Nokia is promising more influence in Windows Phone Apollo

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Its fair to say that most pundits bloggers and journalists (us included) where pretty impressed with Nokia first offerings running Windows Phone but came away a little disappointed with the news that there aren’t that many Nokia exclusives apart from Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and an ESPN app (hardly anything to shout about). Techradar got an exclusive interview with Niklas Savander executive VP of Markets for Nokia who is promising some big changes in Windows Phone Apollo with more Nokia influences…….. YAY 😀


Some key point Niklas pointed out:

1. Nokia decided to go with Windows Phone when Mango was pretty much finished, so nothing could be done in terms of influencing it.

2. With the Lumia there are contractual agreements with Microsoft with the amount of engineering which Nokia can do for differentiation.

3. Nokia don’t want to go too far in terms of customisation as they don’t want to fragment the developer ecosystem…….*cough*….Android…*cough*

4. The fruits of what Nokia can do will be evident in Windows Phone Apollo…….yay 🙂

5. He reiterated Nokia has enough tools to differentiate from Samsung and HTC

6. Nokia have contractual “wiggle room” with Micrsoft i.e. there are certain things Nokia are allowed to customise add etc.

7. Niklas finally reiterated they have more Windows Phone’s coming, two phones are not enough and the Lumia 800 and 710 are only the beginning.


Its pretty much what we expected to be honest they had 8 months so yeah some time has to allowed for more Nokia customisations. So the 900 is probably in the works, although there a lot of people saying its fake so we are not completely sure on that one, one thing is sure the 800 doesn’t feel like a flagship, we still think that one is coming……maybe CES I would imaging by Mobile World Congress definitely.

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