Nokia 800 Windows Phone Press pics – comes with Nokia Navigation.

| October 20, 2011 | 45 Replies

In case you missed it (as I pushed back publishing this for Thursday) what you’re looking at are the first proper press pictures of the Nokia 800.

It’s under a week now until it is unveiled at Nokia World. As seen before, it looks like the Nokia N9 with Windows Phone buttons, and it’ll come in at least the N9 Blue, Pink and Black.


You’ll note the presence of something called “Nokia Navigation” – Nokia Maps perhaps, as well as Nokia Music. Nokia Maps has already been sighted at Windows Phone MarketPlace so you may not have to deal with the piece-of-crap maps app that is by default embedded in WP.

These come again by way of pocket now, they also showed us the first press pics of the N9 (though just hours before launch).

Does the original all screen design now work reverted back to buttons? I remember complaints the first time people thought the Windows Phone buttons were just touch screen only from current users.

Source: PocketNow

Cheers Janne, Realtechie and RaV for the tip!



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  • PHPH

    Somehow this makes the feel N9 less unique to me. I liked the N9 because it felt like the whole design/experience (UI+physical design) was made specific for that model. Now it just feels a bit template-ish.

    I for sure don’t want people accidently mistaking me for having a WP7 when I hold my N9.

    • Yes, but if I was Nokia, I would have still done the same thing. Body design of the N9 is just too beautiful. I actually wonder which phone used the body first. N9 or 800? Maybe both started at the same time but N9 just got released first.

      What I really want on the N9 is the camera shutter button that the 800 has. Gawd, that annoys the heck out of me that N9 doesn’t have one.

  • boricua

    window phone mango convinced me I have two days using a hd7 and I really love the fluidity of the system and how easy it is… my next phone will definitely be this

    • Helmuth

      Yes, for a phone mango is nice. But those days people are prefering smartphones.

      • boricua

        smartphone thanks smartasshole

  • backbutton

    wow, the black one is very beautiful 🙂