TheNextWeb: “Nokia Lumia 800: The first device that would make me give up the iPhone”

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Saw this story last night RT’d by @troughtonsmith.

It’s an article with a very provocative and Nokia positive title:

Nokia Lumia 800: The first device that would make me give up the iPhone

They cover many topics that we’ve been looking at here such as – what was designed first, summing up though as “it doesn’t matter” saying WP7 feels like it’s meant to be on the Lumia (though mostly anything would feel right on this design).

Whilst the hardware gets praise the software get’s some love too.

  • This device’s brilliance isn’t limited to the hardware either. Windows Phone Mango is really, really good
  • Nearly nothing about Microsoft’s OS works anything like iOS, while still feeling very fresh and accessible. 
  • It’s exactly the opposite of the way that Android normally feels, which is an uglier and slower version of iOS.
 I like that they point out some simple, but important standards such as fast fluid experiences:
  • There is simply no excuse for any mobile device not to scroll, zoom and navigate smoothly any more.
  • It’s crazy to me how many Android devices still fail this simple test, dramatically. The Lumia 800 is a different beast.
  • With a 1.4GHz CPU, underpowered by most modern standards, the scrolling and zooming experience is absolutely flawless.
All in all, it’s an extremely positive view of Nokia Lumia 800 and WP. There’s just too many positive things to highlight. You’ll have to read it yourself. It’s somewhat an article that points out everything wrong in Android that WP does well (and sometimes iOS).
  • The home screen of a WP7 device feels more alive than one on iOS, and manages to do so in a way that keeps it from looking like strip mall signage, the way it can on Android.
It’s not complete infatuation however. TNW points out the “would” in the title, with the main hindrance being the one everyone points out – apps. It’s no where near iPhone in terms of apps, though growth has been extremely good, and TNW accepts that it isn’t completely bare. They clarify later:
“If you only use a dozen or so core apps, and those apps aren’t iOS-only gems like Instagram, you’re going to be just fine moving to Windows Phone.”
I guess that was the same thing mentioned for N9 in tons of reviews, though WP now does have a better future in terms of apps. They note that if WP market place gets the developer support and comes alive with the joy and innovation iOS users are seeing (note, thankfully not blindly looking at numbers, rather also quality of apps) TNW says they could easily see “would” switch from iPhone to 800 to “WILL”. Well, Nokia Lumia perhaps, I don’t think even within the 800’s life, WP market would reach that point they want just yet.
Check out their review:
If you haven’t already, here’s our own rant on the Lumia 800 and how despite what’s not there, it makes for a brilliant product for the end user:

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