Video: Nokia 800 teaser video on TV already? (UK)

| October 22, 2011 | 70 Replies

This seems to have been broadcast on UK television. What you can see looks remarkably like the N9 but with tile affair, so Windows Phone.

David T who tipped this in said: “Nokia 800 teaser ad shown on during the X Factor USA on ITV2 in the UK on the 22/10/11”

Update: The ads are running right now! I’ve just seen them myself on TV! They appear intermittently between other adverts.

It showed up between Harry Hill TV Burp and X Factor UK.

Just saw it again on Harry Hill TV Burp ad. It's also on X factor.


Not sure what channel it’s on (it shows comedy central at the end, though that could just be advertising that channel on another channel, not uncommon). The adverts though show UK prices and UK services.

Video  Cheers for the tip, David!


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  • Rich

    Don’t be fooled by the clever teaser clips and the barrage of advertising thats about to start, if the public wanted windows phone, we’d be buying it already. i refuse to be forced to adopt windows phone because the alternative nokia OS’s are being made unavailable.

    • Guerrahp

      LOL Fake Nokias!

    • Taigatrommel

      Well, if I remember correctly, Android powered devices didn’t actually sell well the first or second year either. Even the iPhones, at least here in Germany, haven’t had skyrocketed sale numbers until the iPhone4. Windows Phone 7 definatly has quite some potential and gota decent update with Mango. What I am missing mostly is a good offline navigation software, but obviously Nokia seems to be working on that. Another one would be much, MUCH improved landscape support. If the later thing would happen and Nokia would bring is a N950/E7 variant running WP7 I’d buy it.

      After all, Nokia does not force you away. Symbian is still under development and everything but dead. There is another big version comming out next year, which might bring some of the N9s swipe features to S^3. Also new phones will be released. I don’t really see a reason to turn your back to Symbian right now.

      • John

        Agree, even with Symbian’s supposed death I am still excited to get belle on my N8 and I will also be picking up a windows phone from Nokia, who knows if I can I would definitely pick up an N9 as well.

      • N9

        So now we are expecting it wont sell well in the first years or sooo…. what a great strategy this was Elop is a genius.

        • Jesus Christ

          No genius, Windows Phone has already been out for a year in other OEMs.

    • John

      You are not being forced to buy Windows Phones there plenty of alternatives around 🙂

      • Rich

        my money for the n900 follow up has been put aside for months, as the n9 isn’t coming to the uk via a network, it looks like my money will be spent on a sandwich based dessert instead!
        years of dominance in the pc market and the dreadful windows vista forced me to buy windows 7 as some of my programs in need don’t run on ubuntu. helping microsoft try to dominate the phone market just isn’t something i want to be part of, even if it is half decent

        • John

          fair enough every one has their preferences 🙂

        • jr

          If you want an n9 you could have bough it off contract.. you probably didn’t want it enough so stop wasting our ears..

        • dans

          N9 will be available at Expansys soon, Elop is holding off till NW.

    • jr

      as a wp7 I have to admit one had to sacrifice a lot to get the first generation of devices as it lacked several things which were available on other platforms.. The choice of device and availability was also very limited.. Here in the Netherlands no wp7 device was available, no adverts, not a single device on any network,, I had to cough out over 500 euros for my Omnia 7 ..

      That been said the second generation of device s very different not.. there are whole lot that ha been added to the platform that makes it even more attractive.. They have sold over 10million phones now and its market share in Germany is said to be around 7% and .. things are improving.. with Nokia on board i predict 7 to 10 % market share in less than a year.

      • N9

        10 million ???? were are those number please share….

        • N00-00

          It would be around the 4-5m mark because MS’s market share for WP is less than 2% in the last year with total sales estimated to around 300m Smartphoones..

          • jr

            The number of unique facebook apps download wp7 is over 7million .. recent figures show more they cossed he 2% mark.. do the maths

  • John

    This is getting me really excited for next week 😀

    Even HTC has started advertising their Windows Phone’s

    • Just Visiting

      @John…I know, right? HTC is finally advertising their WP phones out of fear – HTC knows good and well that if they don’t advertise, their sales will pale in comparison to Nokia, especially in the U.K. They should have been advertising WP from the get go, instead they focused on Android. I’m really interested to see the advertising efforts for the U.S. from all of the oems.

      Anyway, I like the ‘subliminal’ effect of the SeaRay here in these adverts – it’s quite different.

      • John

        Yes i am very intrigued how proper advertising will affect Windows Phone sales. Up till now I have seen nothing apart for some Microsoft ones and posters outside.

        This time it looks like Microsoft and Nokia as well as HTC are taking this serious.

  • jill

    Whats wrong with Nokia 701 ?

    • j

      nothing. its a fine device with nfc, fm transmitter, excellent battery life, robust

  • Pachino Pulido

    Cant wait, i have an upgrade on AT&T in january, i will be definitely picking up a nokia windows phone.

    Also i cant wait for monday, my sexy baby Nokia N9 will finally be in my hands!


  • N9 die hard fan

    Just another N9 clone.

  • Rock

    Was JUST about to tip you on this :P, I’ve seen it like 5 times now, if that Nokia 800 press shot leak was real this is defo a teaser to go with it

  • John

    Wait, if they are already popping up on television, this surely means it s close to release never mind announcement. 😀 so excited. !!!!!!

    • Rich

      my bet is beginning of November, Elop will announce at nokia world its ready and about to ship. that’s my guess anyway. (followed by epic fail and back on course with a linux/Harmattan flagship handset 😉

      • John

        I honestly don’t care what OS Nokia goes forward with I just want them to do well again. Its a bit frustrating to see everyone praise Apple and Google in the media for innovations Nokia pioneered way before them but couldn’t execute them as well.

      • jr

        If Nokia fails with wp7 the company is effectively dead.. no coming back

        • N9

          That I agree with, only a genius sets a strategy like this… bet it all on a platform that s never worked for any one….

        • N00-00

          Not really.. Nokia has the dumb-phone sales to rely on until it completes a transition (again) to Harmattan (Or whatever the next Maemo\MeeGo iteration be called) along with Meltemi for S40…

          I’ve faith in Nokia getting out of the mess if WP fails..

          • jr

            how exactly are they going to survive with the dumphone market?.. the company will be dead or atleast investors will be willing to sell their shares for pennies before it becomes completely useless…. which means it will get bought out.. not exactly rocket science..

        • flava

          Nah not really, a giant company always has backup plans. Hasn’t it?

          Actually, i don’t see any harm for Nokia joining another ecosystem as they still keep and improving their own ecosystem.

          Nokia user base is HUGE, and i don’t think they’ll get into crysis, like its smartphone division got sold, that easily.

          The worse is if all fail, they can still lick their own spit and joining android ecosystem and become ‘another OEM’. No?

      • dans

        November 14th.

    • Halla

      I can’t remember for sure, but wasn’t it Elop that said that its only worth to advertise when you can deliver?

      • John

        It must be really close to release then………or………it could be the N9 😀

        But the coloured tiles give it away so it has to be the SeaReay, maybe Nokia are advertising both LOL 😀

      • N00-00

        Nokia must have the Compal-sourced units ready with Mango loaded… Announce at Nokia World and ship immediately after that..

        Nokia own built WP will arrive in Q2 2012 (that was the original plan)..

        • Jesus Christ

          Funnily, here in Portugal Compal is the name of a big juice company. And they actually make great mango juice 🙂

  • Bobhyde

    This plan will work. Nokia WP devices will sell . .

    think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . . think positive . . .

    • John

      LOL 😀

    • Yoyo Ma

      That’s what Flop tells himself everyday…………..

    • N9

      . . . think positive . . . think positive . . .Microsoft….Microsoft….Microsoft… we are gonna save you (help you at least) even if that is gona kill us

  • Mapantz

    I just saw 5 of those ads during the Harry Hill TV burp commercial break. 😀

    • Jay Montano

      Yup! I got it on camera, unfortunately, Virgin Media sucks goat balls in terms of upload speed. I’d get it to youtube faster if I post the video by mail and memory card (why you suck all the time virginmedia?!)

      • dans

        Im recording ITVHD, see if you can get a clean cap.

  • P

    yo Jay…i read this blog, and didnt quite get the advert…it was like 2 seconds of advert and then something different and thought maybe something wrong with the actual video. But i was watching the big bang theory on e4 at 8.10 pm today…and throughout the advertisements, there were different nokia searay adverts, 1-2 seconds long each. I have got to say this video doesnt look as nice as it does on the tv itself. Overall the actual product looks pretty nice.

    p.s – Im with virgin media with 5mb upload 😉 virgin media are excellent compared to all other providers i’ve been with..

  • Luisito

    Will Nokia save Windows Phone???… Will people buy those device like hota cakes???… See this and more in the next seasson “Nokia the from biggest to thinest”…
    This quarter will be very important to MS it will show it Windows Phone is a total failure or it’s just a bad marketing strategy…

    • John

      Completely agree, is it terrible advertising ? or is it people don’t care about it……we will see finally.

      • N9

        Read the comments above, “sure it will not sell well in the first years”, they are preparing NOKIA for, “yes you cammed to late and its all your fault so go die in the corner”…. “we now have (Windows M9) and its the best thing ever”

        Because trying to take over the smartphone OS market and failing is nothing new for Microsoft.
        The WP7 series is just another victim..

        • N00-00

          Hahaha… MS isn’t a stranger to failing and killing in Mobile market… But I think they’ll stick this time a little longer (at least until 2013 when WP8 arrives) for the simple fact that MS has invested a lot into Metro UI and WP and if they terminate it now, Ballmer will have to answer a lot to the stakeholders considering he has spent almost half a billion for its promotion..

  • P

    And oh – is this the first time that Nokia have made adverts for a product that has not been officially released as in no official release date? If yes, then seems Nokia are on the right track in keeping up with competition.

    • Rich

      i believe Nokia are using a new advertising agent, so anything will be better than the dreadful past adverts. this drip feed of clips could work. it could really build anticipation

  • XFCE-Desktop

    I don’t even care about Windows phone, I just want Nokia to do well.

    • j

      i would like to see the board to think in the same way. but they want microsoft to do well. i want nokia to do well in the long run and therefore i know that windows pbone is a bad decision. when nokia helps microsoft to establish windows phone after that it will be useless for microsoft.

  • it’s nt 800 it perhaps nokia n9 only.

  • KF

    So everything is about the 800/searay, I will be shocked if after more than 8 months, nokia comes with only a n9-clone running mango just to kill the uniqueness of the n9 (not bcz mango is bad, but bcz the design doesn’t suit it).

    • jr

      What you failed to realise was that Nokia was switching to a new OS which would have been more difficult to do than just slapping symbian or meego on it.. sos they decided to use n9 as a testing deive and as a first device since the design was good enough.. alos don’t forget they are releasing more than one device..

    • dans

      Nokia 800, Sabre, Ace at NW.

  • haters gonna hate

    WP7 > MeeGo > iOS > Android

    • dsmobile

      N9 > WP7 > iOS > Android > MeeGo? There is no MeeGo

      • N00-00


  • Mathias

    Symbian > MeeGo > iOS > Android > WP7

  • FireDragon

    Near of far, but they should put the teasers or any sort of official announcement only when they are close to push the devices to shelves, into hands of the consumers. I am waiting for the days when the companies actually announce and release the devices same day, same time. Al though it will make the concept and extra income of pre-sale to zero, but maybe the over all outcome returns better favor.

  • FireDragon

    Also one of my screaming thought after seeing Nokia throwing so many devices in market, I am thinking if they would be kind enough for us N8/E7 users to offer us a replacement against small amount, same design as N8/N9/N950 with improved ram and processor and Belle some time soon.

    • P

      In any market, you bought a product, at its current state. Why would any company allow you to purchase something else for loose change so you can get an upgrade. It’s like me asking Ford to give me a new mondeo, because the Mondeo i purchased last year, hasn’t got the new fuel economy or top speed.

      Maybe if there was something downright faulty with your product, could your “thought” be reasonable, but a companys there to make money.

      p.s just buy the n9 or searay 😀

      • FireDragon

        Haha. No nothing is faulty with my N8 and it is working good now with Anna. But it was one of wishful thinking. Mostly because all newly designed devices (N9/N950 not included) are not of my taste. I would pick one N8/E7 alike or N9/N950. I prefer hardware keyboard and I don’t mind thinkness and on top of that I am thinking to stick with Symbian. WindowsPhone is not yet my cup of tea.

  • P

    Mmm nokias old advert and old marketing strategy seemed to be wack. Releasing adverts for a product that has no official release date, and also releasing a product quickly after announcement, seems to be the right strategy. Too long, we have to wait for phones to be released by Nokia. It’d be a nice change to get our hands on products soon after announcement, like Apple and Android do, as consumers and also for Nokia, to keep up with competition. Now, even symbian phones get announced and released so quick.

    Not sure about N9 Meego, though. Because not only did that take months to release after announcement, it’s not available in many countries either. And some of you guys might say, well Nokia isnt releasing products soon after announcement, like I said above, because searay got announced months ago too. My theory is that searay only got shown months ago, was due to the excitement the N9 had created. if the n9 wasnt real, then elop would only have showed the searay right now at nokiaworld. but elop wanted to curb and dampen the mood about n9, due to his ties with ballmer and microsoft telling him that n9 is taking away the light from their partnership, and ballmer told elop to show the searay.

    Overall the n9/searay hardware is excellent, beats everything on the current market. Even read on certain blogs n9s hardware beats even iphones quality.

    • j

      elop always said that the first windows phone nokias will be designed in california. and the after the n9 excitement he shows a ” prototype” of the ssearay? remember that this protype had no physical windows phone keys with a bad running windows phone! im quite sure they quickly flashed a n9 prototype with windows phone and that it was never planed to bring something like the sea ray.

  • Deaconclgi

    Hmmmm…I have 2 lines eligible for an upgrade with T-Mobile….

    Things are getting interesting…all I can say is that I hope all the efforts put the Nokia brand back in a positive limelight in the US.

    My wife was offered a Tmobile Comet to replace her Nokia Astound! The Comet…seriously! TMo argued us down saying that the Astound and Comet were on the same level, one supervisor even told us “The Astound is an entry level Android smartphone”

    Really…ignorance must be bliss….

    Hopefully better times are ahead for Nokia.

    Me? Bring on the N8 successor with Symbian Belle/C!

  • ssdh

    HAha, Elop going through all this trouble just to make Nokia WP a little more relevant, N9 doesn’t even try that hard to be loved…

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