Video: Angry Birds smashes half a billion downloads!

| November 2, 2011 | 8 Replies

One of Finland’s finest, Angry Birds now has over 500,000 million downloads. Half a Billion downloads of Angry Birds?! Crickey!


It’s no surprise really, given that it’s possibly the first “app” anyone thinks of when talking about smartphones. It’s going to reach even further scales now Nokia is pushing it into their s40 mobile phones (which make up a larger and larger chunk of the 100m a day sold by Nokia.)

I’m not sure there is a platform now without Angry Birds.

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  • 40

    hi,folks,s40 bird at store*ovi*com/content/207433

  • Banderpop

    Congrats Rovio!

    As a long-time gamer, I’m aware that many consider the game to be too simplistic to keep their attention. But at a time when games developers are trying to find ways to make money out of subscriptions, downloadable add-ons and online passes, and publishers appear to be fighting a war with gamers reselling their games perfectly legitimately, Rovio have nailed longevity.

    The game is easy to resume and quit at a moment’s notice. There’s also practically no story element reducing the entertainment value and delaying proceedings with repeated play, or over-complex aspects that put people off returning to the game if they’ve not touched it in a while.

    Most intriguingly though, the free content keeps people playing, and being a portable game this doesn’t just help with word-of-mouth marketing, but people actually see others playing it all the time, almost 2 years after release. So it keeps being bought by people picking up new smartphones and remains high on all sales charts. The ‘free’ content is definitely responsible for making money, and now a massively marketable franchise, despite other publishers deciding that doing the complete opposite is the future of the video games.

    I’d rather be playing Rovio’s Bounce Evolution if they’d bothered to expand it into a full game though.

  • BellGo

    Good for Rovio. =)

  • Nintendo-Xbox

    It gives hope to other small game companies. It took them 10 years before they had a hit with Angry Birds.

    Stick to what you like doing and success will come your way too.

  • Yeah, only 1 of 10000 games is a success and of course everyone is talking about this 1 “winner” instead of the 1000 other developers who spent their time for nothing :-/

  • gen

    made more money than nokia

  • Shiv179

    CrapBerry does not have Angry Birds… though there are some cheap knock-offs!

  • gen

    anyone know how to unlock the nfc levels on n9?