Videos: Nokia Asha 200, 201, 300, 303

| October 26, 2011 | 24 Replies

Four S40 device named Asha were announced to help reach ‘the next billion’. They are doing their best to keep all the essential functions and keep a low price. Nokia Asha  have social,apps,internet browsing and music capabilities.

The Nokia Asha 200 features a colourful QWERTY with dual sim ,2Mpix and microsd for more memory. Pirce:60€

The Nokia Asha 201 is the same as the 200 except it doesn’t have dual sim. Price:60€


The Nokia Asha 300 features a keypad with a 2.4” touch display, 5Mpix camera and 1Ghz processor. Price:85€

The Nokia Asha 303 is the same as 300 except that it’s qwerty,3.2Mpix camera has a bit larger display of 2.6”. Price:115€




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  • N00-00

    303 is my pick of the phones..

    • Cloud_Connected

      +1 on that. Good looking, featurerich, presumably good hw specs in terms of reception/power consumption/…

      AND that´s the most important part: good pricing range.

      • Cloud_Connected

        Wow…I just checked the 303 site:
        The grey one is jaust a damn good lookin´phone!
        32gb of memory via sd card (Lumia I´m looking at you!), qwerty and other “good” specs. Best buy for bucks I´d say!


        • N00-00

          Yup.. I like the specs too… And it has WhatsApp installed.. So it can be a good companion to the N9.. Moreover the graphite 303 will go well with the black N9 I’ll be getting…

  • XFCE-Desktop

    The 303 is totally irresistible just to have as an extra phone. They all look so damn juicy!

    • N00-00

      Especially to people who want N9 and WhatsApp.. 303 will be the perfect companion phone..

  • Viipottaja

    Agree, all these S40 phones really look quite good and show that Nokia is putting up a very good fight in the lower segments as well!

    Btw, it is quite impressive they sold 18m dual-sims last quarter..

    Btw2, the woman who presented these was so much better than Jo Harlow.. Overall, I found the whole show a MASSIVE improvement over previous years, despite a bit of “trying too hard to be funky, fun/funny and cool”. 😀

    • migo

      I always liked S40 better than S60, and now that Symbian is getting EOL it seems that S40 can finally start getting the features that used to be reserved for S60 due to market segmentation. This lets them get back to what they were really good at without anything hampering them. No need to keep any features exclusive to Windows Phone now – it does what it does, and S40 will do what it does, and wherever overlap is appropriate it will happen.

  • reptile

    These phones were designed for developing countries… but they sorta out-spec my E63 :'(

    • Cloud_Connected

      You can be sure that these phones are available worldwide. The 303 for example is the successor of the X3-02 that I´ve bought for my girlfriend…

  • flava

    What a sexy-cool looking phone! Nokia 303 is just the beginning, i see bright future for the next billion 😀 Can’t hardly wait!

  • xerxes2

    Why are they still bothering with S40? Just put Symbian Belle on them already and be done with it. I’ve said it before, ditch S40 and push Symbian down to cheap phones. With QML Nokia have the best graphical toolkit for tablets so it just doesn’t make sense to keep releasing phones with crappy S40 on them.

    • Croco

      i am beeing a little ironic here but why put Symbian on these devices?You don’t want them to kill the minor chances of success of the new WP gang won’t you?
      Now being a little more serious, maybe they are preparing an upgrade for the entry level devices. I am thinking of a tango version or maybe to a meego one. Who knows. We are living interesting times looking from here to the payers in the arena.

      • Cloud_Connected

        Meltemi anyone? that would suit the picture…

    • migo

      Why are they bothering with S40? Because S40 was always better than S60. It actually worked, without hassle. My S40 based 3120b had built in IM support that my newer S60v3 E62 lacked, and even the N95 8GB never got. S40 has always been stable, while Symbian has always been a mess with memory errors and upgrade problems.

      S40 was Nokia’s good platform, of course they should continue using it, and ditch their shitty one.

  • KF

    Only if the 303 was thinner, I would have get the silver one to replace my X3-02 🙂

    • migo

      I wish it didn’t have that look of being a permanently open QWERTY slider. It’s deceptive.

  • ahsan

    What the heck! s40 has angry birds? O_O

  • Diogo

    Asha 300 was the best phone released today!

    • migo

      It’s definitely nice for the people who are used to regular keypad input, and can blind text and the like.

  • meong, it also has 128 MB ram, will this phone upgrated to meltemi.

    • migo

      S40 phones are more along the lines of consumer electronics devices, they work out of the gate, so no need for updates, and no capacity for them. If you make a phone upgradeable, it’s like the problem with patches in video games, devs will let something out if it’s unfinished.

  • h3csc


  • Tom

    I wanted to buy an Asha 200 for someone who could use the dual-SIM feature. Unfortunately, nobody knows when it will be available in Europe. Pretty damn stupid of Nokia to delay the release in Europe until after Christmas, if you ask me. They’ve lost one sale already because of this decision.