Unannounced Nokia Lumia Windows Phone edited out of developer video (replaced with 800 instead)

| November 17, 2011 | 12 Replies

Remember the other day, reader thaijoni spotted a new Nokia Windows Phone handset that was neither the Lumia 800 or 710? It seemed to have quite a large screen.


If that was intentional, then Nokia would have just left it there, like they did with their concept NFC Belle phones. However, not only did they take the video down and put it on private view only, they edited the video to have the Lumia 800 instead.

So, did we accidentally have a glimpse at another upcoming Nokia Windows Phone before its official début?

Video by 

The Windows Phone keys are invisible when the lights are off.


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  • P

    On another note…I ordered a nokia 800 from carphone warehouse. They say its unbranded and unlocked. Unlocked it is, but I still want to know whether it has any carrier’s software on it. i.e so when Microsoft update mango, the software does not have to be approved by the carrier.

    If i go into settings, then about, under phone information, under name and model, it says carrier: CV UK SW VARIANT ID*** v.02

    So can someone experienced advise whether or not my handset is FULLY UNLOCKED AND UNBRANDED from the carriers software?

    • P

      Oh and when the package came through, the box was slightly open, and the boxes inside it, that has the information booklet and black case, the cardboard boxes was all bent and stuff. Just wanted to know if anyone elses box was open and cardboard boxes were all screwed up. Im a bit paranoid, cos my 800 wasnt starting up today :S even though i left it on charge the whole night.

      Had to do a hard reset and it was charging properly :S

    • that version should be unbranded, Nokia normally call their unbranded UK firmware CV UK or CW UK, I will get mine tomorrow so will let you know exactly what it should be (will be from carphonewarehouse also)

      • P

        Nice of you to reply.

        Note, I got mine from cpw on orange. And let us know how the cardboard boxes with the information booklets and black case inside, were and if the actual phone box was open or anything.

        Im so paranoid right now, because my box was open, cardboard boxes was bent and stuff. Then my phone was not charging properly. All is well now though. But still want proper carrier free firmware 😀

  • Viipottaja

    Interesting. AS to me the design looks a little uninspired (although hard to really tell), would hope its a lower end phone but I gather its more likely they would put a top end model on a video like this. But it is still possible that it was just a concept design and they wanted to replace it with the image of a real phone model, now that the 800 is out.

  • Nokiauniverse

    It’s too late, we have seen the next phone of desire. Like sex you can’t take it back. I think that makes Jay a pimp or something.

  • erzhik

    Who knows..maybe that leak was intentional?

  • Birinci

    It’s still here:

  • dans

    haha, at first all i could see was the black surround of the screen and thought, whoa, that looks amazing.. lol.

    btw, think the leaked hardware looks kinda crappy.

    • Mud

      I’ve seen your girlfriend, now that looks kind of crappy.

  • How fugly is that? Lord Nokia..

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