November for Italy’s Nokia Windows Phones?

| October 18, 2011 | 27 Replies

iPhoneItalia and WMPU are reporting that Italy might be getting the new Nokia Windows Phone this year, and in November.

This info comes from Italian carrier TIM, showing upcoming handsets. Note that Nokia’s Windows Phone doesn’t seem to have a special name yet. It’s just called, “NOKIA WINDOWS PHONE 7.5″.

Most likely, other launch countries will include UK, France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. Those are the countries that don’t have the N9 and were once noted to be the 6 countries that would first launch with Windows Phone.

iPhoneItalia via WMPU

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  • Nabkawe

    enjoy Italy i just got my black N9 , go lick MS jewels … :)

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      Italians are lucky. I hope it comes to Greece ASAP

  • Jesse

    So soon!!! Wish it was sooner!

  • StylinRed

    been seeing a lot of WP7 commercials on tv lately especially during the season premieres of shows like ‘the walking dead’

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      they made a show for MeeGo?! :P

  • felipe

    no nooo ,dont wanna windows phone ))): the marketplace is shit,even ovi store is better,have more apps! :///

    • Jay Montano

      Having more apps on Ovi Store does not mean better apps on Ovi Store. Have you used and then compared the content of both to make this statement?

      • BellGo

        So are you telling me that the quality of the apps is far better with the WP marketplace?

        I am honestly asking your opinion.

        • Jesse

          Yes. Ovi store doesn’t even have official Netflix, Twitter, Kindle, Rdio, Last.FM, Ebay, Epicurious, etc….. The list just goes on. Windows Phone doesn’t have 100,000′s of apps but they do have most of the important apps that people can’t live without.

          They are still missing a few major apps “audible” especially : (.. But any of the big items not there are already in production.

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  • BellGo

    …Mark my words, WP wont sell almost at all. (Or if it will sell a bit, that means that some people will buy it ONCE, because it is a Nokia phone, but never buy another again)

    PS. The WP devices Nokia will show should be bloody godlike for taking over the N9. We’ll see on Nokia World.. We’ll see..

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      “WP wont sell almost at all”
      How do you know that? huh?

      • BellGo

        Based on the sales so far.

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

          The sales of what? WP7.5? No you mean WP7 and that’s where you are wrong. Even those you did not like WP7 are excited about 7.5

          • BellGo

            Yes I mean WP 7. But do tell me, what is the improvement in WP 7.5 that will make the consumers go “Ooh I want that” instead of the “Meh, looks and feels bad” that they are feeling now?

            And I will remind you of what you said when the WP 7.5 sales are in. =)

            • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

              i wouldn’t mention one specific improvement. It’s the maturation itself. All those things that matter in daily use

              • BellGo

                Hmmh. But as far as I understand it is the design of the phone that does not attract customers.. Design was the reason Android began to sell, and it seems to be the reason why WP is not selling well, even though it has been advertised a lot.

                • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

                  What do you mean by “design”? The hardware or the software UI? … Actually doesn’t matter which one you mean. They are both addressed beautifully. For example the HTC Titan is a very nice handset. The UI is futuristic and digital. Everything about the whole packet is right. As for the admitedly low sales i’ve said it before. There’s only ONE thing to blame, and that’s the name itself. In people’s minds “Windows” is synonym to old. The name was a marketing error. Hopefully Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo will ditch the name once and for all

                  • BellGo

                    I mean what you can do with WP and how it looks.

      • BellGo

        PS. Just wait and see.

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

          You wait and see. I have no doubt that Windows Phone will sell well (and the two major advisory companies IDC and Gartner agree with ME)

          • BellGo

            Good for you, that they agree with you. Maybe that will give you some comfort when the actual sales are in?

            Note; IF WP 7.5 will sell for what ever reason a lot more than WP 7 I will (of course) admit that you were correct. If not will you do the same?

            • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

              if by sales you mean marketshare yes (if u mean units sold, then no, it gets complicated)

              • BellGo

                I mean marketshare.

    • Jesse

      Android and Iphone are so hot right now that it will definitely take time.

      But if you do make a better product eventually it will happen. The thing is this, WP7 is still really young. It just came out last year so it is getting its footing. People are unsure about it and it is a drastic change compared to Iphone and Android. It is also a product that needs to be used to appriciate. And when I say use I mean add your live id and services. This is a content first phone, personalized to you. Windows Phone will eventually succeed based on word of mouth but for that to work it has to get out there first.

      This is where Nokia and Xbox Live have to come in to play. You can’t really market an OS, but you can market the devices and features. An amazing piece of hardware will sell if it is priced right regardless of the OS. If you walk in the store and see something beautiful you will want it! And Xbox Live is a very popular brand that you cannot get on any other phone, they need to integrate it and sell this hard.

      In the end no one really cares about the words IOS, Android, Windows Phone or Symbian they care about how enjoyable their phone is. They care about using it and showing it off.

      For example, MeeGo does nothing for me. I mean nothing but I would still buy an N9 if it was priced right because I love the hardware.

      I also hate IOS but I have multiple devices because I love many of the games on it.

      I don’t like any of the current Windows Phone devices but I love their contact integration system, Xbox Live integration and zune. In the end an OS is the thing you that brings users enjoyment. Apple is great at bringing silly things to their devices they can market to the masses like Facetime and Siri. Neither of these features really have any use to me, but they look cool and provide great marketing ins. Same with the Iphone, the features aren’t anything special but it looks awesome!

  • XFCE-Desktop

    Good for the Windows Phone fans! Can’t come soon enough for Nokia.

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