Poll: Nokia Lumia 800 – Pink, Blue or Black? (+Gallery)

| October 31, 2011 | 32 Replies

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Now let’s check out the currently available Nokia 800 colours side by side.

Like the N9, the Lumia 800 comes in Pink (Magenta), Blue (Cyan) and stealthy black.

They’re all pretty stunning, no?




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  1. Jill says:

    Missing Symbian :(
    Its all Nokia Windows now ..

  2. Blackidea says:

    White N9 ftw

  3. aboodesta says:

    Black looks much more elegant than the other 2, so its my pick!

  4. Sun Down says:

    This might probably be off topic, but it’s as close as I can get. Is anybody annoyed the Gizmodo is saying the ”800 looks like the 5th generation iPod?”. I’d say it’s more like the N8 and E7 combined (minus the keyboard).

  5. Keist says:

    the color ain’t an issue. it’s the os. we don’t like windows phone.

  6. Keist says:

    the color ain’t an issue. its the os. we don’t like windows phone.

  7. yemko says:

    The way things are going on, symbian is already dieing!

  8. Ajmal says:

    Definitly I’m not gonna take a phone with tiles. So pink for 8OO and if you ask I would say Glossy White for N9. :)

  9. samb0 says:

    I hate how some photos make the pink look red. Cause I want red.

  10. n-user says:

    Lime color will look great on N9! ;)

  11. Jesse says:

    I have always been a black phone person but I think I will go with blue. That is the primary theme I use on the phone and that theme and the phone look so great together. That is if the phone ever comes to the US… grrrr

  12. n-user says:


    I mean N9 & Lumia 800 :’)

  13. miemie says:

    I voted for N9. Is that a colour?

  14. gaurav says:

    from a nokia fan

    plz change the name lumia is a poor marketing name in asia

    no one in office job will carry a pink or blue phone

    a whole bunch of people i know dont care about tiles or things like that …this just confuses them

    they all love nokia its the biggest brand out here but they want easy to use flashy phones money is of no concern to them

    so dont advertise the tiles etc rather just put emphasis on NOKIA …NEW PHONE and they will buy it
    plz introduce atleast 2 more colours grey and white

    i wish nokia all the best but the whole package is not having the right punch to knockout competition

    ( from a prousd owner of e5 n8 and 2 older nokias )

    and the lumia 800 for sure

  15. Manav says:

    White or Red or Orage – Pink is for girls, give us more manly colors please :(

    Btw Nokia Hardware + Windows Phone OS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. criss says:

    actually its black, cyan ( which is not proper blue) and magenta ( again not proper pink) as a really old user of nokia i believe that nokia lumia 800 could be the only fone that u can really compare with iphone ( high end device with higher demand) some silly people talk about samsung galaxy s2 but yuck at plastic case of samsung.. an OS is not enough for a handset it needs a good design and easy user interface.. now the only reason people like android device is they are cheap and android OS is open source therefore users get lots of apps from market.
    but all in all i am pleased with this device specially the screen is just amazing and even more responsive that iphone just they need some os updates such as there is no option to turn of bloody soft key vibration which always annoy me..

    by the waycyan blue rocks :)

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