Nokia Drive Pirated to Run on Other WP Devices.

| November 5, 2011 | 132 Replies

One move I never understood from Nokia was making their offline maps available to a different OS (iOS & Android), and last week to all WP devices, while keep the Nokia Drive application strictly exclusive to their own devices. Still regardless of what features you choose to give them, why give your competitors anything at all?? Nokia Maps IS indeed nokias pride and joy; it’s greatest application, you don’t see iOS bringing their major apps to other OSes or RIM giving out BB pins to other phones.

But as is inevitable phone coders (polite word for hackers) have found a way to get Nokia Drive to run on non-Nokia WP devices  as pictured above with it running on a Samsung Omnia (I think not sure what it is). Did Nokia just lose their ace in the deck when it comes to giving them an edge over other Windows Phones?? What do you think?



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  1. Kaizer Allen says:

    Nokia seems to have lost its charm.

  2. Nrde says:

    Does Nokia really give other devices _offline_ maps. As far as I understand iOS and Android maps is just a html5 app on the web.

    • dr_zorg says:

      Evidently they give the whole app with certain restrictions – which can obviously be bypassed.

    • Nintendo-Xbox says:

      It’s been hacked to work the way it works on Nokia phones so no reason to buy a Nokia now.

      Elop and the Nokia Board just killed Nokia’s last exclusive value added service.

      R.I.P. Nokia

      • Harangue says:

        Right, and how are you going to get that ‘hacked’ Nokia Drive on to your phone? Ah yes, by sideloading the app of course.

        But how do you do that on a Windows Phone? Wait, you’re saying that can’t be done on Windows Phones?

        So, the hacked Drive app will only work if you also unlock or jailbreak your device. Something maybe 5% of all users will do. I doubt that will really affect the USP that Nokia has with their Drive app.

  3. DM says:

    Nokia should think smarter, imagine giving someone your best pie in the lot and not give spoon to enjoy it. People will find their way around to get it somehow and enjoy it.

    iPhone IOS gets jailbreaked in couple of hours, each and every OS out there gets cracked and how Nokia is thinking that give them a good cooked pie and not the spoon will stop people.

    The only option now for Nokia is to provide a paid version of the drive service to all WM7 devices. This way people who are interested in Nokia Drive will pay and get the genuine service and updates.

    Of course Drive will be free for all nokia devices but other devices have to pay for it. They can earn some revenue in this may be not so much but Nokia will not lose anything on this.

    • Deep Space Bar says:

      that will be a huge problem which elop just created by this whole “alliance”

      if Nokia Maps or Drive is paid then the whole purpose is defeated

      Nokia made Maps service Free the same reason why google had their maps free

      so if they start charging then there will be a HUGE problem between every manufacture that uses WP7 and Nokia itself……they fucked up huge buy even doing this in the first place
      symbian/Meego/s40 should have just retained the services since it’s their own OS

      and WP7 use bing like the rest of everyone else

  4. David says:

    Without video proof, how do we know it actually works on the other WP7 devices?

    Looking for gps in the screenshot doesn’t mean its working? Maybe Nokia Drive is set only to read the Nokia phone gps’s?

    Without a video we still don’t know.

  5. doraemon22 says:

    times have changed indeed. if you want to succed would be to use any means including unfair

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