PR1.1 system update for Nokia N9 by the end of the year?

| October 26, 2011 | 17 Replies

@Amanda_Lam (N9 dev, also shared news of no N9 for HK as well as various Nokia events there) messaged us to say PR1.1 for Nokia N9 is coming by the end of the year.


According to Nokia Singapore, the N9 will also get the PR1.1 system update by the end of this year. So let us preview what the PR1.1 has to offer to all N9 users in the very short future!


Is this  that 3,500 improvements update? Whilst N9 reviews have been extremely positive, they’ve also looked on the hope of an update to iron out the niggles they’ve experienced.

Oh BTW, played with N9 for literally seconds, the hardware is indeed mouthwatering, and it’s just beautiful to the touch to – then you top it off with that compelling swipe. I didn’t want to play with N9 too much in case I went gaga for it like I had with Maemo 5.

Anywhoo, most people off to breakfast now I think. Or maybe shortly it’s still a bit early. Am feeling slightly zombiefied as I’ve not really got any sleep but who cares! It’s Nokia World. Adrenaline from excitement as the keynote begins will perk me up through the day. Fingers crossed it works out OK here 😀


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  • FM

    hey bro. keep us updated. cant wait for nokia to show its first windows phone. tnx!!

  • Nabkawe

    Hey man , i think over hyping in Nokia is a serious and must get rid of PROBLEM , Ever since the N97 Nokia has been overselling their products and still are , that’s why they get all that crap from customers, If there’s any truth to this news (The delaying part) then Nokia is fucking with its own product (Cuz the lead programmer said its fucking ready and it depends on providers to release them! , I think Nokia saw N9 selling well with all the shit it made it jump through and is now trying to crash its consumer base in favor of Windows Phone Devices , Which is stupid because it actually drives N9 fans to hate them and if WP7.5 failed they’ll lose their day to day customers and they might very well FAIL since they still are playing catch up (Always more than 6 months behind on cutting edge) even with those beefy specs which i suspect are fake and meant to fuck the spirit of the fans when it turns out to at best modest (feeling some hidden publicity war to overhype so they get underhyped.)

    • Nabkawe

      When i bought my n8 a year ago a 50+ feature was promised to be introduced and to be honest even with belle i couldn’t count as much , and i’m using a leaked version although the promised time frame was first to second quarter.

      And for someone to say 3500+ improvement and bug fix before releasing the first batch Nokia is repeating an old fucking pattern that we fucking HATE.

      Here’s the jinxed video in which the new was extracted from
      It also shows a live change lock between N9 and PR1.1…

      • Cloud

        MS announced about +500 updates for the Mango update…so many tweaks and updates aren´t visible to the user.

        It´s just a kind of PR to communicate these numbers…

    • N00-00

      Nokia overhyping?? I always thought Nokia understates its products compared to competitors..

      • VT

        you are right. its apple that hype’s for everything thats already there. a real nokia fan will realise that nokia has never even made full publicity of what its capable of and whats its true values are !

  • gjggj

    i am afraid that i will say n9 is better than all nokia windows phones announced today

  • bashpio

    Hey Jay, thanks for your continuous updates (despite sleepless hours). They are already embedded with your adrenaline

    • Eddie

      Jay where can i see the live stream ?

  • Eddie

    Where can i see the live stream ?

  • Anjanu Sonkar

    friend can I live stream Nokia World 2011 ???
    pls tell 🙁

  • jpod

    Here is a small list of new things I caught coming in PR1.1 as previewed in video:
    – App Launcher View in Landscape (7 by 3 grid)
    – Swipe between three main screens in Landscape
    – Swype Input method
    – Chinese input & Chinese UI
    – Chinese handwriting recognition
    – Download Offline Maps from the device directly
    – Tweeting picture is posible (bugfix)
    – Single song loop in Music Player and setting song as ringtone is available
    – Song name and music control on lock screen
    – Swipe album art to switch to the next / prevoius song

    • D_G

      “Download Offline Maps from the device directly”

      isnt that possible already? thats what i have been doing on my N9.

  • Keep it up Jay, you can do it 😀

  • s@j

    Thanks Jay for all updates. Gd work.

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