Try out a Nokia Lumia today (sort of), without even leaving your house

| October 27, 2011 | 38 Replies

Nokia isn’t holding back in promoting the heck out of their new Lumia line of phones. Subliminal style messages in the days leading up to Nokia World, some pretty great ad’s and a whole host of committed retailers to help boost the sales of the line.

While looking through the tips we received the last few days I came across an app that lets you run a very scaled down version of a Nokia Lumia on your Symbian powered device. It isn’t a very elaborate thing, there are just a few things you can do with it. The most striking thing is that it is probably the smoothest thing on my entire N8. (a little tongue in cheek there)


Functionality is poor as said, but it gives you a good feel as to how Windows Phone works albeit in a very minimal way. There is apparantly something hiding in the app which I haven’t ‘unlocked’ yet. With everything you open there is a drop down message that says 2/8, 3/8 etc. What happens when you get 8/8 I can’t tell, I missed one thing and thus haven’t got further than 7/8 so far.

It isn’t the most functional app out there, but for those who never seen WP and have become curious as to see what it is, just look it up in the OVI, no, Nokia Store and look for Nokia Lumia 800 or just follow this link to go there directly.


Thanks to whoever tipped this, I’m sorry but I can’t find your comment in the tips section anymore. If you tipped this, just shout out in the comments below and I’ll edit the post accordingly.


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  • Mike

    windows phone suck .. nokia rocks

    • Nintendo-Xbox

      Lets give it a try before we knock it. Symbian has more features currently, that is true but this is the future.

      • Julius

        Anyone else noticed that when you say Nokia Lumia it’s like you’re starting to say “aluminium”? And has anyone figured out the system for their numbers? Why 710, not 700 for example? And am I the only one thinking that they’ve made the names too complicated? Why a name AND a number? Now every phone from every manufacturer uses names straight out of a Toys R Us-catalogue: RADAR! GALAXY! DROID! LUMIA! Nokia, why didn’t you come up with names that would distinguish your products from the rest, like using Finnish names? Lumia could have been called Lankku. Only Lankku. When you release a new version next year, you call it Lankku 2. See? Logical.

        • Julius

          Lumia 800 should have been named Lankku, that is. Lumia 710 could have been named Ovi, just to mess things up a bit 🙂

        • GS65

          Now imagine if Lumia might mean snow in finnish ;). Then think if they release 10 phones next year, is it practical to name them 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. I think Finnish word + a number is quite ok. 100-300 for low end, 700-900 for high end and 400-600 for mid-tier.

          • GS65

            OK, saw your comment. Now ignore half of my comment 🙂

        • Tiago Silva

          [Not sure if trolling]

          You do realize that “Lankku” is the name of the *N9*, right?

    • Raja

      Nokia rocks wp7 rocks , symbian dated boring laggy and a world full of clutter

      • long

        go use belle man??? dont complain after using ur 10 year old device with symbian. or please search symbian belle in youtube
        your wp7 tiles cannot take away our boredom u moron lazy bi

  • themightym

    Does it have USB OTG?

    • Cloud

      I don´t think that it has – would have been a great opportunity to differentiate from other OEMS like HTC or Samsung but due to the fact that Winphone doesn´t offer a folder system or usb mass storage mode I assume that this kille USB OTG…

      • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

        let’s hope we’ll see the feature in Apollo

        • Cloud

          Since WP is the new nokia strategy I hope Apollo leaves nokia enough room to produce phones with more features (be it the hw or software side). They already stated that they would do so…but the competition is not sleeping.

          I like the Lumia but featurewise it would be a downgrade actually so I´ll go for the n9.

          Nokia should have Apollo mobiles by Q3 2012 and thus far the N9 will be sufficient.

  • jr

    There is a Spotify app for n9.. to every who is interested..

  • eze

    white N9, where art thou

  • eze
    • Camchams

      It’s pretty cool, uses all your facebook contacts in the demo as well 😀

  • YakirMoshe

    Just tried it..
    nice 🙂

  • Campos
  • Pawlee

    Eurgh, it might be a case of being a little bit too used to Symbian (so maybe subconsciously not accepting change) but I really don’t like… shame, cos I really like Nokia build quality, signal quality and hardware (especially camera) – going to be a difficult choice when it comes round to a phone upgrade

    But stuff all that anyways, where’s my (official) N8 belle? and I won’t have to worry about that for a while anyways!

  • Just Visiting

    Let me just say, I was already on board with WP, but was just waiting for Nokia. And I am very glad that Nokia is bringing devices to the platform. But even if I wasn’t interested in WP, this interactive app would definitely win me over!

    It is so cool to be able to see WP on my N8 🙂 I LOVE it!

    I am really excited about Nokia WP devices for the U.S. in 2012. Bring it, Nokia!

  • d ^^ b

    Not a bad idea.
    I think there was something like this also for testing N9, or the swype and home screens of it.

  • gjggj

    cant wait to have quasermx on n9

    btw, musikloud for n9 includes client

  • faby

    I have to say Jay. I really wrote Nokia Lumia off and particularly windows phoen. Although the OS some core Nokia features ‘WE’ nokia fans are used to,you have to admic this platform rocks. I’m one of those who despises Elop up until now just because of the Burning platform model, However Nokia really learnt from the N9 as Elop homself admitted and made the best of it for the N9. I mean no matter what one says, This Phone is lag free and actually the tiles are pretty nice and snappy. You really have to give it ago.
    Myself I will not do it because i have big fingers and I need at 4inch screen ones. I’ll get the N9 for now and buy the next 4Inch Nokia windiws mango or appolo phone

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  • Mike

    Seriously, what a p.o.s. app, it not even interactive…wow

  • Stound

    already reached 8/8 nothing happens really

    • Oh Hei

      @Stound…We’ll it is an interactive *demo* after all!

      If you want a more indept experience, you can visit your local telecom. The demo is only to give you a nibble of what the actual experience with WP is like.

    • Ryan

      hey. How did you get 8/8? I’ve only reached 7/8…. Show me how please…….

  • i hope nokia can release new phone window with front camera…:)

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  • many

    man never thought wp’s tiles are this much ugly

  • Dave

    Aside from running a Windows 8 install for a short period, this is my first time having tried elements of the WP7 Metro interface.

    Beautiful transitions, clever design, but it does appear to be a triumph of design over ease of use, trying to be different just for the sake of being different, not because it gives any real world improvements in usability.

    And the social networking ties – absolutely truly loathe that. I do use Facebook, but I’m selective, and don’t want the mind-numbingly stupid updates from people plaguing my phone.

    While I can see why some people would like WP7, I’m not even slightly surprised by its current lack of market penetration.

    • Oh Hei

      @Dave…Poor Dave 🙁

      On an actual WP device, you can selective from whom you receive updates.

      *You obviously don’t read reviews as Metro/WP is not different for the ‘sake’ of being different and its ease of use is the most touted aspect of Metro!

      *Its lack of market penetration is due to a combination of variables, one of which is availability in more than 25 markets.

      But Dave, carry on with your Symbian device. Many of us will happily make the move to WP 🙂

      • Dave

        Sure, just like you can on the Symbian contacts/facebook feed. But that isn’t really a genuine selling point.

        Having used the interface, I’m failing to see whats so excellent about it. Sure, its interesting, but its also got way too much scrolling, and doesn’t put anywhere near as much information directly under your finger as possible.

        Its market penetration is down to a lack of marketing, truly decent products, and that its, well Microsoft. Who aside from the XBox aren’t famed for either releasing interesting/innovative products, nor for getting out bug-free reliable products.

        Although XP is pretty solid, but it took them years to get to that point.

        I hope for the sake of Nokia employees that they do manage to have some success, but on the other hand I also hope it bombs in a gigantic way, and that they sell considerably more N9 (and continue to sell more Symbian devices than WP7 devices), which would demonstrate quite convincingly that Elops “decision” was hopelessly ill-founded.

        I’ve also got a nagging feeling that there won’t be a “proper” successor on Symbian for the N8 – MS will want the next imaging flagship to be a WP7 device, not running Symbian.

        Interesting days ahead for Nokia, thats for sure.

  • dfssdg

    Thanks Harangue. I installed this app and now I know for sure that WP sucks. This user interface is ULTRA irritating.

  • Zaxxx

    android=iphoneish, belle=androidish, wp7=???? no offense. i try all of em,and love em all. 🙂

    • Dave

      You got the first two the wrong way round – as of iOS 5, its very Android-ish.

      Belle also shamelessly apes the homescreen flexibility and notifications scheme of Android, I just hope they manage to get it out sooner rather than later.