Video: Nokia 800 Windows Phone UK TV Teaser ads (1080p)

| October 22, 2011 | 111 Replies

Here’s another look at those Nokia 800 adverts that have been appearing on UK TV adverts. This is quite something. The phone isn’t even announced yet, but we’re seeing it on TV. It will be announced in a few days. The crunch will be, “when will it be available?”. Has Nokia ever put up adverts for a phone you couldn’t buy for a while before?

The ads are short second long clips inserted between other TV adverts, just showing a little bit to tease. David first tipped in, mentioning a sighting at X-factor USA. These ads then appeared live on TV at prime time Harry Hill’s TV Burp (it’s a popular show here) as well as X-factor UK. I chopped out the non Nokia ads. It’s a teaser. It’s not supposed to reveal too much. Check out the 10 second clip below.

You’ll see again the coloured tiles, the Windows buttons and the centrally placed Nokia SeaRay LED.

Have you seen the ad yet on TV where you are?

Now the Nokia 800/SeaRay essentially looks like the Nokia N9 on the outside (albeit differences with having keys at the front). The N9 was heralded by Engadget as the most beautiful phone ever made. Hopefully some of that appeal rubs off at least on the the hardware and external aesthetics of the phone.

lol, the video recording is 1080p but the source is not. It’s barely standard definition. Anywhoo, let’s call that a 1080p test of the Canon 60D :P.

Here’s what it looked like unedited (this is the TV Burp one, the X factor advert was muuch longer and would have taken 4 hours to upload)

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  1. John says:

    It must be close to release let alone announcement. Or maybe they are advertising both the N9 and SeaRay. :-D LOL

  2. jr says:

    This is why it makes sense not to release n9 in the big markets.. had the n9 been released how would they have come back to release a similar looking phone as a new phone?

    I love wp7 and I love meego too but I love Nokia than both.. I don’t agree with Elop’s decision to kill Meego int he way he did but hes been given the opportunity to run the company and so far its going “ok”.. lets give him the opportunity to prove his wealth.

    • P says:

      amen…not too sure about public wanting wp7, kind of angry how nokia did not carry on with the qt ecosystem…but i love nokia too :D so will be buying searay

      • jr says:

        a greater majority of people dont even know what Qt was/is

        • P says:

          What i was trying to say was, Nokia is now becoming another oem, like htc and samsung. Very low profit margins, with no space to innovate. I hope nokia use wmp7 as a short-medium term strategy, and meltemi and another high end os in production, so nokia reap all the benefit, rather than microsoft. I mean even elop may allow nokia/navteq maps to be included in wp7 marketplace for other wp7 users to download. Why? Nokia should use nokia maps as an asset and only for nokia products, but people saying elops a trojan, shows a bit here. Ballmer probably is making him do it.

          • migo says:

            They always had very low profit margins.

            • P says:

              still with their own app store and own developer support and income, they would have more income surely, rather than paying microsoft.

              • N9 says:

                P you have to realize that allot of people here, have no interest in NOKIA they are interested in the Microsoft mobile ecosystem, they don’t care one bit about NOKIA, as long as it helps them, You have to realize alot of this guys have professional positions associated with Microsoft strategy… And base technologies, not Nokias Technologies.

                • jr says:

                  which guys are you talking about here?

                  • j says:

                    this guy for example who told us that windows phone is better because you can choose your hardware from different companys.

                    well an to the design ont thing is to mention: the n9 has a “longer” screen as the sea ray. n9 screen has a 16:9 screen ratio. and i highly doubt that videos in the searay will look as amazing as on the n9. and the three buttons doesnt fit to the minimalisric design of the n9 body. the 800 is a cheap rip off of the n9.

            • N9 says:

              You have no idea what you talk about

          • jr says:

            for every Nokia service(maps, local search results) that gets included in wp7 they will get paid for it… something which should be an added income for them rather than an expenditure.

    • me says:

      Going OK? What’s not OK?

      When Elop became the CEO, Nokia was raking profits: devices and services (i.e. phone division) made a billion in profit in Q3 of 2010, and 1.1 billion in Q4.

      Release Elop: Nokia officially abandons its own products, and customers officially abandon Nokia. Nokia Corp. has made more than half a billion net loss during the last two quarters – and you guessed it, the phone division is deeper still in the red.

      What’s not OK?!

  3. Deep Space bar says:

    makes me wanna get an N9 and not an Nokia 800 LOL

  4. Umar says:

    Looks Gooooooooood.
    I like this strategy of elop.
    Great advertisement

  5. xyz says:

    Ok, that’s it, I’ll give the Nokia 800 a try. It’ll be hopefully cheaper than the N9 and it has better/tight integration to Windows and Xbox, stuff I’m using all day long. And it has N9′s beautiful design :)

  6. ToN says:

    Good bye iPhone. Your sales on Q1/2011 will be lower than expexted.

    • migo says:

      You mean 2012? Probably not, as they got all their major 4S sales in Q4/2011. If anything majorly disrupts iPhone sales next year it’ll be Android. 2012 will be the year that Windows Phone gains momentum and establishes itself as the third platform to choose from.

  7. Michael FT says:

    It looks a lot like that poster we saw earlier showing the phone surrounded by tiles :)

  8. Bob says:

    Is the one in the top pick white?

    Nokia World can’t come quick enough!

  9. Just Visiting says:

    This is a much better capture of the ad! You can briefly see the led at the top of the camera lens and there is a brief shot of the Windows logo :)

    This ad, and the phone, is so stylish!

  10. AlOnE89 says:

    Is there a front cam on this device?

  11. Blackidea says:

    Now i know why N9 not published well like this specially on UK.
    Who the hell will interesting with the same form factor, but with ugly ui.
    I can say that Nokia itself isnt confident with their wp device, specially when head to head with the Swipe

  12. Ekeluo says:

    For those of you that are buying wp7 Nokias `because you want Nokia to succeed’ let me give you an analogy: suppose you had a teenage child whom you loved very much, and then found out he/she had token up the street corner crack business. Would you start a crack addiction because `you want he/she to succeed?’ Think carefully about the choice you’re making. I’ve never had love for ANYONE who only gets ahead by knocking others down.
    The N9 is proving to be a formidable contender in the high-end mobile spectrum. Why isn’t Nokia giving it the back up it deserves? This will come back to bite their shiny metal ar..s, mark my words.

  13. Eddy says:

    For those of you that are buying the n9 `because you want MeeGo to succeed’ let me give you an analogy: suppose you had a teenage child whom you loved very much, and then found out he/she had token up the street corner crack business. Would you start a crack addiction because `you want he/she to succeed?’ Think carefully about the choice you’re making. I’ve never had love for ANYONE who only gets ahead by knocking others down, with the exception to good ol’ chaps like Deep Space Bar, Yasu, Ninja and all the other MeeGo/Tizen/Meltemi (WTF ARE THE LATTER TWO?) trolls.
    The N9 is proving to be a formidable contender among experimental phones like the N900 was back in the day, the same phone that got consumers all fired up into thinking Maemo was the next hit OS but it turned out to be a stepping stone to MeeGo, which FINALLY came out just recently. Why should consumers trust Nokia, especially with the N9 when Nokia bit the consumers in the ass with the N900? I laugh a apologists to defend the commercial flop that was the N900.

    • h says:

      considering wp is also flop and in huge need of nokia for sales meego is a bttr choice

    • N00-00 says:

      First of all, that is a bad analogy…

      Agree that N900 was a commercial flop because Nokia didn’t market it.. But as a phone it was AWESOME.. Better than anything at that time and could do things other phone could only dream about then.. And in that case, WP (until now) is a bigger fail because MS have marketed it a lot and spent close to $500m but still hasn’t made a big impact on the market-share..

      “I’ve never had love for ANYONE who only gets ahead by knocking others down” : MS should be on top of your list then…

      Meltemi is the replacement for S40 with support for Qt.

  14. Ekeluo says:

    Read my own post this morning (written while i was practically asleep) and was a but surprised at its harshness. But i stand by it. If you found wp does what you want, then please go get one from htc or Samsung (I’m sure the Nokia ceo will be happy either way). Good luck, honestly. just please please don’t patronize industrial foolishness because you want the company to succeed. Happy Sunday everyone.

  15. lovenokia says:

    Yess!!!! stop at 6 seconds and find out that the windows keys aren’t too high they are about even and this will be my next phone

  16. BellGo says:

    I love how they don’t even show the UI…Wonder why.

    • Just Visiting says:

      @BellGo…It’s called eye candy – this is how you entice, for any product for that matter.

      Normal people, not basement dwellers (nerds), are attracted to outer appearances, and you know this! Outer appearances is how we choose our clothes, our cars, our lovers, you name it – it’s what’s on the outside that piques our interest :)

      This ad is to enticing and tease viewers with the sleek and sexy design of the device; and if you read any of the comments on Engadget, you know that 95% of the favorable comments regarding the N9/SeaRay/leaked version of the SeaRay, is because of ‘the design’ of the hardware.

      There is absolutely no need whatsoever to show the os; while a nerd/tech geek/spec whore wants to focus on the os, normal people are going to be attracted to the design of product first and foremost.

  17. masood.alkhter says:


  18. masood.alkhter says:

    is this nokia 8 or 800 or 8800. whats it called?? i hope they give it a proper names now

  19. Ninja says:

    Average hardware, well below average OS.


    Seriously, I’m all for WinPho Nokia phones succeeding, but this is NOWHERE NEAR good enough.

    • Viipottaja says:

      One mıght agree that hardware could be upped. Then agaın, the N9ısh desıgn certaınly helps a lot.

      However, you claım the OS ıs below average. How do you then explaın the fact that Mango has gotten great revıews from lıterally almost all (ıf not all) tech sıtes so far. How do you explaın that?

      (please: ıt not sellıng well ıs not an explanatıon; ıt beıng MS and thus somehow more ınherently evıl ıs not an explanatıon)

    • Rock says:

      Symbian = Poor Hardware, Poor OS.

      Your the one that goes on about how Symbian doesn’t need Dual Core or w/e, why are you complaining about the WP7 Hardware?..

  20. reebi says:

    Just seen these ads split up in the ad break between halfs in the Manchester derby.

    5×2 second ads seem way too cryptic to excite/tease anyone other than Nokia fans who know about the device already?

    Must cost quite a bit to run these tiny things at prime time with such little info being conveyed to non-nokia fans.

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit frivolous?

    • Niklas says:

      Well, they did get a billion or so in advertising money from Microsoft in order to use their underperforming OS, they have to spend the money somehow.. ;)

  21. Johnny Tremaine says:

    The ads seem very indirect, and like somebody mentioned, cryptic.

    Over here in the States, it reminds me of the original Blackberry Storm, Infiniti (auto), and Palm Pre ads.

    The only one that turned out well, as far as marketing, was RIM’s Storm ads….that is, until people tried using the device and it was a complete EPIC fail.

    Not sure how Nokia’s ads will go over here. Since the brand isn’t known, it’ll probably illicit a bunch of shrugs, i.e. “What’s a No-KIA? Is that, like, from the same people who make those cars?”

  22. n-user says:

    If I’m just a normal guy who didn’t know much about mobile phones industry, how do I suppose to know this phone IS Nokia?

    They should at least show the Nokia logo on the teaser…I think.

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