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Right let’s do this. Normally, such a thing would normally deserve their own individual posts, but somehow, merely days from announcement, all the reviews for the Nokia Lumia 800 is out already, beginning with TheVerge as posted yesterday. And doing some more searches, I’m amazed how much more is actually available. If I miss any Lumia 800 Reviews, do let us know.

. Well, Nokia are certainly getting it out quick. It’s the first Nokia flagship (I cautiously label this as that, as well, it’s not really in my eyes) that is out within 6 months of announcement. It’s fantastic. Here’s the phone, here’s some hype, if you got excited, it’s on sale now. Done. More of the same please (but with 9 series).

The timing of these reviews is absolutely superb. There’s no drips and drabs. It’s one overwhelming, Lumia 800 everything everywhere.

Here’s the reviews:

  • Nokia’s pretty legendary for their hardware.  Lumia 800 is cut from the same cloth.
  • No match for the N8′s camera prowess, for its diminutive size it produces pretty good photos that are on par, or better than most other smartphones
  • there’s not actually a whole lot to dislike about the Nokia Lumia 800.
  • great start for Nokia
  • With MWC just around the corner, we’re expecting to see a lot more from the Finns, and hopefully a true flagship. (YES, YES AND YES AGAIN)
  • Nokia’s made one of the best Windows Phones available today.
  • It looks and feels different to not just other Windows Phones, but every other phone on the market. Except the N9, obviously.
  • Nokia’s Lumia 800 is a sophisticated and capable smartphone that melds its hardware beautifully with the Windows Phone OS
  • Nokia’s unibody style is no less appealing second time around
  • Comparisons to MeeGo and the N9 are obvious, but futile: one phone represents Nokia’s future, and the other does not.
  •  far more app choice and the reassurance that the platform is unlikely to disappear any time soon.
  • It’s the first foray of what will be a far longer battle, but with the Lumia 800 Nokia is off to a very strong start.
  • ” Nokia Lumia 800 is the best looking Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone on the market right now.”
  • ” The device is super fast and moving between Microsoft’s various Windows Phone hubs is a breeze. If you’re a current Windows Phone user then you’ll notice this performance jump.”
  • Nokia Lumia 800 is so superbly built
  • Think of it this way: what services, not apps, do you need on your phone?…for the Lumia 800, for the services I need, rather than want, I think I can put up with that.
  • Welcome back, Nokia.
Expert Reviews:
  • Best WP7 handset so far

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  • Deep Space Bar

    i don’t see any difference..they are using the same OS….>.> just like Android or Windows or Linux OSs….they just perform better with new hardware…..just makes 100% sense

    i don’t get it…..Nokia(was),RIM and APPLE the only companies using their own OS on their OWN phone……now that wont happen

    • GS65

      You are talking about N9! And I don’t care what reviewers say about future. It has promised support beyond how long I will use it. Apps are made with Qt, which lives, and will grow with or without MeeGo. There is so much talk about MeeGo, but the platform is Qt, the kernel is Linux, the distro is part Maemo part MeeGo and the UI is Swipe. N9 will not die beacause Intel is no longer working with Nokia on the MeeGo part. As a matter of fact, they should never had started this, just keept developing Meamo. Then N9 would have been the 5th in line of tablets, not the first. And I’m not at all sure we won’t see a sixth in this line. In two years from now, who knows? Or who know if even Android exists?

      The important things are, does this look nice, is it a great UI, does it support the features I need and is it a good thing? For me it is a yes on all accounts. Who cares about Apple and Android fanboys ranting about it’s death. They don’t know shit. MeeGo is dead, long live the N9.

      • trxo


    • migo

      Nokia wasn’t using their own OS, unless you count Maemo, and that was only ever a half hearted effort.

  • N9

    And yet, the overall sensation from “every one” is…. Not as good (exciting) as the real NOKIA the N9.

    • XFCE-Desktop

      Yet they refuse to make money form selling both phones in the same markets and letting the people decide what they like more.

      So sad 🙁

      • Mick

        It’s up to the local mobile phone carriers if they want to offer the Nokia N9, just as its up to the local mobile phone carriers if they want to offer the Nokia Lumia 800.

        Mobile Phone carriers are not interested in the Nokia N9

        • N9

          You really believe that???????
          So its a huge coincidence that the countries that are selling the lumia did not had the N9.
          And that those countries are the biggest markets in Europe, that in theory would have no problem stocking and sporting yet another device economies of scale work much better in economies with scale 🙂

          C’mon its plain good business even I agree it would be a bad idea to ship the n9 if they plan to sell the LUMIA, The n9 would cannibalize Lumia sales and in any case given the specks it would make the Lumia look like the underdog.

  • stylinred

    looks like what all these reviewers love/like is the Case and Camera

    So N9 FTW

    • migo

      You’re obviously not reading the reviews.

  • Raja

    Every 1 loves the hardware and are talking about that because wp7 mango review were out much before and btw with soid reviews of praise and only praise. whether you like it or not wp7 and lumia are creating buzz and it will succeed if you are really nokia fans appreciate it rather then crying all the time symbian is king and n9 is god of phone yes they are but that dosent mean nokias latest effort Is bad. Wait till next year when nokia will come with some mind-blowing hardware.

    • Jay Montano

      True. My opinion here is in the next post. A little rant during late night study break.

    • Just Visiting

      @Raja…Good tht you mention this! As I also stated in another thread, there really is no need for reviewers to review WP Mango all over again – because they reviewed Mango when it was released in September.

      The only thing left to review is primarily hardware, and how both hardware and software compliment (or not compliment) one another.

      Some N9 fans, it seems, just don’t understand this concept. But what N9 fans DO understand is this: the favor and shine that the Nokia Lumia 800 is getting from around the blogesphere and media, is that is salt in their N9 wounds 🙂

      • “But what N9 fans DO understand is this: the favor and shine that the Nokia Lumia 800 is getting from around the blogesphere and media, is that is salt in their N9 wounds.”

        This. True. True.

        • Ash

          And yet you have N9 in your avatar? Did you actually get around to buying one? You were complaining so much about the dithering last time.

      • Ash

        What wounds? Considering N9 was hardly promoted the way Lumia 800 is being promoted right now and the rave reviews it got?O_o Right?? You Windows OS fanatics are truly delusional.

        • Arts

          Much like the Nokia n9, the lumia 800, sold itself to the reviewers. The mountain of advertising for 800 did not influence the review.

          • ssdh

            It’s not just the ads, it’s the entire PR strategy by Nokia/MS..
            Like giving away thousands of free Lumia 800s to tech bloggers practically shoving it down their throats, also the quick launching into markets shipping the same day it was unveiled, unboxing videos and full reviews within a few days of launch, paying retailers, carriers and such to feature 800 on their websites, and so much more that’s going on behind the scenes…

            How many weeks or month’s was it before the N9 got a full review on any tech blog site after it was unveiled, and still managed to amaze and excite them??

            • Ash

              + millons

            • Ash

              + millions

    • GordonH

      Wp7 is a good or great OS depending on your taste. But the big bitterness for many is why Meego, Symbian and Qt are being the sacrificial lamb to the gods(Ms) for The NokWp7 phone.

      • Ash


      • migo

        Symbian the answer is obvious – it sucks.

        MeeGo the answer is less obvious, but still not that hard to see. It was a bad idea to kill Maemo and go with Intel, they could have had Harmattan out 6-12 months earlier if that fuckup hadn’t happened.

        Qt makes sense when you put the two of them together, it’s either available on Symbian, which is horrible and nobody except the most blind die hards wants it, or MeeGo which is too late and developing too slowly to be relevant.

        The bad deal here wasn’t with Microsoft, the bad deal was with Intel.

        • N9

          On Qt, but how come not Qt on WP? QNX now ships it so I guess a good bunch of developers are moving from nokia to QNX.

          On meego… what is meego? and does any one care, what we cared about was, is it open? is it well documented does it have good UI guidelines does its have a good set of tools to write apps with, harmattan says yes to all of those, the fact that it is realy maemo 6 and not meego is pointless, I use Qt creator to do my work I just want the documentation to make things work and that is all provided by Qt.

  • Jcar302

    I didn’t have time yet to read all the reviews.
    But, i think it would be better if you pointed out the good things sites said, and the not so good things.

    I did read the engadget review, and while they said some nice things, i got a very bland feeling about the 800 from their writings.

    I would love to see the 800 be a success, at least better than android which i think is a disorganized mess.
    I want the n9, but i’d like to be able to suggest the 800 to friends and family that i know will make a mess out of an android phone and just aren’t capable of understanding the n9.

    • ssdh

      “I didn’t have time yet to read all the reviews.
      But, i think it would be better if you pointed out the good things sites said, and the not so good things.”


    • Oh Hei

      Jcar302…Regarding Engadget – Yes, they point out the pros and cons of the Lumia 800; the irony is that Engadget’s WP Mango preview AND Review was very positive. While the Mango preview and review was done by a different reviewer, it’s possible that the reviewer for the Lumia 800 wasn’t partial to Mango, but it is also possible that the reviewer wasn’t partial to the Nokia device itself.

      Nonetheless, all reviews are subjective and both pros and cons should always be cited so that consumers interested in the reviewed unit can use the information to help them make an informed decision.

  • Eddy

    forgot your new friends already? where’s the review by AAWP?

  • tha

    so americans can review fast if its windows phone right???

    • JD!

      lol… Americans dont have any other option. Nokia is giving them only WP Phones!

      • Oh Hei

        Then how is it there are N9 reviews all over the internet, including reviews by American blog sites?

        Keep in mind, the Lumia 800 isn’t even available in the U.S., and the only people that can purchase the device at this point, live in Europe.

        • N9

          OOO try to find out how engadget got an N9 to review, its funy but not for nokia.
          The reason the review come so late was simple they only got to review it wen they started to ship it and most of then add to actually buy it, some local nokia divisions loaned some for review and thats it…

  • Edmund

    I for one am really glad the Lumia is being well received, because apart from Nokia’s past quirks, they’re still a company very dedicated to innovation and reliability, in the sense u can abuse your nokia phone however way you want. Although it is taking away thunder from symbian and meego, success in windows phone really means the best for nokia at least for the foreseeable future. Now that the US reviewers are won over, time to see how it is received in Europe and Asia which really matters more i think..

  • RVM

    Im glad to see all these positive reviews, whether it’s WP or not, for the sake of Nokia returning back to the game. What i don’t like is how they stopped N9 from selected markets though. Still, i hope for new Symbian smartphones with powerful hardwer (including N8’s successor) and new Symbian updates.

  • Schneider

    They made one critical mistake that will make me buy the N9 despite the launch of the Lumia 800.

    They made the screen too small which makes the phone look like a fat HTC wildfire. They should have kept it at 3,9″ and moved the buttons down a bit instead.

    That single mistake makes me not buy it.

    • nathan

      dude the almost exact same space is lost from the bottom of the n9, as its taken up by the back button… the lost screen is the same amount as is taken up in most phones by these none hardware buttons… not a very good reason to not buy it!!

      • migo

        At that price, it is. The Lumia 710 on the other hand is cheap. Coming in at under $400 you don’t concern yourself as much with the looks, just the functionality.

      • N9

        not a all apps have the back buton, and they can put there what ever makes sense for the app, they are not forced to have a back button a search and a windows icon

    • ssdh

      A waste of screen real estate, really…

    • migo

      I agree with you there. I don’t like the landscape asymmetry.

  • Hey Jay,
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