Symbian Anna optional Service Pack Update, brings improved performance

| October 23, 2011 | 36 Replies

Dhanur Bhagat and Fossi emailed us pictures of additional updates coming to their N8 called Symbian Anna Service Packs. Fossi says this was after getting the N8 v25 mini update.

Dhanur says it contained stability updates, smoother scrolling through text messages and faster geo-tagging.

Now, I haven’t been receiving these update notifications. I put this down to a failed install for Anna on my N8 OTA (it kept giving a phone error at each restart). However, you will get a notification at your phone’s software update app to go and connect your N8 to a PC.


Ovi Suite/Nokia Suite will show up the updates you require, as well as the V25 update and the optional service pack update. Again, if you already had v25, you would have seen the service pack update on the phone itself.

update: The software update pack does not require v25 as users have mentioned. You may require the full anna update which I was missing.


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  • Luca

    @Jay: what kind of error does it give to you? Have you correctly installed both Symbian Anna 1/2 and 2/2 updates? πŸ™‚

    • Jay Montano

      I got the phrase, “phone set up feature not supported”. It also just failed to reinstall that 2/2 update and subsequently the other updates.

      • Jay Montano

        7th attempt lucky. I think I’m up to date now with all the updates.

        • Luca

          Good! I know those 2 packs can be hard to install, but if you do not do that, probably you will have some errors. Think your is gone now, right? πŸ™‚
          The bad thing is that if you delete one of the programs like communicator or intranet, the pack comes available again to install… It should be better if they release single updates for every additional app, and the two packs just for the needed apps πŸ™‚

  • Yankee

    I am Nokia C6-01 user. Symbian Anna 022.014 on board. When I open my SOFTWARE UPDATER I also see such update it’s 1040KB. That’s strange, because i didn’t updated to new version of Anna 025.007.

    • Yankee

      forgot to mention that Updates 1/2 and 2/2 are installed

      • Luca

        The service pack is for all anna version. On my side, for example, I received v25, but still no service pack πŸ™‚

  • Murthy

    I got an update of size just 679 kb but not 1040 kb. I am using N8 from India.

  • H0r5tGu3nth3r

    whats the changelog????

  • miki69

    I got this service pack via NSU, but SW is still v22

  • Rami

    I had this service pack 2 days ago, only my N8 is still running v22 and i cannot find an update to v25!

  • Guest

    I got that Service Pack for my C7-00 yesterday. Notice better performance. But I have not got the v25 update.

  • H0r5tGu3nth3r

    After Service Update with the Netquin Mobile Guard i found 5 SystemApps Updatet!!

    Messaging V1.5.9(0)
    Metadata System Upgrade 10.01.(8)
    Java Runtime Update 2.02(56)
    Conversation Appl 1.58(0)
    Conversation Server 1.58(0)

    • H0r5tGu3nth3r

      Browsermark brings 22637 points – not faster in Benchmark but faster in scrolling and Handling websites

  • Mark

    Symbian service pack is for all phones with Symbian Anna.
    Not all phones will get v25, some variants already got v24 and some are getting v25.

  • Wayde

    when is anna available for australia?

  • Cod3rror

    Belle is coming soon too, 2015.

    • Mac

      So is the iPhone 5 2013 after the world ends in 2012!! Then Apple will give you even less features and still be considered revolutionary!! Maybe that’s how they will become number 1….when the world has ended!!

      • iphone to n8

        apple designers have no ideas left they are done after all one phone wonder so even in 2013 it will b same design no changes but improved cpu and ram etc. Apple suckx as do their products u wil love day one and day two makes u puke

        • h

          they will wait for nokia to release belle and so they can copy down nokias innovation

    • dfssdg

      iPhone will have no more updates since Jobs’ gone. Apple = Jobs. Jobs dies, Apple decays.

  • stylinred

    havent had any updates

    using unlocked uk n8

    • napier

      Same here. Thought I would get it first-ish…

  • c6-01

    nokia suite showing that update as 025.007 device update with 1.2gb wtf size!

    • Ekeluo


    • Luca

      Yep, it’s a bug posted on betalabs forum too πŸ˜‰

    • FireDragon

      Haha, I updated copy of my Anna at 1.6gb too.

  • Got an update for E6
    it says it’s a REQUIRED update
    – improved features and performance
    – updated applications
    – better stability

  • matija

    Updates on my E7-00 show:
    * E7-00 Device software (Important, 1002KB)
    * Symbian Anna service pack (Optional, 1040KB)

  • Ignacio

    Unlocked US N8 without updates, neither anna. Fuck you nokia, why ain’t we having any update?

    • David

      Really? I got the Anna update last week thru Ovi/Nokia Suite. I’m up to v25.007.
      Keep checking. It might be a cascading roll out thru the US. I live in Boston so maybe East coast first and working the update West? I think the real reason the US got the Anna update so late is that we, honestly, are just such a small demographic to Nokia. Think about it globally and that might explain why Nokia takes so long to give support to the US. Start with your biggest earning locations and work your way down. That’s my best guess. Hope you get the update soon!

  • Yemi

    Nokia E7 USA. No update!!! I have completely given up on getting any update. I can’t believe it.

  • Rock

    I haven’t even got the OVI store update… Why am I behind on updates? o.O

  • FireDragon

    I updated N8 with service pack about 2 days back and been searching out over the Internet for changes in it. Yesterday I start reading about the updates.

    Well my wait has now been upgraded to Belle for sake of its major updates. I don’t think I am ready to let go of N8 just now so yes Belle is my next stop.

    It is hard to hold the urges to flash to Belle specially since a good fellow pointed me toward dailymobile but I want to wait for either any official date or will wait for the most recent Rom to go with.

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  • ZEUS

    It is simple a shit normal programs games full shit. I has in vain bought