good UI and it’s worth borrowing and improving on it.

  • Enn

    No one cares about deep skype integration?

  • n-user

    My Idea: A Smarter Way To Call


  • andy koh

    dont forget n900 users, symbian users and android users

    my way of implementing fourth hidden widgets view!


  • hulkkii

    N9 Home Screen Improvements:

  • Efion

    My Spot! an idea from me to the world

  • KS

    wow.. so many great ideas! i’m a little late but here’s mine..