Nokia Champage with Windows Phone Tango – Nokia 900/Ace?

| November 10, 2011 | 36 Replies


WPCentral reports that something called Nokia Champagne has been spotted running Windows Phone Tango on the “I’m a WP7 app!” which has been accurate so far in finding out names of upcoming Nokia Windows Phones.

The date noted here is October 25th, just before Nokia World. Is it the 900 – the only one of the trio of Windows Phones expected not to released or a variant of the current Lumias?

Source:  wpcentral

Cheers Peter, mrprince and Anastasios-Antonios for the tip!


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  • Aliqudsi

    All I want is a N9/800 design with the latest WP and swipe in it… is that too hard.. I’m afraid to get the 800 and then have something awesomer released.

    • Fanel

      I’m positive current Nokia WPs will receive future WP updates and their new features.

      • Andre C

        I’m not sure if WP7 phones would get WP8.

        • I am a trolly sonofabitch

          yup. resolution wise there is supposed to be a bit difference.

        • migo

          Would be silly for them not to provide the update. Even if you’re not getting all the features of the new OS, whatever would be reasonable to support should be supported.

    • Viipottaja

      There will always be something awesome(r) coming up! 🙂 But in this case, you would not have to wait long to see at least the next round of announcements as they are expected in January.

      And yes, its very likely that the 800 would be able to upgrade to Tango and probably the one after that too. Just guessing of course, don’t have solid info on that.

      • Luisito

        Every Windows Phone Device will receive Tango/Apollo… Swipe… MMM, that’s it a bit hard, taking in mind the way that Windows Phone work

        • Cloud_Connected


          Can´t imagine that we´ll see swipe on a Nokia WinPhone. MS won´t change it´s paradigm about the usability and ways of interaction of WinPhone.

          Swipe will be found on S40 and Meltemi devices…and perhaps on a harmattan device (hopefully).

    • nini
  • Kan

    Nokia doesnt need more derivations of phones. Just get the ones you do now right!

    Nokia is still mired in this idiotic need to bring out phones as fast as they can.

    The Lumia 800 is still born. There are 21 yes 21 Windows Phone available right now or within the next month. Windows runs excellent and smooth on all of them if they are upgraded to Mango.

    How many of them have FFC? 4 – HTC Titan, HTC Radar, Samsung Focus & Sasmung Flash. Apart from the Radar they all share similar cpu and gpu as the Nokia. Though the Nokia looks nice when push comes to shove people are not going to pay over the odds for it.

    With Maps, Drive and Music now available what little differentiation Nokia had left will be removed.

    • Nrde

      Yeah, Nokia should stop bringing new phones, there are enough already. Let other manufacturers bring some new Android phones instead – there’s never too many Android phones.

      • Kan

        You need to comprehend what I wrote. The last thing Nokia needs is to bring out phnes every quarter as some sort of business strategy its not. All that will happen is before a phone has time to settle in the market Nokia brings out another one and kills it off. They did this with Symbian making way too many phones and differentiationg so one would have a good camera whilst another a design. Just make a few phones that are brilliant than a load that are mediocre. It’s not rocket science.

        • Michael Prince

          I have to agree with one point that Kan made, Nokia have historically had too many phones across similar price points. I used to really get frustrated about the fact that my new Nokia would only be the ‘latest’ for a couple of months and then there would be something new.

          If they could keep the lumia/N9 design, make it larger, bigger battery, bigger screen, FFC. Obviously I don’t know how that would impact the end user experience, but if they could make that work .. I’d be happy.

          • Ztuka

            I would like to see the same design as in N9/Lumia 800 but 2/3 of the size with better battery capacity.
            I certainly don´t want bigger display as you.

            • migo

              It’s going to be hard to shrink the device while increasing battery capacity.

    • Jon

      You seem to have a great grasp of what the general consumer wants..

      “Buy this uglier, worse built phone no-one has heard of as the manufacturers main focus is on Android, because it has a FFC you’ll never use nor want. If you jailbreak your phone for 10€ you can download unlicensed Nokia Apps to it at least until the encryption kicks in!”

      Better build, better looks, better marketing and better *stock* apps trumps FFC every time. Honestly, that’s a feature that came in the early 2000s, and has never caught on.

      • migo

        Hear hear. It’s insane listening to people trash Nokia’s Windows Phones for lack of FFC. It didn’t sell any Symbian phones when the iPhone took over.

        In the end build quality matters, but some of these people are just too stupid to understand that. They somehow think it’s Symbian and a feature list….

      • Kan

        Sales figures will be the ultimate answer to all of this and Lumia won’t sell more than the low millions if that. Turn around stratgey this is not. Now when you consider the Iphone will sell between 17-20m in a quarter.

        FFC is important for Skype integration or why else did MS pump billions into buying a company that a year or two ago they could have had for 1/3 of the price.

        • Jon

          All hale Nostradamus..

          Skype is a voice over IP service. It launched and became popular without any sort of video capability. Only 3 years in to the game did they launch video conferences. Free internet telephony is their main game, not video calling. Thus FFC has only little to do with Microsofts plans for Skype integration. It’s a part of it, but not the main one.

          I’ve had Skype calling on my phone since 2008. Not once have I felt the need to use the FFC, even though I’ve had the capability. Try talking to someone for any length of time holding your phone at arms length in front of you. You’ll look like a moron, and if you don’t have a headset you’ll be sharing your discussion with everyone around.

          • kan

            As it doesn’t meet your requirements your saying it doesn’t meet other peoples?

            Then make your predictions on Lumia 800 sales then? If you are so confident then make a prediction. I suspect Apple will sell more iphones in 1 quarter than all Windows Phones combined for the whole year. Why else MS hasn’t published sales figures for Windows Phone? If you have something positive you will talk about it.

            • Jon

              My requirements have nothing to do with the fact that video-calling on phones is a feature that never caught on. It’s nothing new. It’s a decade old feature, and only got a tiny bit of attention when it was new, and once again when Apple launched face-time. I only highlighted some of the reasons why it hasn’t caught on.

              I predict that the Lumia will sell better than any Symbian^3 phone. Considering that WP7 has until now been a secondary OS for manufacturers focusing on Android, as well as deemed unfinished, sales until now do not predict upcoming sales. This is the first time WP7 phones are backed by a strong market push and have high presence. It’s also the first time since the N95 that a mass-market, consumer oriented Nokia is gathering praise and publicity. Couple that with the imminent, large US launch, this is the first higher-end product in years that actually has a chance to succeed on a global scale.

              • migo

                Well said.

        • migo

          Skype is a VOICE over IP solution, not a FACE over IP solution. You don’t need FFC for Skype.

    • erzhik

      You clearly do not understand the basics of business. They are pumping out so many phones because they control world market share, because people buy their phones and most importantly, because NOKIA IS A BUSINESS. THEY NEED TO MAKE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF MONEY. Now do you understand?

      • Kan

        Nokia has had its ass handed to it by Apple and they need to disrupt the industry to gain traction once again.

        Samsung shipped more smartphones than Nokia and Nokia is close to being outdone in total phone sales as well.

        As to your comment in upper case – you have no clue whatsoever.

        • Jon

          Samsung has announced twice as many handsets in 2011 as Nokia. A one device a year strategy only works if all you’re aiming for is the high-margin high-end, and if you have a cult following. Surely you understand why neither Samsung or Nokia can go with such a strategy.

  • Nagol

    All I want from a windows phone is a QWERTY touch and type Mango phone that is designed like the E6 with a just a half inch longer screen.

    • Viipottaja

      Well, the Tango update (coming likely first half of 2012) is rumored (AFAIK not confirmed but may wrong) to include 480*320 screen size support which would allow for BB form factor at lower price (I gather Nokia and others could also just tilt a higher res small screen on its side) but perhaps more importantly that implies the UI/UX will be optimized for that orientation as well.

      • Nagol

        Wow really?! I hope this is true cause if so I’ll definitely be down and buy one!

        • Ztuka

          I agree. I would like a formfactor like the Nokia E6 with perhaps 2.8-3,2 display.


  • migo

    Please, please, please, stop with this Ace shit. The Ace is a fake, always was. If you don’t stop now, every single new leaked codename that has nothing to do with ‘Ace’ is going to get speculation as if it were the Ace.

    • Viipottaja

      how come you are so sure about that? sounds like you have some inside info?

      • migo

        The content of the leak betrayed it as a fanboy’s wet dream. He confused HSPA+ with LTE. That’s something a lot of lay people would screw up, but someone in a position to get the information would know better.

    • adal

      i think there is a samsung ace already.

  • Probably Verizon variant of existing WP7 phone

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