Goodbye WOMWorld/Nokia – Hello NokiaConnects! @Nokia_Connects

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I think WOM had a name prior to that. Little individual blogs for particular Nseries. They were then a blog just for Nseries. Then everything. Now WOM is NokiaConnects!

You might have got an email from Nokia with the subject, “Goodbyes are never easy”…wondering what else is being shut down, I read further to find it was What? was the reason I started up I had too much Nokia related content at MobileBurn’s forum so put my random, informal, thoughts and stuff here. It was never meant to be anything serious (it still isn’t) but the folks at WOMWorld, 1000 heads have always been there to support the growth of our site and the site of many other past and prospective Nokia bloggers (via events, featuring our blog posts, sending out devices/accessories to review, having events/competitions to get stuck in), to the point that, well, we found YOU our new readers and was able to sustain our own readership.

So what’s happening? Well, is closing but it’s not exactly going away. It is now becoming “NokiaConnects”. This is what the email details:


SUBJECT: Goodbyes are never easy

So it’s lucky then that we’re not saying goodbye!

Instead we’re giving a huge ‘WELCOME!’ to the latest evolution of your Nokia community pages. WOMWorld/Nokia is now Nokia Connects!

For anyone that may be worried about what this means for your blog and your community, fear not. Nokia Connects will not only the new home of the Nokia trial programme but also be the new host for all of the community events and story sharing that you’ve come to know and love from WOMWorld/Nokia.

Now it’s just on a bigger – and may we say better – scale with plenty of exciting new features and competitions lined up!

And guess what? We need YOU!

Drop by and visit our refreshed new site today at and naturally, find us on Twitter as @Nokia_Connects

We can’t wait to see you in our new home,



The Nokia Connects Team

Ah…let’s celebrate WOMWorld. I think in terms of the vibrancy of the Nokia Community, they’ve been the instrumental core to it all.  Here would have been an appropriate cake :D.

WOMWorld has posted possibly their last ever post here:

It has come to that stage in this blog’s life to spin a long heralded cocoon around itself so that it can begin its natural transformation into something beautiful.

Last night we bedded down as a caterpillar who has spent his years living, learning and growing strong so, that when the time comes, we may rise as a magnificent butterfly. That time is now.

Today we awaken with new and exciting possibilities all around us, free to fly.

This change will not mean any of our existing team will be leaving, we’re keeping the strength that we’ve built over the years, bringing in new faces, new content, a fresh site design and best of all, much much more Nokia fun!

Thanks to everyone that has helped make WOMWorld/Nokia what it is today, your continued support has been over-whelming, moving and sometimes just plain humbling.

From myself and the WOMWorldNokia and Nokia guys; we’ll see you on the next page…

If you weren’t already following @WOMWorldNokia, they’re now at @Nokia_Connects. You don’t need to add them if you were already a follower.


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  • aboodesta

    Awesome 🙂 The guys at WOMNokia were the best. Very helpful and friendly. I wish them success under the new name!

  • Mapantz

    I love the cake om nom nom ..
    Let’s play fruit ninja on it.

    • We can’t, because it’s the unsupported N900.. 🙁 lol

      • rexin

        Why do people keep repeating this…
        “N900 was an experiment” Hello….
        Nokia was always clear that symbian was still very much their baby.
        It was “step 5 of 6” & it never had the same resources dumped into it before & long after it was released.
        Plus there wasy a huge amt of retooling that was going on just post N900.
        Only in the last 18mth has Maemo had similar focus on it as Symbian did for many a yore.
        N900 was never promised officially the same kind of support Nokia has pledged for n9 (repeatedly & high-up I might add)
        It was hackers ph/toy…… it goes on but I grow weary.

      • I play Fruit Ninja on my N900…

        Hello Nitdroid!

  • Rich

    it was Wom world that lent me a N93 and it convinced me symbian was the best choice at the time. later they invited me to participate in the search for N competition (where i met Jay amongst others). After the comp ended, they lent me a n97, this made me realise nokia had lost the plot and convinced me not to get the phone!! (I’m sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work!)
    the concept of wom world was great and i wish them all the best with nokia connects

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