How To: Connecting a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone to a Mac (and PC)

| October 28, 2011 | 75 Replies

If you have a Windows Phone, but own a mac, how do you connect it to your PC without Zune software?

That’s easy. Use Windows Phone Connector. This free app can be downloaded to your mac straight from the app store.

When you start, it detects what Windows Phone you have connected and it will then sync your photos and videos.

Now, every time you connect your phone, it will simply and automatically grab new pictures and videos.


For PC:

Obviously, with PC you use Zune. But did ย you know you don’t even have to connect your Nokia Lumia 710 or 800 directly by wire each time you want to get some photos/videos?

WP and Zune can sync automatically whenever you put your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone on a charger after 10 minutes. This is pretty cool. Imagine at the end of the day when you want to just charge up your Nokia WP – then it would also sync your data with your PC (with Zune installed) over WiFi.



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    mass storage mode?

    • krisq

      Forget it ๐Ÿ™

      • Ole

        that treatens the control over the customer. The customer is supposed to use software controlled by MS to maximise the proffit for MS and Skydrive instead of SD cards so they need expensive data plans from the carriers. This is the idea behind WP and why I expect it will get good marketing support.

        • N9

          Yeap. Very small hard-drive, and skydrive. What’s in it for NOKIA 0

        • Johnny Tremaine

          Yeah, that’s probably the strategy behind the low storage on nearly every model. I don’t think I’ve come across a single WP device with more than 16gb on-board.

          Microsoft and the carriers want to incentivize consumers to use streaming, which means data plan subcriptions.

          • PJ

            If you don’t have a data plan already then your using your smartphone the wrong way.

            For music I use Spotify exclusively so space is never a problem. I only watch movies on my iPad on the go and the rest of the stuff I use storage for on the device is apps, photos and video shot on the phone. But every couple of weeks I back up my photos and video to Dropbox and my PC and then delete it from my phone.
            Storage is not a problem this day n age.

            And Skydrive is superior to Dropbox since it has unlimited space for photos.
            Welcome to 2011, smartphones are connected devices, that’s why Symbian is still lagging behind the rest of the pack. WP is a really good operating system that uses it’s data connections in smarter ways then it’s competitors so you don’t need as huge of a data plan as you do for an Android device. Believe me, I’ve tested it, my Omnia 7 has significantly less data use then my Galaxy S2 even though I use them both the exact same way.

            • abcs

              Similar scenario to Iphone, still need to get online to get to Zune. That means data rates, a lot of it. In areas where it charges according to the GB used, problem. In areas where the connection isnt good, problem.
              That’s why the offline method (SD card, usb on the go) is still very popular in non 1st world countries.

        • ssdh

          Totally agree..

      • JD!

        lol and its a replacement of Symbian lolol

        • jr

          Its not a replacement for Symbian

          • Heh..

            Yeah, its not a replacement. WP7 is just going to slowly take over the symbian flagship spot in nokia~

        • PJ

          Grow up dude. I have a N8, Omnia 7, iPad 2 and a Galaxy SII. Symbian is the worst experience of all of the above. Symbian is capable but it’s a pain in the ass to use day to day. And whenever I do something, it’s done fastes on the Omnia 7 8 times out of 10. If you ever get that stick out of your ass, you might want to test out WP7. Those I know(mostly iOS and Android users) have all been impressed by WP and some have said that their next phone will be one with WP.

          • abcs

            No as long they dont have as least mass storage support, with SD Card. Unless Microsoft/Nokia subsize my internet bill very month, lol.

    • jr

      theres a hack for it..

      • SLAYER

        OMG I thought it did have mass storage support. well at least there is a hack.

    • IZWIZZ

      Hello there, I just got a Nokia lumia 800 yesterday and have been trying to connect to my Mac computer so that I can sync my music to my new phone, I followed the instructions by downloading windows 7 connector but when I connect my phone to the computer nothing happens im a bit worried how do I sync my music to my phone? is there a separate usb port i need in order to sync my music? Im new to windows phones so im still getting used to how everything works. This is very strange..the windows connector seems to pick it up for a second then keeps on telling me to reconnect?


      • IZWIZZ

        I’d appreciate it if one you lovely people would tell me why im being told to reconnect?

  • Jesse

    I love the wireless syncing! Everynight while it is charging all my channels’s, dynamic playlists and subscribed podcasts just update and are there for me when I wake up. Don’t even have to think about it!

    • Linuxfag

      I use Linux. What do you suggest I do? I’m used to Symbian and Maemo where I can just copy over files.

      Should people like me just die now?

      • btdt

        I suggest u wake up and smell the coffee.

        I love open source but it never has been and never will be commercially successful.

        It sucks, doesn’t it?

        Ever heard about other idealistic things succeeding? I haven’t.

        • Linuxfag

          What a bloomin idiot you are!

          Red Hat Linux, huge success story built on open source.

          I’m glad I’m one of the people who still gives a shit about Freedom.

          You on the oher hand can enjoy the boot stomping on your face and learn to like it.

          • btdt

            Consumer success? Hahaha! Give me a break. Red Hat is nothing but a niche company.

            How many commercial fails does it take to convince FOSS-fundamentalists? Isn’t around 6 or 7 enough in mobile software? How many does it take for you to wake up?

            • erpe

              Ask some stock exchanges if Red Hat is a niche company. Red Hat isn’t focusing on consumers.

              But I want to say I’m not FOSS-fundamentalist. I just like open source products and the idea behind them. I might buy Nokia WP phone someday if it’s possible to sync with my Ubuntu (or elementary OS) machine.

          • dave

            yes this is pretty poor, i wanted one of these phones and my pc`s run linux, now do microsoft and nokia think im going to leave the pc o/s of my choice just to run one of these phones lol i think not, now they have lost a customer. i could accept linux support being in a more basic form (as usual) but this is just shabby from two companies that are supposed to be world leaders. surely m.s its better that i have a windows phone and linux pc than no windows devices

        • erpe

          Well, I use linux too and will never change back to Windows (or Mac) just to be able to move stuff from my computer to my phone. I’d rather choose another phone.

          And I’m quite sure that Android is still commercially succesful. And IMO open source doesn’t suck at all.

          But I have to say that I like iOS a lot (except multitasking) and would even buy Nokia Windows Phone if it could be used in mass storage mode. Until it happens I will keep using Pre 2 (or upgrade to N9).

    • Linuxfag

      My daughter and her friends send each other songs and pictures over Bluetooth on their Symbian phones. How the hell are they gonna do that with skydrive and whatever other crap? The loss of Symbian’s functionality = The loss of Freedom!

      • btdt

        Oh THE FREEDOM! People just LOVE it! I bet freedom would be “the thing” without iphone and steve jobs.

        • Linuxfag

          Richard Stallman said it bet: Steve Jobs, โ€œthe pioneer of the computer as a jail made cool, designed to sever fools from their freedom.โ€

          • btdt

            Fundamentalism is a scary thing. Thankfully most people are rational and can think by themselves.

        • Heh..

          Looks like according to you, the world wold’ve been better off being run by hitler or japan~

  • Arbegla

    Jesus, they really need to work on Mass Storage. I’d take all the limitations in functionality but at least give us that.

    • jr

      what are some of the benefits of mass storage if I may ask?

      • Niklas

        USB Mass Storage is a standard and will work with any and all operating systems/devices, that’s the advantage of it. I would never ever purchase a device that required specialized software to access…

        • jr

          I asked for advantages and you couldn’t tell me.. but I will tell you why the special software is good..

          1. buckup
          2. better update support
          3. OTA syncing

          and since this has support for both mac and pc we are talking about over 98% of PC here..
          and btw you can install apps onto your phone with any computer without having the software
          so go ahead and stay in the past ..

          • Arbegla

            OTA updates work better than sync software. Look at Symbian. Mass Storage is supported by OSes natively so you don’t have to worry about the availability of sync software, an internet connection or the stability of the sync software. This in return protects data on the device from being corrupted and mismanaged.

            In short, it reduces dependence on other aspects of media transfer. There is no learning curve or time spent shuffling/creating directories for media folders or learning a particular piece of software. Mobility is well, being mobile without having to carry a PC suite around for data transfer.

            It’s as simple as drag and drop. The rest is up to the user to manage.

            • Arbegla

              On device back up works better as well. See: removable storage, it’s only been in phones for about a decade now.

              • napier

                welcome to the future ๐Ÿ™‚

            • jr

              OTA is better … How ? I know it’s convenient but definitely not better.. What if there is a problem with the update ? How do you rollback.. ? Even if the update foes smoothly how do you go back to the previous state.. Don’t tell me by resetting..

          • abcs

            For one, less dependency on internet connection, i.e. less data rates. What if no connection or only EDGE connection(that happens)? With mass storage, at least dont have to worry about that. I use the USB cable to copy over stuff almost everday.

            With SD card, just slip it into another phone, transfer over data, done, settled, dont need internet connection(once again, data rates). Plus the other person dont need to have phone with internet connectivity for me to do it.
            Or plug in the usb on the go cable to their pen drive, laptop,etc.

            There’s no unlimited 3G data rates in my country,if there is, only in the city capital.
            Basically all this is useful for those often on the go. Not everyone work in office setting.

      • SLAYER

        here is one benefit, dragging and dropping files to your phone, with no middleware, the way god intended.

        imagine buying a usb flash stick and having to use WMP to move some songs to it, instead of a simple copy/paste

        • jr

          When I fished over to wp7 after using a winmobile which had mass memory I thought it was going to be a bad experience but after using it for more than half a year I know its pretty good this way.. Not ideal but it has benefits over mass storage .

        • Harangue

          Mass storage mode, USB OTG are both pretty nifty things. However, both are pretty much suited for a small portion of potential customers.

          Yes, it’s my opinion that it is, but read on. I’ve had an N8 now for something like 8 months. Both USB storage and OTG have seen very little use on it. The problem with USB storage is you still need a cable which I never carry around for those moments I want to use it, but I guess if you were to use it in an office a cable would be easier to stash than on the go.

          Second, USB OTG. Used it probably 3 times now. It is quite nice, being able to add a mouse etc or read a USB stick. However, when do I need to use a mouse on my phone when it is touch driven? And reading a USB stick is also pretty lackluster, on a few occasions the stick wasn’t even recognized and when it was recognized I tried to read some office documents but that was a hit and miss thing. The office pack on the N8 is just too poor to really use it.

          True, transfering photos via a USB stick is nice and all, but it isn’t an everyday scenario. The coolest feature my N8 has is probably HDMI out which I did use a few times and it was enjoyable.

          However, in the end the extra USB functionality is nice to have. Would I really miss it? Probably not, and eventhough it is my opinion I don’t think a whole load of people wouldn’t really miss it either.

          BTW; I tried to copy my music to my N8 via drag and drop, most horrific experience ever. Likely with OVI suite, ended up using WMP to sync it and it worked flawlessly. Album art and everything went on there nicely.

          • napier

            I just synced a few gigs of music to my N8 two weeks ago without any problem whatsoever. What issues did you encounter?

            • napier

              by drag and drop, just to be clear

      • ssdh

        You don’t need to rely on the carrier data plan to access cloud storage…

  • Sun Down

    I already have Zune installed, so this shouldn’t be a problem. That media player is just too awesome for me to not use.

  • Bhairav Pardiwala


  • rich

    Jay, you said someone had an app for mass storage mode, do you know what it’s called?

    • Mario

      I think there was a group of hackers working on some kind of jailbreak for WP7 devices to allow Mass Storage Mode.

      I, for one, refuse to buy a phone that doesn’t let me use it directly in Mass Storage Mode to manage my OWN files.

      • N9

        ok this i did not knew hahahaha no massstorage mode?

        I know I’m pretty badly used to….I use ssh to go to my phone from any ware, have it integrated in my file manager as simple as drag and drop, actually it is drag n drop.

        But no mass storage hahhahaha.

        • jr

          what exactly are you dragging and dropping? apps or music?

    • jr

      Its already available but there no use really.. you cant access files .. it will only act as a usb stick

  • nathan

    so you can move files using windows and mac but not linux… if there’s no SD card and only software syncing
    is there no way to use linux at all?? please tell me it has BT file trasfer???
    with symbian i can use mass storge, swop SD card, BT mounting of the hole file system and i can use the phone as a 3G dongle if i like.

    Having a slick nokia windows phone would be very fun and very nice but unless i only want to use windows on by laptop i’m pritty scrued.

    I do think the interface is the way forward… and i don’t wont to go back to using google maps or others crapy hardware
    and android is so so inaficent i mean they have to put 1.4 duel core’s in them or more and then they still can’t do proxy networks or use adhoch wireless and even with all that power they can’t take a picture when on a call… not realy multi tasking!
    but in a just under a years time when i’m looking for a new phone after my n8 i really don’t know what to do. but then again i have time it mite all be better by then!

    • Jesse

      Actually you don’t need any OS to sync files. You can use Skydrive, DropBox, BoxNet etc.. Any computer with internet will work, linux, windows, mac, meego.. you name it.

      • Arbegla

        No, just… no. Cloud services aren’t going to replace present data syncing methods anytime soon. To think otherwise is just pure delusion.

        • Jesse

          Yes, just yes.. Been doing it for years. I don’t own any sort of usb drives, writeable cd’s, dvd’s.. Nothing. It feels archaic to even think of using portable storage anymore. I am talking about PC’s too. There is no need anymore.. cloud services are now, not the future.

          • Arbegla

            That’s the thing, just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it’ll work for everybody. ๐Ÿ™‚ 6 out of 10 WP phones are returned because of the lack of drag and drop functionality that Android/Symbian offers. This is coming from a guy that sells phones for a living. People just don’t wanna bother with software suites to transfer data. Installing apps and accessing platform specific functionality is another story.

    • jr

      Any one who seriously uses a Linux wouldn’t even think about using a wp7 device.. Anyways they are less than 1.5% of the enter of user base which is totally negligible.

      • Raja

        I have been using wp7 for last 2 months and I thought no BT transfer wtf but in my use I really never really felt I needed BT . Syncing in super super easy and millions of iOS users also sync their phone with their macs and pcs so syncing your phone is infact better and it hardly takes time.

        Wp7 made my life super easy no need to open a app for Facebook twitter everything is superbly integrated . Just click a pic on the go upload it Facebook in matter of seconds watch your recent feeds comment on your friends status like there pics tag them everything done in instant .
        Email is just amazing .
        People just don’t know how easy ,beautiful and elegant wp7 is . I never thought I would every buy a wp7 phone in my life but when just for curiosity I saw wp7 demo on YouTube and I thought let’s give a chance and went and bought htc trophy just to check what this is all about and beer since I got hooked . My 2 hardcore apple worshiped friends saw the phone and the features and went and bought it. Since nokia is going to push wp7 very very strongly in India aim sure it’s going to be very famous . Infact all corporate staff working for nokia in India will be at retail stores to sell the phones.
        And this is exactly what wp7 needed , Ian sure when people will see actually how everything is seamlessly integrated they will love wp7.
        And nokia will flood the market with all kind of devices in every possible price range .
        Nokia does that with symbian also in India but the problems nobody wants there high end symbian offerings they are just not cool .hardware is top class but software
        Boring ad laggy.
        Though I love love apple and use imac, MacBook air and iPad 2 I want nokia to crush apple in smartphones and eventually in tablet market also .
        I have a belief if anybody can crush apple on hardware it’s nokia and only nokia and in software it’s wp7 for sure no android can ever come close . There are only 2 OS right now which are user friendly , sleek, smooth and fast east iOS and wp7 ( feel sorry for webox

        • Raja

          Webos and meego I feel very sorry as they are dead. But bb, symbian, android are just not worth

      • nathan

        most people i know who use linux use windows as well and don’t hate windows, mac users tend to hate windows and there rich and have iphones, its us tech users that love symbian and Nokia that have a problem… I’m hoping wifi file transfer (like drop) becomes the new standard. Dropbox is so uncool sending a compressed url v email… I mean come on that’s the type of ios work round we all use to laugh at.. So wireless syncing and drop type apps coupled to cloud stuff. That could work and as long as its not all ran by big companies… Lets see how it goes though at the mo i’d stay on the fence

  • SenStyle

    Mac FTW. WP7.5 for the nothing… also Symbian ftw

    • Harangue

      Symbian FTW? There are cases where it wins hands down, but on the whole it sucks pretty much. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that WP is FTW by that.

      But my N8 locked up 3 times over the last few days, responsiveness is nowhere near where it should be and general speed/ease of use is just bad.

      Before you say; ‘you need to reinstall the OS’ Way ahead of you there, I tried, but it failed for some reason. OVI suite seems to lose connection everytime it tries to do so.

      • napier

        With all devices there are variations in experience. I haven’t had any lock ups with my N8, and it’s speed and responsiveness is excellent.
        Perhaps you got a bad one. Luck of the draw.
        Only issue I’ve encountered is a “Memory full” error every so ofter on Opera Mobile.

        • Raja

          But with wp7 there are no restarts, no hang ups no random booting not even once . And after mango update the entire OS is blazing fast . I would love BT transfer to come in wp7 but it has never made me unproductive by any means till now.

          • napier

            That’s your experience, just like my experience is that I have had no reboots or restarts on my N8.
            Just Google wp7 + restarts and you will see that your experience doesn’t hold true for everyone.

  • Marcus

    Will Nokia Suite support WP devices, or it’s going to die with Symbian?

  • Sfu

    NO USB MASS Storage is a HUGE dealbreaker for me. Now AND in the future.

    I’m a movie/serieus fanatic. I’m always on the train and bus to go to school so i need something to do. With the n9’s 64GB I can put a whole season that i downloaded on the n9 via usb.

    Because of meego its as simple as drag and drop! No zune software converting bullshit whatever. Nope, download 1 season mkv quality and bam! Start watching. Try streaming ONE episode thats between 20-40 minutes and then look at your data usage.

    I need bluetooth for music streaming at home. With the nokia md-310 i just tap my n9 to it and it plays music from my logitech speakers and i can do my homework while listen to music and use my n9 to select and browse tracks.

    But thats just what works for me.

    Skydrive has existed for how long now? 3-4 years?

    I don’t trust the cloud. I dont know what goes on in the cloud and more importantly, what if the cloud crashes/gets wiped/hacked or whatever.

    USB Mass storage for me, is a must.

    Dataplans are gonna cost more for less data, and things like streaming music with spotify with 200mb data a month for โ‚ฌ 40 whilst browsing the web, downloading apps, googling, skyping and whatever is NOT gonna suite you.

    Providers are taking advantage of the internet behaviour of consumers and are gonna squeeze our wallets for not using sms anymore and calling less.

    Don’t be fooled, those wireless solutions are gonna cost you.

    And lastely, even with iphone you can acces mass storage, like really microsoft?!

  • Sfu

    Ow and everything wireless/cloud/streaming drains battery ALOT.

    So not a everyday solution, even more so when most smartphones can’t last a day.

    Wake up.

  • rad

    Zune software is not installing in my system. Its been one month..I cant connect my lumia 710 with pc

  • stella mcgowan

    when I tried to download Windows Phone Connector it told me I need a Mac with Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. but my my mac is 10.5.8.

    do you have any other tips or will my phone remain incompatible with my computer forever ๐Ÿ™

  • New to Lumia

    OMG This was so helpful I couldn’t find this info anywhere else thank you so much! I have an iMac and a Lumia 810 it worked perfectly thank you so much!!

  • i m unable 2 connect my lumia 520 to my lappi i have updated nokia ovi suite , it detecting phone but asking to change some setting in phone but there is no opposition like to choose as mass storage or pc suite , how can i connect my phone to lappi , plz guide me soon

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  • I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?