Compal shipments increased, Nokia the factor (but was the order volume actually 2M?)

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It should be no surprise to hear the phrases ‘volume shipments in 2012″ for Nokia Windows Phones as that’s what Nokia have been saying since February. The aim was first to get the darned thing out to market first and it’s here. (There were fears it would not even appear until 2012).

There were also news that it might ‘just’ be 2 million ordered from Compal (as Nokia’s own factories were not yet equiped to do the job). Saying ‘just’ in comparison to what Nokia does with Symbian. Where that story originated I’m still not quite sure, but it wasn’t from Nokia.

According to Digitimes, Compal’s order sizes was 200,000 in October, ramping up to 600,000 apparently for November on the strength of Nokia’s orders (including everyone else). For some context, from January to September, Compal shipped just 2.1M.  That’s like 230,000 a month without Nokia? Not sure what the December orders are to corroborate the full 2M supposed Nokia orders. Nokia never stated that. Perhaps it’s another case of not meeting our own expectations? (Well there is also the basis that Nokia can ship 20+M Symbian phones with ease on their own).

Some folk, who call themselves analysts, predict the doom of Lumia based on Google trends. Again, it’s just early days. It’s not even a week that Lumia 800 has been on sale. And in just 6 countries.

The intent next year is to bring Lumia to more markets. Nokia’s own factories would be ready to deliver in mass volume but Compal apparently would still be assisting. With more than 30 countries planned, Compal’s orderbook is apparently more than double the volume landed in Q4 2011. If anyone can ship phones to everyone, everywhere it’s Nokia.

DigiTimes via WMPowerUser

(Wonder if there can be a discussion without a flamewar and finger pointing?)


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