CNN’s Review of the Nokia Lumia 800

| November 16, 2011 | 83 Replies

Here’s a non-techy review from CNN of the Nokia Lumia 800. I say Non techy as clearly, there are mistakes which can be forgiven. Let’s go through it.

  • Calls Nokia hardware exquisite, but says existing line up relied on an “outmodded OS” – Symbian
  • Phone is solidly built
  • Polycarbonate feels something between plastic and metal. It isn’t slippery.
  • Shoots nice looking pictures
  • Battery can last a full day
  • Mono speaker not loud enough
  • Can replace iPod thanks to Zune.
  • Maps requires a hefty 1.7gb download (Is he downloading the world? That’s a fair few countries for offline mapping at 1.7GB. Guessing CNN, USA, it’s what, 300mb?)
  • Lumia 800 benefits from all the things that make Windows Phone an operating system that’s pleasant to use.
  • Relatively few apps are available.
  • Worse, developers tend to forget about their Windows Phone software once they do put a version out, and so the apps go stale while ones on other mobile platforms get new features. (Erm, well that’s obviously wrong if you’ve used Windows Phone. I ALWAYS get daily updates for several apps. It’s a really enjoyable cycle where I can witness an app just blossoming and maturing before my eyes. And the apps are high quality)
  • “People drooling over fancy iPhone features like the Siri voice-assist technology or FaceTime video chat won’t find solace in the Lumia 800” (I’m sure I can voice call someone, ask bing by speaking to it to search for something, open an app, text someone. It’s not as Fancy as Siri, but it’s something decent out of the box…and why does this even matter. Marketing. Brilliant marketing that makes you think you freaking need to talk to your phone like a raging loner asking Siri in the library “do you love me”. Yeah, someone was doing this yesterday)
A comment haters and doubters sing in unison is “what makes the lumia so special? It’s just the same as every other WP” not essentially a bad thing. Every WP is fast, fluid and does the job. I guess they mean that as an insult.
Well, oddly, quite a few reviewers have somehow got the feeling that overall, it is different. Not just any kind of different, but ahead of the pack. That’s amazing considering this is not Nokia’s high end WP.
  • Among the available Windows phones, the Lumia 800 stands out.
It’s not the superphone from Nokia by any means. Clearly it is a 8XX series phone. It’s getting a lot of attention. This is what Nokia’s been needing for such a long time. To understand they have to PUSH their devices into people’s faces so consumers are aware of their products. It is a shame they haven’t done it to this level before, but on the upside, it’s better they do it now than never.

Cheers Bradley for the tip!


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