Compal shipments increased, Nokia the factor (but was the order volume actually 2M?)

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It should be no surprise to hear the phrases ‘volume shipments in 2012″ for Nokia Windows Phones as that’s what Nokia have been saying since February. The aim was first to get the darned thing out to market first and it’s here. (There were fears it would not even appear until 2012).

There were also news that it might ‘just’ be 2 million ordered from Compal (as Nokia’s own factories were not yet equiped to do the job). Saying ‘just’ in comparison to what Nokia does with Symbian. Where that story originated I’m still not quite sure, but it wasn’t from Nokia.


According to Digitimes, Compal’s order sizes was 200,000 in October, ramping up to 600,000 apparently for November on the strength of Nokia’s orders (including everyone else). For some context, from January to September, Compal shipped just 2.1M. ย That’s like 230,000 a month without Nokia? Not sure what the December orders are to corroborate the full 2M supposed Nokia orders. Nokia never stated that. Perhaps it’s another case of not meeting our own expectations? (Well there is also the basis that Nokia can ship 20+M Symbian phones with ease on their own).

Some folk, who call themselves analysts, predict the doom of Lumia based on Google trends. Again, it’s just early days. It’s not even a week that Lumia 800 has been on sale. And in just 6 countries.

The intent next year is to bring Lumia to more markets. Nokia’s own factories would be ready to deliver in mass volume but Compal apparently would still be assisting. With more than 30 countries planned, Compal’s orderbook is apparently more than double the volume landed in Q4 2011. If anyone can ship phones to everyone, everywhere it’s Nokia.

DigiTimes via WMPowerUser

(Wonder if there can be a discussion without a flamewar and finger pointing?)


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  • JFH

    Lumia is already the best selling WP device ever, so at least it is a good start.

    • Jay Montano

      I had assumed that but did not have the sources to prove it. There should be more Lumia 800 than any other single WP by Q1. They’re most definitely on track to be number 1 WP manufacturer by 2012 (though not that difficult given Nokia with tons of cheaper Symbian handsets can push 4x amount of all other WP manufacturers combined in 1Q).

      I hope we can see them really leveraging their scale (and of course bring us the high end for geeks and low end to tap into that area of the market).

      • Z A E E N T E C H

        When I hear high end Nokia Lumia WP. The fist thing comes to my mind is a phone pessimal to Nokia E7 or N950 with all the whistles & bells we are used to see in typical high end Nokia N series phone. Will it be like that or even better? That is the question ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shiamal Harkison

      lets just be honest now, it didnt have to do much to be the best selling wp ever..

      • krustylicious

        Indeed and given that Q3 figures wp7 sales have shrunk by 50%!!

        Nokia has an uphill struggle to a) push wp and b) remove the “oil spillage” that Elop did back in February.

        To be honest Nokia is now in a bigger mess then it was when Elop came along.

        • Nokia is releasing new models and updates like crazy now, almost without publicly known delays.

          Memory has a habit to paint the past in rosy colors, but do you really think this is WORSE Nokia? Really? I honestly think it is already much better company. Thanks to Elop.

          • me

            A WORSE Nokia? Most Definitely.

            What we’ve now is a failed company, that’s offloading patents to the patent troll Mosaid in an uphill struggle, trying to fight open solutions.

            What we could’ve had: A smartphone company with an open, Linux standards conforming Linux-based smartphone platform.

            And none of this bullshit with Microsoft’s DUD software.

            • Mark

              Yeah… that’s the MeeGo software that languished for three years with no product development other than stupidly linking up with Intel. You know Nokia only actually released a Maemo product (the N9) when Elop came along and pulled them out of that disastrous arrangement, right?

              You really haven’t a clue, do you?

              • N00-00

                You have no clue.. MeeGo announcement was done 2010, not in 2008. Also, the first Nokia product with MeeGo was always going to be based on Harmattan with MeeGo compatible API. Elop didn’t do much for the N9\N950 as its development and the buttonless interface started way before Elop came on board. If Elop did anything was to stop the N950 from reaching the market and not to push N9.

                • Mark

                  The Maemo 5 development kit was available back in 2009 with the N900 being released in November 2009.

                  You’ll recall that development was then supposed to start on the next generation of devices… except that didn’t happen because Nokia – under the jurisdiction of OPK – decided to join forces with Intel and others in February 2010 – so yeah, my bad, it only languished for nearly TWO years producing absolutely nothing – and with no prospect of producing anything until Elop pulled it back in house under Maemo 6 – rather than three.

                  Two years of development and one product to show for it. And you call that progress? LOL! If it hadn’t been pulled back I doubt you’d even have the N9.

                  • N00-00

                    Maemo6(Harmattan) was ready when the MeeGo-deal was signed. They just delayed the release to adopt some of the API for MeeGo compatibility. The original interface was ready in Aug\Sep-2010 but were asked to be re-written. That us why it took 9 more months.

                    Elop didn’t pull anything back and didn’t do anything for this. I don’t get where People get this idea. The N9\N950 was ALWAYS supposed to be on Harmattan (with MeeGo-compatibility) rather than MeeGo.

                    • Mark

                      Yeah… and that’s why it took TWO YEARS to appear.

                      That’s called ‘bad executive decision making’ which I think you’ll find was OPK and his mob, not Elop.

              • meego

                Bull-S.Tell me how firing Meego people and shelving it for dead speeds up project development.

                • Mark

                  Because it’s a futile money pit that no-one gives a shit about and which was ridiculously slow to market.

                  • ssdh

                    Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking about WP…

                    • Mark

                      Could be. We’ll have to wait and see. MeeGo was DOA though.

        • migo

          It doesn’t say much given that iPhone sale figures would shrink too after the first quarter a model is on the market.

          Quarterly sales figures only start giving useful information when it’s year over year.

          • N00-00

            iPhone sales didn’t decrease 50% from Q2 to Q3 this year when every one knew a new iPhone was coming soon.

            WP’s sales is decreasing a lot and even MS is worried about it.

            • The WP/WM Q3 decrease was YoY and WP was launched in Q4 2010. So it was in fact the comparison of cheap WM devices, available in all world’s languages, with quite expensive WP devices with pretty limited language support.

        • Terje

          Eh, you need to learn how to read. Try to figure out the concept of Year over Year, and then you consider when WP7 was release.

          Hint: You are comparing WP7 sales to WinMo sales. Not relevant.

    • stylinred

      well i think that’s to be expected…after all… but i wonder how well the Lumia will do compared to other devices Nokia has released at the same time like the recent belle devices or even the n9; given all the attention and money behind advertising i would hope the lumia does better but ???

      • eze

        lumia highest selling wp7 phone? really? i guess thats compared to the 100 sold by htc titan? lol.
        if in february, elop had came out and said “symbian is being rejuvenated and also expect to see enhanced wp7 phones by the end of the year” we would be telling a whole different story, but the idiot came out in his suit and told investors “hey your wasting your money on my crappy o/s” good job CEO

        • Deep Space Bar


        • N8 rocks

          There are around 1000 wp around the world, most of them delivered as a gift. Nokia is losing it’s true fans by following a stupid CEO you can find him as a cashier in McDonalds.

          I’m waiting for BBX from blackberry with Qt support.

          • Mark

            You’re waiting for a Blackberry?

            Wow. Way to blow any credibility you might have had.

            • N00-00

              He said BBX OS from Blackberry. That is QNX one and not the current OS. It will have official Qt support. Even I’m looking forward to it.

              • Mark

                Yeah… and what other platforms will BBX run on other than RIM devices?

                That’s right, none of them!

                • migo

                  That’s not necessarily a problem. The PlayBook has a pretty awesome OS. It’s just app support that’s a question mark, but security is enough to still make that a worthwhile trade off and keep RIM in the game.

                • N00-00

                  There will be lot of RIM devices based on that. Also, because it is coming from RIM its security won’t be as flawed as other OSes currently available in the market..

                  iOS runs only on Apple devices. your point?

                  • Mark

                    My point being he’s waiting for a Blackberry. QED.

                    • N8 rocks

                      Ignore him guys

          • Microsoft has said it has sold more WP devices than Android in its first year. There were 5+ million Adroid phones sold in the 1st year.

            • stylinred

              isnt microsoft in its 2nd year now

              • They compared the first years of both platforms.

                My guess – and I have compared a lot of indirect sources and follow it closely, because I’m a developer – is they have sold 7 mill. devices during the 1st year. Their original plan was 25 mill., so it is no success at all.

                Also, the comparison with Android makes little sense, because the smartphone market wa much smaller back then. On the other hand, it was much less consolidated and cemented.

                Just saying WP market is already in low millions, not in thousands.

  • Mark

    I think that puts things in perspective, Jay. There’s no way to guage the real success of Nokia’s WP venture for a good few quarters yet.

    I don’t expect the Lumia 800 to smash sales record because Nokia has lost so much presence in its European markets. I don’t expect it to realistically compete in terms of volume against the iPhone and Galaxy S II because they’re firmly established products. What will be interesting though is if it sells enough units to be visible and create a buzz.

    Remember it took the HTC Dream, the first Android phone, six months to shift a million units. These things take time. Of course there are no guarantees and the public are fickle but it feels like the Lumia range has a fighting chance to re-establish Nokia’s brand.

  • Harangue

    ‘Some folk, who call themselves analysts, predict the doom of Lumia based on Google trends.’

    Yup, how can you search for something of which you don’t know the name yet? N8 name out for 6 months before release, Lumia name a mere 3 weeks.

    • dr_zorg

      That’s just to show that no difficulty will ever stop an “analyst” from making “analyses”.

      I just hope that this lack of credulity will remain with you guys regarding “analyses” that concern Symbian and Maemo, as well ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mark

        Not really. Those figures were based on actual sales figures and ASPs over multiple quarters.

        Whilst I’m looking forward to Belle on my N8 Symbian is a dead duck.

    • N00-00

      Didn’t those “analysts” say WP will be 2nd to Android or even beat it by 2015 just few months back?? Not that I trust these analysts.

      The trend comparison was done with N9 (whose hopes was killed the day it was announced) and the “highly anticipated” Nokia WP devices which got full backing and an “accidental” leak just days after N9’s announcement (and for whom the N9 wasn’t announced\released in some markets so that the N9 doesn’t “sabotage” its sales).

  • Seylan

    Why not bring it to more markets? It will do very well here in South Africa.(we do have the N9 though)
    I have very high-expectations for their next flagship. I have been tempted by the Nexus Prime…and Android ICS looks awesome! Maybe, just maybe, a Nokia with ICS would actually be a hit.

    • N00-00

      WP hasn’t done well in South Africa and many of the mobile operators have dropped some of the WP offerings because of that.

    • JD!

      YOu will be disappointed by any WP flagship phones.

      Dont expect even basic features which current Nokia Symbian phones give you.

      And did i say forget multi tasking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Mark

        Yes, don’t expect a juddery UI, random crashes and an awful keyboard.

        • dr_zorg

          You seem to be describing another Windows product?

  • mussiexxx


  • dss

    is the 800 compal made?

    • zlutor

      Elop contacted manager of Salo factory when he introduced the Lumia 800 on a video call presenting Lumia phones are assembled there.

      It is quite logical since N9 is also made there (and in China a.f.a.i.k)…

      • kan

        The word is that the Salo factory will be re-assessed in january most likely cut back or closed down.

        The tight WP requirements means the internals and general spec will be pretty generic. Nokia will add value in design, workmanship etc but not perhaps in pure specs alone.

      • N00-00

        I’m not sure Nokia makes WP devices from its factories yet. My understanding is Nokia will manufacture WP devices from its factories from Q2 2012.

    • Black

      Yes Lumias are made by Compal apparently using a Compal existing board, and a using a case design from NOKIA. the incompatibilities, between the 2 some say explain the lack of FFC.

      • krustylicious

        Basically an 8 month bodge job.

  • troll

    are you really expecting the likes of n9 and Dr zorg to stop trolling? They Will blame Elop or some bullshit and keep shitting out of their mouths.

    • Black

      And this is how you start. Please don’t had gasoline to the fire.

    • Eddy

      Dr. Zorg will never stop trolling.

      After many positive reviews of the 800, Dr. Korg called sour grapes and dared to say that reviews should reflect the sales numbers. so for example, if a phone gets good sales, the review should be positive and a negative review if sales are bad. so if a phone has features that a reviewer like, the reviewer shouldn’t offer his/her opinion about them but rather cite sales numbers. although us normal people realize that reviews and sales numbers provide two different pieces of information, Dr. Zorg doesn’t agree.

      I challenged him on his idiocy because I know that HE WILL HAVE HIS FOOT IN HIS MOUTH if he DARES to mention a positive REVIEW of the N9 or any other future MeeGo based device but I have yet to get his response.

      • dr_zorg

        You seem to have a reading comprehension problem.

        Nowhere did I say that reviews need to reflect sales numbers.

        If you are making such a claim, link it here for everyone to see.

        I said that sales numbers should be the sole criterion for defining whether a product is successful or not.

        Once again you fall face-first in mud. Congratulations.

  • MyNokiaLife

    “” released a video today claiming the Nokia N9 is the best Smartphone you can not buy in the U.S. Of course, we all know this is an old title of an article and we all know the N9 has been sold in the U.S. for months and is now available at Amazon. So the video was false in respect to not being able to get the N9 in the U.S.? Yes, that’s how Wall Street does things. Everything is fake, everything is manipulation. Now excuse me, I have to get back to my day trading. Once you know it’s all fake, you can make money off the fakers.

  • Shaun

    I presume Compal aren’t making ALL of the Lumia 800s as Nokia were quite keen on showing them coming off the production line in Salo.

    • zlutor

      I hardly believe they enable anybody making that policarbonate body… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • incognito

      Compal is doing the insides, Nokia assembles them in their own factories. Kind of a screwdriver ‘manufacturing’ at this point… But still, at least Nokia makes the body, not Compal.

  • jklubi

    Have you guys also looked at the fact that Nokia can ship 50 million Lumia’s a day.

    But it would be sitting in the stores with no one buying it due to customer revolt.

    Most of you guys are happy about Lumia, a lot more are simply not interested…

    They are happy and ready for it to fail, all these assumptions should be accounted for.

    • troll

      most of you guys? did you mean all the retarded trolls in this place wants wp to die so that elop will go away and that other ceo who allowed n97 to happen will come back and all the fans can hide their heads in the sand once more?

      • Black

        Some might say… yes back to the time wen with “heads in the sand” Nokia was by far the biggest smart phone manufacturer. Now its what??

        I wonder where WP fans hide their heads???

        • Jon

          The key word being was. Nokia kept loosing 30% of the market and profits when they stuck to Symbian. And that was before February 11, 2011. Of course that accelerated when news of the transition to WP7 was announced, but at least they’ve got a chance of a comeback now, instead of a slow death at the hands of Symbian. Once people have suffered through the N97 and its kin, it’s very hard to convince them that Belle is any different. WP7 on the other hand is a fresh start. It might fail, but at least there’s a chance.

          • N00-00

            Even though Nokia was losing market share, Symbian sales was increasing QoQ and its profits were increasing.

            WP has been on sale for over a year and its sales numbers is actually decreasing. MS is ashamed to announce the number of WP licenses sold these days. I remember them saying they sold 2M WP licenses during the first quarter after WP’s launch. It has been to a bad start and its performance getting worse with each quarter.

        • Arts

          They hold meetings to discuss how the iPhone will fail base on its weakness. That is the old Nokia for you.

          What’s the difference about the Old Nokia and apple? One is an idiot that sat on its ass while the other worked from the last place to top dog.

          • Black

            One might say then, “Opposed to the meetings they don’t have now, on how WP will win based on its strong Metro UI”

    • Oh Hei

      “But it would be sitting in the stores with no one buying it due to customer revolt.”

      Customer revolt? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read so far today ๐Ÿ™‚

      jklubi, you’re a comedian. Enjoy living in your Symbian/HM bubble ๐Ÿ™‚

      • JD!

        lol at least he has a bubble. You dont have that either with your sh*t WP Phones. Go hide under Elop’s pant. He might sh*t on you as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  • kan

    The share price is taking a battering. Was $6.50 close on Friday and as of writing it’s $5.64.

    I think the logic is that if Nokia can only ship 500k Lumia in its core European market in 2 months then the launch has been a failure.

    • Pรถkรถ

      This news is dud.

      Same goes for that other briallant news that refers to google trends as indicator that Lumia won’t sell. LOL.

    • Arts

      They deco have to control this.

    • Mark

      Yeah… he references the same analyst as Forbes. I would point out that neither Savitz or JP are exactly Nokia friendly.

  • KC

    As others have said, given the fact that in the year WP 7/7.5 have been on the market, it has managed to LOSE market share, Nokia Lumia phones being the best selling WP devices is completely expected.

    The questions is, can Nokia alone be the force that makes the WP Platform finally catch on cause by the time Windows 8 hits PCs and Metro gets forced down millions of users throats, the Mobile world will already be moved on to that “Next Disruption” Mr Elop talks about. There will be at least two versions beyond ice cream sandwich of Android, BlackBerry may be back in the game with BBX (even if only 1/3 of their current users make the switch they will destroy the WP user base), and who knows what Samsung will do with Tizen (formerly MeeGo).

    Without Samsung being as committed to Windows Phone as Nokia, I just don’t know if Nokia has enough muscle left to carry the platform by it’s self and the other ecosystem partners despite having to pay Microsoft Royalties to use Android still seem much more committed to that ecosystem then to WP.

    I just don’t think the WP approach of walking a tightrope between Apple’s locked down walled Garden and Android’s multi-manufacturer approach will work in practice. Sure differentiation in specs is coming next year, but there’s already no shortage of sub $100 pre-paid android phones TODAY.

    All I’m saying is that if Nokia really did bet the farm on Windows Phone, then they better get used to living in an apartment cause they sure as hell aren’t going to be the force they once were. WP will survive because Microsoft will force it down people’s throats, by making Windows 8 and XBox Live all look like Metro, but I don’t see it ever over taking Android ever or iOS anytime soon.

  • faby

    got a 3 months old white SG2. Anyone wants to swap for lumia 800??

    • Black

      Apparently not many. ๐Ÿ™

      • faby

        Thats good one mate. U having a laugh but seriously i have to get rid of the SG2 one way of another.

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  • viperkid

    Nokia Lumia 800 sales fail to meet targets?

  • viperkid