Video: Nokia N9 sense passport chip?

| October 28, 2011 | 43 Replies

This is very interesting, apparently the Nokia N9 can sense the chip in this Latvia passport. I don’t know if it recognize other passports but this can bring many possibilities for the near future.


via: kakaolv’s youtube channel


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  • Michael FT

    Doesn’t work with my Australian passport that has a chip inside it

    • Nrde

      I think the support for reading NFC tags is coming with FW 1.1

    • ravo

      it works on my swedish passport.. I got pr1.0

  • migo

    Cool! NFC really is the future. No more wallets, cool shit like this, tap to pair making bluetooth actually convenient.

    Can’t believe 9/10 complaints about the Lumia are complaining about the lack of FFC while only 1/10 is about the lack of NFC.

    If the N9 gets mastercard PayPass support, I’d be extatic.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      There are attempts so I’ve heard. Only restriction is apparently the PayPass and Tap to Pay style Credit Cards, have extra level of security that may not be able to mimic.

      Again, this is what I heard a while back. I hope it really does. Would be the best feature ever

      • migo

        Some BlackBerries recently got certification, so it’s certainly possible… assuming the N9 NFC has the same capabilities as the one in BlackBerry.

        I’d actually like to see Square support NFC as well, so you could just tap two phones together to pay.

        • M

          I believe theres unsecured NFC and secured NFC. I think the N9 only has the unsecured version of it though.

          • migo

            Bummer, that actually gives the Lumia 710 a significant edge, with the tags you can get for PayPass to stick inside the battery cover. I’d rather that than spoil the look of the N9 with a sticker (particularly since an NFC sticker might interfere with the NFC of the phone?)

    • Sal

      It might be a hidden feature (like the C7) that might be enabled through a future WP update. From what I read, WP doesn’t have API for NFC write now.

      • migo

        Possible with the Lumia 800 I suppose… but that would be dicey unless Microsoft had already decided which hardware they’d support. Otherwise they’d be like Apple releasing Airport and Airport Express before 802.11b and g were ratified properly.

  • Jaydee

    This tap with another NFC equipped card/passport also unlocks ur Angry Bird levels on the N9.. 😉

    • M

      Thats how I unlocked all the Angry Bird levels on mine. You have to use a different credit card for each five though.

  • Linh

    So cool, NFC will be more popular but I don’t think it can replace passport in your mobile, unless your mobile improves security level. FTW, it’s so cool.

  • Punching Bag

    There is a story online about long island railroad and nokia working together to use NFC! Looks like trial starting in december

  • Peter L

    Haha, I was able to unlock last of the Angry Birds Magic levels by touching my passport with my N9.

    Thanks for the tip! 😀

  • Lloydo

    kakaolv should download this app. to get more info about his passport’s NFC chip…

  • Fito

    You guys should check out the beta labs NFC games. They tell all about this nfc capable cards. According to them all proximity cards are nfc! 😉

  • Plz make a find my passport app Nokia! That’d be a life saving app!


    Hi all,
    not detect the passport. The phone detects the apple keyboard.

    A greeting.

    • migo

      Possibly because the Apple keyboard has BlueTooth but the passport doesn’t? Plus, not all passports have NFC, I know neither my Canadian nor my Swiss passport has NFC in it.

  • Jayzteroid

    Works with finnish passport and Angry Birds levels also.

    • variaatio

      just waiting for a hacker to make a crackpassportmeego-application. Cheap laptop has the juice to crack the encryption on these chips, so it should not be impossible to do it on a N9 and the inbuild reader eliminates the need to get extra hardware. Plus phone is more discreet.By the way, I could read my finnish passport’s chip through the “protective” covers. Passport was closed. According to the passport maker and finnish police authorities these passports are “supersecure” and can only be read, when the passport is open.

      advice for anyone who manages to read their passport with the covers closed. wrap it in aluminium foil or get a rfid protection wallet for it. if you can read it, bad guys can also read it. It can be done from meters away with a good antenna.The encryption on these biopassports is really bad, it has been broken years ago and it only takes seconds to decrypt on a good laptop.

      • Cocco Bill

        Typical…Whenever authorities claim that something is impossible to crack and your information is safe, you know it’s definitely not. That’s why it’s always a bad thing when they want to gather private information about the citizens in the name of security. It will have the opposite effect, sooner or later. The state is always step or two (or more) behind the criminals. And the politicians in power are almost always clueless about this as they are about technology in general.

        • outdated os

          e-parasite bill of america /msft secure boot

  • Mader

    Whoa … was surprized to see Latvian passport in mynokiablog but will definetly try it with my N9 🙂

  • satanlovesyou

    works with Russian passport

  • mg

    Does not work with an American passport unfortunately… stuck in the dark ages 🙁

    Not that I’d want to replace my passport with my phone, the security implications are nightmarish.

  • Audrius

    Works with Lithuanian passport. Angry birds unlocked 🙂

  • Kan

    Too slow.

  • stylinred

    yay for identity theft

    • Joe

      +1 (or should I say -1 in this context?)

  • j

    works with austrian passport too!

  • vogelmann

    german passport also works fine

    • Marcel

      Yep… just unlocked another 5 Angry Birds levels 🙂

  • Imarius

    as for as i know the chip should be the shame in all current biometric EU passports.

    will test it with my Irish and Italian passport later.

  • Guerrahp

    My Astound senses my Amex Card but unsupported format.

  • Cod3rror

    I knew it! Nokia supports NWO!

    • migo

      Wow, you really are just a troll. I mean seriously, NFC is cool. Everyone has something nice to say about it, except you. You’re not here to educate people about other platforms, you’re just here to shit on every single thing Nokia does.

      Symbian fanboys hating on Windows Phone is annoying, but at least they’re still supporting part of Nokia (albeit the dead part), so it makes sense for them to be here. No reason for you to be here.

  • Jordi

    5 more levels of angry birds unlocked with the Swiss passport!