Nokia Drive Pirated to Run on Other WP Devices.

| November 5, 2011 | 132 Replies

One move I never understood from Nokia was making their offline maps available to a different OS (iOS & Android), and last week to all WP devices, while keep the Nokia Drive application strictly exclusive to their own devices. Still regardless of what features you choose to give them, why give your competitors anything at all?? Nokia Maps IS indeed nokias pride and joy; it’s greatest application, you don’t see iOS bringing their major apps to other OSes or RIM giving out BB pins to other phones.

But as is inevitable phone coders (polite word for hackers) have found a way to get Nokia Drive to run on non-Nokia WP devices  as pictured above with it running on a Samsung Omnia (I think not sure what it is). Did Nokia just lose their ace in the deck when it comes to giving them an edge over other Windows Phones?? What do you think?



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