Video: Nokia Lumia 800 unboxing (Oprah moment – 800 hidden in seats)

| October 26, 2011 | 32 Replies

Day 1 announcement and already an unboxing. Fantastic job Nokia. And not just one unboxing. There’s like 10 or more.

They rounded us up together for a Q&A session, but hidden underneath each and every seat, Operah Moment, Nokia 800 boxes! Yeeargh!



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  1. John says:

    I think I have made my mind up. I will definitely be buying a Lumia 800 in blue :-D such a unique phone.

  2. xyz says:

    Hmm, btw will it be available without contract? Didn’t find anything here in germany on amazon or pages like that..

  3. David says:

    Darn, all these free Nokia phones going around at so many contests lately, and I still have not gotten one! Oh well, congrats to everyone that got one! Enjoy! And thanks for the unboxing video!

  4. matukja says:

    I will get a White 64GB Nokia N9. OW efin NAGE.

  5. mushfiq says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yaar,,,,,,,,,,,, i wish i was there …..
    nokia u r the best……………………….

  6. HaugMedia says:

    I’m trying to be calm and professional after the announcements, but I struggle. I really do.

    Asha is the only positive thing about Nokia World.

    F**k you Nokia for ripping away nice features like FmTX, NFC, FFC, USB-Otg, HDMI and MicroSD leaving us with limited storage…

    • Reonhato says:

      most of that is because of WP7′s specs and software limitations in its current form.

      • Bertie says:

        Still, it’s ridiculous that you cant’t even transfer a file from your PC to the phone without using internet. Between two Windows devices!

        About the front camera, cannot be possible that it’s hidden someware behind the glass to be activated in some sotware update?

  7. Zaxxx says:

    where is Nokia 900?

  8. OSagnostic says:

    Can you find out about Nokia drive. The keynote suggested that if you go outside the defined area then a new map is downloaded. Is it like symbian, I can download the full UK, or is it like google maps where some areas around route are cached for offline viewing ?

  9. chris wright says:

    Jay, Congrats on getting your hands on what looks like a great phone.
    You deserve it for your tireless blogging, keeping those who are interested in Nokia in the Know for so long.

    • chris wright says:

      just read some of the comments, you don’t get to keep them. Shame.
      Well you deserve something for your hard work, treat yourself to one.

  10. xNokian says:

    Free bumper is included in package. No need to supply them when you hold the phone worng…

  11. Yoel says:

    Looks like smile is back to nokia fan’s faces, finaly…

  12. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    Nokia Lumia 800 shows up on Nokia India site. Wow thankx a gr8 diwali gift from NOKIA to million of NOKIA fans in India. for sure I am gonna grab one but hey every one wants one ….so buddy wat happens to ur appy creepy :)

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