Offline Maps and Public Transport directions in Nokia Maps for iOS and Android.

| October 24, 2011 | 34 Replies

Vaibhav from TheHandheldBlog reports that Nokia Maps for iOS and Android now supports offline maps as well as public transport directions.


He says it has progressed from the limited experience we saw some months ago. Check it out at: 

There’s also POI info. That’s pretty cool given this is a browser based Nokia maps and not the full blown integrated app you find in Symbian or N9.

Source: thehandheldblog

Cheers @Soussef24 for the tip!


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  • RedMateria

    Wow Nokia really improving their services.

    I hope, Nokia will regain their loss.

  • Gen

    i hope the improve the maps on meego especially the drive app. the street looks low res, there’s no route setting, you can’t set a home destination, speed cameras a not available as well as the speed limit and the voice does not say the street names. i hope they can make the meego drive apo as good as the symbian version

    • Viipottaja

      Unfortunately, looks like Maps won’t be improved that much beyond what it is now on Meego, and that REALLY REALLY sucks, IMO. This is what Konttori said in response to a question on that on his blog:

      “@Me: (Nice nick by the way), maps and drive will likely have quite low amount of improvements after pr1.1.”

      🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • gjggj

        nokia meego staff become hobby developers for n9? then maps on n9 can be improved

        • Viipottaja

          Not sure what you mean. But if you mean the Meego community could improve Nokia Maps, I doubt that would be the case – I assume Maps is one of the closed off parts of N9.

      • Gen

        I believe its the pre beta version of the Symbian drive app on the N9. Can’t they just port the new Symbian version to Meego?

  • Croco

    I have just tested this on a colleague’s Android phone and it works really nice. If they push some marketing budget in promoting this it will be a real threat to Google Maps as the routing and navigation is way better in more regions.

    Nice job Nokia

  • oleg

    no maps for japan? really?

    • mawire

      Are u rily seriously complaining? Get a life and use what the rest of Japan is using

    • XFCE-Desktop

      People in Japan don’t use Nokia phones.

      • Viipottaja

        Who knows, maybe Nokia will try to re-enter with WP. 🙂

  • arvi

    Ios and Android with Nokia Maps is best. Please, don’t give exclusive Nokia Service (Nokia Maps – Offline Maps) to them without them having a Nokia smartphone.

    • migo

      Really? You don’t get it. If it actually is that much better users will get used to it and will consider a Nokia smartphone as their next purchase, which isn’t something they’d do if you made them buy a Nokia smartphone first.

  • ssdh

    Will this also work on the N9 browser?
    Can someone test it out?

  • h3csc


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  • Halla

    Just gave it a quick try on my N9. The page loads and I can see my location on the map, but settings etc do not work. Mayby in pr 1.1…

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  • ali

    it’s working fine with my iphone 3gs but little bit slow. my question is how can I use it offline ?

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  • Cod3rror

    This just saved a tiny little neighborhood. It’s pretty useless.

    Nokia if you want your crappy Nokia Maps on iOS and Android so much just release an app.

    • migo

      I disagree, for something that requires data anyway, a bookmark makes sense. Only have to develop it once (note that while it says for iOS and Android, it also works for BBOS, and likely Bada and webOS as well.) Of course it depends on having a good browser, but HTML5 support is becoming pretty standard.

    • weirdfisher

      yes, performance should be better for native apps

  • Suabesh

    Works wonderfully well on the iPad2 , almost rivals the native maps application ! Great job Nokia, keep improving !

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  • Deep Space bar

    i don’t understand why the transit direction is not added on Nokia Maps….>.> for symbian,S40 and Meego

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