Nokia Music Leaked to run on all WP devices too (Nothing is Sacred).

| November 9, 2011 | 183 Replies

After last weeks post about Nokia Drive hacked to run on all WP devices, now comes the sad sad news that Nokia Music has also inevitably been pirated to run on all WP devices. Your only requirement is to have an unlocked WP (Using Chevron Unlocker or any other similar program).


Video Of Nokia Music running on a HTC Trophy (note the Nokia drive & Nokia Maps in the application list as well)



Now that Nokia has lost it’s final differentiating app all that remains is the N9 design to keep it ahead of the mess of WP out there, is it enough?


Via (thanks to mprince for the tip)


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  • Viipottaja

    Well, MS seems to be trying to do at least something about the pirating. The same story also reports that Nokia is issuing “cease and desist notices to sites involved in hosting the pirated applications”.

  • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

    This is not a big issue for three reasons:
    1. You need a dev unlocked device
    2. You need to find the xap file (the vast majority of consumers don’t know what this is or care to go the trouble)
    3 (and most important of all) Encryption is to be used soon

    Nokia’s unique apps will continue to be an advantage in the eyes of consumers

    • dr_zorg

      Wasn’t this the same as was said about music piracy in its infancy? That you need to find a torrent website, download a client, find the torrents etc.. The idea was that it would have been too much trouble. Yet here we are several years later with media piracy being a serious problem.

      • leoplan2

        And remember, DRM doesn’t always work. That’s why almost every ‘draconian’ DRM out there is already broken

      • Andre C

        Bad comparison. Compare it to the multi-payer aspect of games. I haven’t seen a pirated game capable of connecting to publishers servers for multi-player gaming.

        Same applies to nokia maps and drive. Maybe they can use it offline, but not online.

        • migo

          Well, given one of Nokia Maps’ big features is offline use, that’s not a big comfort.

          On the other hand Nokia Music – would be very easy to implement an IMEI check before allowing anything to be streamed.

          I’m sure some stuff like that will be implemented in the near future.

    • me

      Ah, the apologist strikes back!

      Nothing’s ever an issue. When the general public generally rejects Windows Phone, it’s a non-issue. When the heavily-marketed Windows Phone is actually losing market share compared to the “failed” Windows Mobile, it’s just transitioning and a non-issue indeed. When Windows Phone Marketplace is leaking like Microsoft’s products always were, it’s OK… and you guessed it, a non-issue if there ever was one.

      I hope to see you here explaining how it’s a non-issue when Microsoft finally pulls the plug from the terminal patient that Windows Phone 7 has been for quite many a month already.

      • migo

        The general public hasn’t rejected Windows Phone, they’re just not that aware of it due to a lack of marketing. Given the major marketing push now, if rejection happens in 2012, then it’s a problem. Up until know, they don’t even know it’s there to reject. Most people my girlfriend shows her Dell Venue Pro to don’t know what Windows Phone is, but after they see it they want it – this is people who know what an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry is. That’s quite the opposite of general public rejection, and claims that the general public is rejecting it are nothing more than FUD.

        Windows Phone isn’t losing marketshare, you, like the people putting the stats out don’t know what they’re talking about. The stats are for total Microsoft Marketshare, and it indicates a decrease in Windows Mobile marketshare, not a decrease in Windows Phone marketshare – independently or in comparison to anything else.

        • Cocco Bill

          Lack of marketing? So $400 million is lack of marketing?

          “Perhaps the most shocking performance was that of Microsoft. Comscore’s October 2010 to January 2011 figures take into account Microsoft’s WP7 launch, so naturally you would expect an increase in market share as punters got caught up in the $400 million marketing blitz. Instead of an increase, however, Microsoft’s US smartphone market share slumped 1.7 percentage points to just 8 per cent, a daunting loss of over 17.5 per cent of its previous quarterly market share.”

          “Since Microsoft launched WP7 at the tail end of 2010, the company has been tight lipped on sales figures, though it was widely reported that Microsoft spent the best part of $400m advertising WP7 devices. Smartphone sales figures had shown Microsoft’s efforts were in vain as its share of the smartphone market was slowly being eroded away thanks primarily to Google’s Android”

          Then there’s this:

          “Microsoft Continues To Bleed Mobile Market Share, Despite WP7

          ‘The results are sobering. Smartphone sales may be up 50 percent year-on-year, but the total number of phones running a Windows Mobile OS has fallen by nearly 30 percent. Keep in mind that comScore’s data tracks phones in use, rather than the sale of new units. This implies that WP7 has generally failed to attract either first-time buyers or individuals whose previous smartphones ran an earlier version of Windows Mobile. That’s a slap to Microsoft’s ambitions, particularly given the fact that WP7 and its subsequent updates have been fairly well received.’

          What’s clear from the quotes above, is that even huge marketing won’t translate into sales with WP7. If they couldn’t sell WP7 with the $400 million marketing budget before, there’s no reason to expect the marketing will do it know. It only created a buzz within the mobile media and the false assumption that it would equal sales. The same is happening now. The marketing is creating a media buzz but that doesn’t automatically mean sales as we have already seen.

          • spacemodel

            That’s a non-issue…

      • migo

        If you think that Microsoft will pull the plug on it, you’ve clearly been living under a rock for a looooong time.

  • #@!

    Elop will kill nokia,to help MS’windows phone grow up.

    • Punching Bag

      I don’t read much – hurts mah brain

  • Jason_B

    So much about nokia putting their stamp on wp

    • Punching Bag

      I know, right? Game over man!

  • Jorge Arturo

    How any at Nokia ever believed that a few apps “exclusive” will be enough to differentiate them from HTC, LG or Samsung… They are so naive.

    At least Samsung is now innovating in the mobile spectrum, taking Nokia’s post, they even took MeeGO and they have a symbian like OS named Bada, they are doing everything Nokia used to do and now they are number one.

    • Punching Bag

      Yes, especially that high quality hardware and customer service that Samsung has been known for creating the last 20 years!

  • Efion

    After all this hijack event, hope that Nokia WP7’s sales are drop, totally-ruined Nokia-Microsoft connection, and in the end, Elop will be the only one that “burning” his own a##.
    Then Meego and Symbian will arise again under Marko’s hood….

  • DAEX27

    Windows Phone is not bad at all, but Mr Elop wants to give up Symbian and Meego, I think it is a bad idea.

    • Efion

      Yea, WP is not bad at all, i’m not offensing the WP, but the decision has taken by Nokia to move to WP.
      And now added with no more exclusivity to NWP, then what the value added that can be given by Nokia to the WP customers?

    • GordonH

      Nokia technology given to make WP7 succeed.

    • nabs

      Yeah, they should work on both WP and their own OSes. I think it’s not that for a very big company like Nokia to support and develop more than one OS at a time.

  • jim

    Now there is NO reason to choose Nokia’s WPhones.

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  • deepu

    how to install it