Nokia Lumias (800 & 710) available in select countries NOW?

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I was quite surprised when I saw the region free Nokia site claiming that the Nokia Lumias (or is it Lumiaii???) are available NOW in some selected markets, as I was under the impression that they weren’t released yet, but if you hop on over to the link you’ll see that supposedly they’re available in France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy& UK.

*Note:  Most ads running in the UK have the launch date set for “Nov 16, but could be available sooner in select retailers.” , In my experience that means you’ll probably be able to grab one from a selected carrier a week or so before they’re released as unlocked devices in their retail stores.

New Nokia Lumia now available in these countries:

 United Kingdom

Has anyone actually spotted any of these in their local Nokia Stores as of yet? Let us know down below.


Update: Engadget seem to have received confirmation from Nokia that  the 800 will in fact be released on the 16th (in the Uk at least)- apparently a day before the Samsung Nexus Galaxy.




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  • Not in Spain – launch is only next week here.

  • Viipottaja

    Probably just a lose definition “now” being used. 🙂

    Btw, I am still blown away by the UK Orange deal of getting an Xbox with the Lumia for free… wish I lived there. 🙂

    • Aliqudsi

      Deal seems way to good to be possibly true 🙂 I can’t imagine that they’re that desperate to unload their X-boxes…

      • Viipottaja

        Yeah, well, seems that it is true! Hope AT&T comes up with a similar deal here! 😀

      • migo

        No, it makes sense. People want Xboxes anyway, even after Sony slashed the price on the PS3, the 360 is still more popular. What they’re unsure about is Windows Phones. If you’re getting a 360, a bundle with a smartphone that lets you take Xbox Live with you is definitely worth going for.

        • migo

          Actually, even more than that, 360s can be used as PVRs now with IPTV, so you could have a combined bundle, sign a 2 year contract for TV, Internet and Cellular, getting a discount price for the bundled service, get a free Windows Phone and Xbox 360 to use the services you’re paying for.

          It’s perfect for the service providers if you’re used to using everything together, rather than having a TiVo for PVR, and an iPhone or Android for cellular… it’s easier to switch when things are disconnected.

          Of course, I’d actually avoid any such deal, I try to avoid contracts as much as possible, which used to be one of the cool things about Nokia, but it works from a business perspective. If Nokia wants their hardware out there, they have to work with the carriers.

          • Aliqudsi

            Mostly here in the Gulf & Middle-east almost all cell carriers are prepaid, and almost none offer phones with their plans (except for iphones of course) personally I find this much easier to deal with considering it gives me more flexibility with my options (although a tad bit more expensive when it comes to buying the phone itself)

    • Jay Montano

      I want a free xbox. Will get Kinect for it too 😀

      • migo

        I’m really looking forward to what gets put out now that the SDK is being opened more. It’s neat for games, but more productive applications are what’s really interesting. Instead of having a fitness game, have it as a fitness analysis tool, so you’d work out in front of the TV and it does an overlay to show you if you’re favouring one side, or even just an extra tool for a personal trainer to use, hooked up to a computer. I’m sure there’s plenty of other stuff that creative folks will be coming up with over the next few years.

  • Damian

    i want Lumia 800 in Poland now!! 🙂

  • Jay Montano

    Nokia Lumia ads are appearing on the right showing contract prices already. Not sure they’d do that if it’s coming soon and not available. Can’t click on it though, since I’m not allowed. ha.

    • Aliqudsi

      Now I got nothing just empty white boxes saying ‘advertise on mynokiablog’ even though I did have the adsense thing working before.

  • The german Lumia page will redirect you to Deutsche Telekom, where you can preorder the phone. No Lumia for us just yet.

  • Nintendo-Xbox

    No Nokia Windows phones for Finland this year. iOS and Android are more popular than Symbian in FINLAND this year!!! Even Maemo and the N9 sells more than Windows Phone in Finland!!!

    • KeiZka

      …So, you’ve seen the latest sales charts by Elisa? They beg to differ with your “assessment” about Symbian.

  • Michael FT

    Available via 3 online for Italy. 499 contract free

    • Michael FT

      Edit: Preorder stage still, my mistake. Looks like they are all pre orders.

  • kevinp93

    played with one (nokia 800) the day after it was announced in phones4u…

    • John

      Yes, I’ve played for one in the Phones4u in Edinburgh too, although it was very firmly stuck down to the display so i wasn’t able to get a real good feel for the phone – good to see real working models in stores already! Had its own display too.

      • Aliqudsi

        Lucky you, here in Jordan even the N9 is only a dummy device, no actual working display (although you can buy it form the same store) but they dont want to waste one by putting it up.

  • Nokia lumia800 to Brazil, please….