Incredible Nokia Advert for Nokia Lumia – The Amazing Calls – Nokia’s Cool Again!

| November 18, 2011 | 72 Replies

Holy Shiz! You know my position on Nokia adverts. They’re mostly dull and you don’t know what’s going on. The recent Lumia ones have been very eye catching, bringing up the desirabilities of Nokia phones again. R4lph  tipped us this AWESOME video showing a new advert for the Nokia Lumia 800. It looks incredible. It’s classy, nicely done, funny, attractive, over all sending the message of a highly desirable phone without ever once talking about what it does. Awe. It’s the sense of awe I get in seeing some amazing ads but without the frustration and jealousy that it’s not a Nokia one because …IT IS :D. The music is awesome too.

See the Lumia, the little ball of light in the middle that everyone wants…everyone wants to pick up that call :D. Who’s calling?


Back in August we heard that Nokia would be going with a new Global ad agency instead of Weiden+Kennedy. Sorry W+K but these new guys are incredible. It helps that the phone is very desirable, universally across reviews bringing positive reactions and that the marketing budget is much bigger (though WK, marketing is not just money, it’s ideas, implementation, excecution).

Because it’s so good, let’s watch it again.


The credits listed show this:

Advertiser: Nokia Corporation
Head of Marketing: Xavier Sautereau
Head of Marketing Activation: Nicolas Liebmann
Marketing Activation Manager: Magali Tocanne
Ad Agency: Buzzman
CEO and Creative Director: Georges Mohammed‐Chérif
General and account managers: Thomas Granger, Julien Levilain, Olivier Lopez
Copywriter: Tristan Daltroff
Art Director: Louis Audard
Digital Producers: Laurent Marcus, Julie Bourges
Website Production: les 84 Teaser films
Production/Director: Swiss Kiss/Julien Rocher

The source is quite appropriately named:

One more time:

Here’s the song. Lumia FTW. AWOLNATION – “Sail”


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  • Just Visiting

    Love it! I would love to see this on the tele here in the states (in English, of course)! It’s definitely eye-catching 🙂

    • kan

      Awful advert. 42s in I see the phone. Most people channel hop and if I dropped into that advert anytime before the 42s I would just skip it. Airtime is expensive so why waste it without having your product front and centre. This is just some marketing guy living their fantasy. What does this tell me about the phone? What benefits? Why should I buy? Free downloadable maps is a unique feature. No other android or IOS phone has that feature.

      • Jay Montano

        Yes. Airtime is expensive. Good thing Nokia are pushing the ad budget.

        I’ve replied in some comments below – this ad tells you about the desirability of the Lumia 800. There are other ads that tell you the full story of the 800. This is just one facet.

        There are shows in the UK that go through great TV ads, this looks like something that would belong there. I get your point though, I’ve also screamed out for Nokia to use these precious seconds to sell the phone. Tell me about the phone etc. They took a different route with this one, and it works to make people go, wow, I want it.

        • kan

          How would that advert build desire? Its a serious question. It won’t they would have been better off sticking on a 15s ad with David Beckham using the phone. People like to imitate their idols. Im not saying Nokia should do that but you just don’t build desire by showing people running for something. Features, design, coolness etc are desirable. If the advert was funny you would recall it but this advert does neither. Look at the Apple facetime ads by Sam Mendes they are quality. Selling one feature so that even my grandfather can comprehend. Sorry Jay but I have to disagree with you on this.

          • Just Visiting

            @kan…Wow, you really *don’t* get it 🙂

            Oh well.

          • Jay Montano

            Well sorry Kan, but I will gladly disagree with you on this. I cannot be bothered to type my replies again and again.

            • john

              absolutely loved it

          • Alone89

            Commercials can be presented in many kind of appeal, i.e. sad appeal, humor appeal, imagery appeal and so on, and all these are called EMOTIONAL APPEAL.

            Not that every single consumers are rational-kind-of-people anyway, that’s why emotional appeal are needed for commercials

          • spacemodel

            You’re absolutely right, Kan, nothing special, but he, it’s a Lumia so it must be special.

          • Rock

            Well if Nokia stuck with their old crap advertising company noone would even notice the Lumia. I’ve had Android and Apple fanboys call those adverts amazing. This advert is also great, they don’t need to push the features they have another advert to do that.

            This advert is cool which is why people would recall it. Just like the’amazing everyday’ advert.

            • Jay Montano

              And another thing – since this isn’t Nokia’s high end, it would be wiser to focus more on the desirability of the product (lots have mentioned that intangible sense of great feel about it, the whole speed of it, the fluidity and reliability) than the features.

              People will want it, not sure why they’d want it, try it out and see, it’s quite a bit more than ok and might buy it.

              The tactic right now is to get people just giving it a go. It’s about becoming embedded in the mind of a consumer as possibly being another option. They just might associate the 800 as being cool.

      • Just Visiting

        @kan…Yes, airtime is expensive, and usually TV adverts are about 30 sec max (at least in the U.S.) but I don’t see how they wouldn’t be able to trim this down to the 30 sec requirement.

        Even if they were to let the ad run on TV for the full length, I personally would watch it as it intriguing and I don’t have ADD or ADHD.

      • Better this than the more concrete N97 kind of ads showing a better phone than what it turned out to be..

      • Deep Space Bar

        i didn’t honestly felt nothing from that ad …….it just get it first that’s it ?not strong points ?

  • Rock

    Damn Jay, I get the feeling you like this ad 😛

    Its pretty sweet though, a lot of people have actually noticed Nokias new ads, they think they’re pretty good.

  • Cod3rror

    HAHAHAHA, Man that was horrible! In a typical Nokia fashion, WTF is that commercial about? How about actually using that commercial time to short the phone? You know the product your selling?

    It’s a Nokia fantasy.

    Now Nokia, how about creating the REAL ad? i.e. people running away from a Nokia.

    • Jay Montano

      What you mean like your iPhone ads where they treat everyone as imbeciles? How about STFU?

      • xyz

        Dont feed the troll.

        • Jay Montano

          On a serious note, Codebutthurt as I’ve seen him referred to by some folks here is obviously not happy Nokia’s getting back on track and might persuade some people not to buy his iThang.

          • a3x

            Ignore the man/woman. Although he/she trolls around, the guy/gal is an N8 user, and has several previous Nokia phones. I remember a previous post he/she made about his/her Nokia collection. It’s a closet thing.

            OTOH, I’m glad nokia is back on the road and getting ready for prime time.

      • btdt

        Jay, dude! Don’t bother. This individual has serious issues with her mental health. Just let it be. She won’t get better by feeding.

    • jonnyjl

      Sigh… I do kind of hate commercials. Luckily I haven’t had to really watch one in the past 6 years… yes I still watch TV, but no, I don’t have to watch commercials (or even skip them)… use your imagination.

      However, that was a pretty lame commercial. I got bored half way in with the slow motion crap and kind of wished that they all would have crashed into each since they were all running into a singular point.

      Oh and then a phone appeared.

      • Jay Montano

        It’s one of those ads where for the most of it, you don’t know what they’re actually selling (in a good way) until the end.

        Most Nokia ads, they have been intending to tell you what they’re selling but just never worked. This one is less so much about it doing X/Y/Z more just something that’s utterly desirable and something you (general) would want.

        Might not be to everyone’s cup of tea. Responses across the web seems to be positive. I’m really liking it because, well, we rarely ever get noticeable (good noticeable) Nokia ads.

        • jonnyjl

          The problem is they’re being so blatant about trying to convey desire. I mean you immediately got, “oh they all want something and they’re willing to beat the shit out of each other”.

          To borrow your britishism 🙂 that isn’t my cup of tea.

          I do like the fun ads, I can’t say I’ve ever been swayed by an ad, and quite frankly I hate all advertisements, but if I had to pick, I prefer the fun, lighter, ads.

          Apple was good at that (and I don’t like Apple products). I thought Nokia’s Jesse’s Girl teaser was good, even if it was unofficialish for a product that never materialized.

          I think Nokia could do better.

          I must say, Microsoft and Microsoft-influenced ads sure like the slow-mo, stop motion, 3D panning crap.

        • marcmct

          Agreed. Amazing ad! made me smile and watch several times. Also shared it immediately through social outlets, and isn’t that what they are striving for? Cool ad. Hopefully it reaches the states because this is exactly what the Nokia/MS partnership needs to compete with the likes of the iPhone and the Droid adverts. Mindshare is king!

    • Corraine

      LOL as opposed to the usual way Apple does it?

      • amoshydra

        The funniest moment!! 2:16

    • Alone89

      hmmm.. I actually don’t understand why some kind of people just wouldn’t use their time for more meaningful things instead of trolling.

      Can’t you just concern your parents, your pets, your lover, your children, your jobs, or even charity?

      Time is scarce you know, why waste it on something majority don’t like?

    • Prasenjit Bist

      cod3 horror u are really a fcukin pest u got so much trashing at nokia conversations and now u are infecting my nokia blog. u and ur iasxholes are all doomed u ppl and ur socalled fcukin brands are not even worthy to lick nokia’s ass.

      I really lost my cool today u do not like nokia and make nasty commnets yet u are at every nokia site why are u paid by those gorilla brands or u are a psycho maniac

    • jason404

      I’m not sure if you really are that dumb, but modern advertising is often about projecting image and desirability, when it is a lifestyle product being marketed.

      Just compare an American 1950s car advert (look on Youtube) and compare that to modern car advert for a luxury car, where you are likely yo hardly see the car at all (at least one from Europe – a lot of American car adverts are still very unsophisticated).

  • xyz

    Hehe, I liked that ad a lot. Best one since.. since? 🙂

    • Jay Montano

      Haha. This ad is not the ad that shows what it does, but brilliantly, it’s the ad that will make people go, “I want that”. It’s very well done, some very funny moments (like the guy’s wig being ripped off).

      This is just one of many ads that tell the story of the Lumia. This particular one doesn’t need to talk about what it does.

  • Jesse

    Cool! Love that song too, just downloaded through zune pass on my phone : )

    • Jay Montano

      Been listening to their album on spotify. Some pretty decent tracks.

  • stylinred

    a good commercial! woooo! lets hope it becomes a trend instead of the usual rare gem

  • karam

    best way to sell a phone is to show how everybody wants the phone. like damn sheep, offensive in a way.

    • Jay Montano

      I guess if it was N9 it would be fine.

      • karam

        haha funny, and sorry did not mean to rant. but when I bought the n82, it was the “storytelling rediscovered” ad that got me in. and the N9 is about how unique you are “show yourself” (although I wish I had one). what message is behind this Lumia ad? run faster, get it first?

      • incognito

        No it wouldn’t. Pointless ad is a pointless ad, be it for the Lumia 800, the N9 or a portable 1GW laser with an interface for connecting it to a shark’s head. At least the ‘amazing everyday’ one was mildly entertaining as people like to watch that kind of stunts – this is plain unimaginative.

        But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

    • mussab

      Wow! .. this Ad must be really good to make the Lumiaphobics this mad 🙂

      It’s also interesting to see how they say that they hate “this type of advertising” when that’s exactly how most Lumiaphobics work!

      .. by trying to tell the world how bad the Lumias are and how that everyone hates them .. except the paid off blogosphere of course 🙂

      • Just Visiting

        @mussab..Lol 🙂

      • karam

        I do not hate WP, I only dislike it as I tend not to get emotional with tech 😉

        but the point is, WHAT IS THE UNDERLYING MESSAGE in this ad? everybody is fighting to get it, you should too? it is amazing, run for it?

        • mussab

          It’s called “Advertising” my friend, its primary goal is to create buzz and attach you to the product.

          If you look through most of the successful advertising campaigns you’ll see that it talks much less to your logic than to your heart.

          They do that by creating amazing visuals, telling enchanting stories, showing cute babies, …

          Even those Ads that talk about specs and features, they usually don’t become successful without talking to your heart with the “hype” factor and that “baby music” in the background 🙂

          You might be too smart to be affected by advertising, good for you.

          But good for Nokia and Advertising agencies that most people aren’t like you.

  • gabriel9

    Nothing special, and not so cool.
    Buy N9, it’s really good phone.

    • Meade

      Oh, shut up. If it’s N9 they’re advertising you’d say it’s a good ad.

      Gosh, I like N9, but I’m amazed at the blind hatred N9 fans have toward anything WP.

      • gabriel9

        Dude who are you to tell me to shut up? I post this replay because i excepted “Incredible Advert”. And i’m sick how all blogs praise WP. And it is not nothing new… Windows on N9 design.

        • Jay Montano

          It’s not just praising WP. I liked the ad because it was a great Nokia ad. Personally, it’s been just frustration seeing a crap nokia ad after another, and this one was particularly good, and incredible by Nokia standards.

          I’d like a picket sign saying “nothing new, it’s nothing new”. Seems to be a wonderful mantra from the anti Lumia crowd.

          If so…so what? I’m just liking that Nokia is getting back on it’s foot. I am after all writing on my NOKIA blog.

          • gabriel9

            All this crap with ads is pure waste of money. You should hire more engineers and make your product even better. But we live in crazy world where you can sell a shit if you wrap it nice and make good ad for it… This is one of the reason why i stopped watch TV.
            But some ads are really nice and inspirational, this is definitely not. People run like crazy to get some device which in bigger picture not changing their life’s. :/

            Nokia is not getting on they foots. MS is getting on them. It’s the OS that counts. Apps are what brings money, with OS you have control. You can always find some manufacturer to create hardware. But OS is the spirit of the device. And NOKIA have no spirit, hmm they are possessed. 😀

            I’m not Anti Lumnia, it’s just a phone. The politics and strategy for Lumnia is what’s bothering me. And you can tell that N9 and Lumnia have same start positions?

            I have bought N9 and it is great, even my friends from companies that are partners with MS are saying that N9 is great and better then WP.
            Hell they all have Androids and iPhones, even MS is big part of their life. Non of them have Windows Phone.

            • migo

              You must live in a fantasy world where products get sold without advertising. Whish I could be there with you.

        • Meade

          Maybe you should take the hint that if most tech blogs praise wp… It means that it’s a good os? And the concept of putting wp in a successful hardware isn’t unique to Nokia. Samsung already did it and I don’t see android fans whining about it. You like N9, fine. Comment and praise N9 to high heavens… IN AN N9 ARTICLE!

          P. S. It’s dudette.

          • Just Visiting

            @Meade…+1. You go gurl 🙂

          • N9

            “Maybe you should take the hint that if” No one buys the WP, “It means that it’s a” Bad “os?”

            • Meade

              Really? You never see a good product not selling due to lack of recognition? I myself never heard of wp until 3 months ago. The damn thing already almost a year old then.

  • Jesse

    The girl in the picture reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar! She is way cute!!

  • Nintendo-Xbox

    Ad is awesome! Glad they moved to new ad agencies.

  • jk

    Splendid! It looks/sounds nothing like an ad. It is masterpiece of arts.

  • Hellos34A2

    Awesome. I cannot wait to see more commercials, Nokia is pretty good at the youtube commercials, much better than Samsung and HTC.

  • BellGo

    I think the ad works, but I can’t help but to be mentally disappointed when all you see in the end are some ugly tiles.

    ..But maybe that’s just me.

    • N9


  • Kabooom

    I think you don’t get it, in this ad people don’t want to have the phone but the call from metronomy, joye starr ( musician) and darren tullet and have a private concert with metronomy, etc and people didn’t know what hour was it. They wanted to create a buzz, it was 2 weeks ago and Diffused in tv with normal amazing everyday.
    Look at and do google translate : you have precisely the marketing campaign in France

  • migo

    I like the Galaxy Nexus ad better, but depending on the other ads it could work ok.

  • manjibtroll

    “If the phone is so good, it should sell itself”

    Like the Nokia N900?

  • Mud

    Wow,wow,wow!!! Apple and Android have nothing like this, they are outdated and boring. This is incredible!!! Love it!!!

  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    Love the product placement of Purity Over Ear headphones

  • Oliver

    Wonderful execution, really looks fantastic. Yet to me it sends the wrong message in its subtext. On the surface it is “oh, people are crazy about the phone” but what you actually SEE is people acting unpleasantly. I don’t want to be like them. In fact, right until the end I expected it to be a parody on iPhone buyers. The chinese ad for the N9 we saw the other day is much, much more on spot – it took the lemon of the whole N9 situation and effectively milked it for all the lemonade it could. As an ad man, the highest praise you can give others’ work is “I wish I did that”. I wish I did the chinese N9 ad – but not the 800 one. So Nokia, more great looking as please but do make sure they send the right message.

    Regardless, my girlfriend just got herself the Lumia 800 and it is really pretty slick, so I’m not just bitter about the N9 😉

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  • Punching Bag

    Jay, do you want to laugh? Running Man!

    I thought this music video was similar…if only it had the disco tiles! Utah Saints – Something Good 08

  • Stan

    I don’t like that much WP, but this ad is superb 🙂

  • sansan

    i just saw the real defination of Advertising
    this is one amazing ad good job Pro Ad

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