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You might have seen these videos last week (it got stuck in our drafts section). In case you haven’t it shows some Green related Nokia activities.

  • Minimizing ecological impacts in Nokia’s factories
  • Making ecological choices in Logistics
  • It’s easy to be green (about recycling) – I think this video itself was recycled as we’ve seen this already from last year.
Around 1.3 billion people have Nokia devices. That puts us in a unique position to help protect our environment. Caring for our environment means thinking about all the ways a factory can reduce, reuse and recycle resources.

Nokia factories have received certificates to be proud of, such as ISO14001 and the ISO9001. In addition to reducing energy, water and air emissions, we focus on reducing waste and packaging.

To learn more about sustainability at Nokia, visit:

In this video, we give examples of the ecological choices we make at Nokia production sites and supply chain, before our phones are made available in stores.

At Nokia, we like to use locally manufactured components. This means less transportation and consequently, less carbon dioxide. Instead of planes, we prefer ships. We believe that by putting the right small things together, you can create something with a big difference, like a phone or a better environment.

Optimizing shipping units, making the minimum number of deliveries with optimal size or utilizing transportation capacity as fully as possible might sound small, but together they have a big impact on our environment.

To learn more, visit:

Getting a new phone is exciting, but what should you do with your old Nokia? Bring it to one of the 5000 Nokia Care points around the world for responsible recycling. Find your nearest Care Point on our website and give new life to your old phone. 

100% of the materials in your Nokia phone can be recovered to make new products or generate energy so nothing is wasted. If all those over 1 billion Nokia users recycled just one unused phone at the end of its life-cycle, more than 80,000 tons of raw materials would be saved. This would also means reducing CO2 emissions, equal to taking 1.3 million cars of the road


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