Lumiappaday #4: Adobe Reader (for PDF) demoed on Nokia Lumia 800

| November 24, 2011 | 16 Replies


We did a Lumiappaday. this morning already, but as I mentioned, we will be doing more than one on some days to get the whole collection of apps I’ve got so far (as well as the new ones).

This app we’re looking at should really be there by default but it’s not and saying it already that you should download it straight away for your Lumia if you haven’t already.

#4 Adobe Reader

Price: Free




This app of course is for reading PDF files. You get a list of PDFs which are on your phone and they open up just like most PDFs. It’s simple and does the job.

Rating: 8.5

Design: 8 – it’s clean, simple, not much to expect really.  List view cannot be viewed in landscape, though of course, the documents themselves can.

Usability: 7 – it’s all just very simple to use. Just tap, open, swipe to next pages, pinch zoom or double tap to zoom in and out. I like how I can zoom in on pages very closely which helps when I have slide hand outs. I can’t do that on my touchpad. The 800X480 display (like on the internet tablets of old Nokias and N900) really make it more pleasant to view the smaller text. You can of course smoothly pinch and zoom the text. The whole document can be viewed in full screen in landscape or portrait.


My main gripe is that there’s no function to go to a particular page. That’s a problem I have also on my touchpad. This is an issue for me since I have some textbooks in PDF format. 1000 page+. I am not swiping to page 800. I think my N8 had this function but it was difficult to read and was a touch slow. I’m going to assume that most folk will be using smaller sized PDFs? It also doesn’t do search for words. Perhaps it would be nice to do more than delete the PDF’s? Maybe send them?

I like that downloading PDFs online opens up Adrobe Reader automatically and saves it automatically for later viewing. I don’t like however that it’s rather difficult to transfer over files on my PC. Emailed PDFs are great, and as you can see in the video I used (I also have dropbox) to sync files over anyway. Actually that’s how I’ve been transferring documents from my PC to my mac as it was just convenient having this one place to access all my files from.

Performance: 9 – Yeah it works well. It is fast, smooth, slick. It can actually handle large PDFs fine. I was surprised how quickly it refreshed pages once I got to that page. It was significantly faster than my Touchpad and I think, my friend’s iPad 2 (I only remember this because I found it odd my touchpad loaded quicker than his  iPad 2). Would be nice to go to a page by either scroll or number setting. Scrolling is buttery, as in pinch and zoom and tap to zoom. Rotation is also very smooth and has no issue with multitasking

Price: 10 – Free. No ads. Yay 😀 We will be covering paid apps. Don’t worry, not everything will get 10. (And not all free apps immediately get 10. It’s whether it was a worth download, whether the ads were intrusive and affected the app in anyway, and if a paid app was very well priced, it could get 10 too).

Conclusion: It’s a must install. It should be preinstalled.


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  • Sun Down

    I feel like I’ll die if I don’t have an 800 soon. This hardware looks gorgeous, the OS looks gorgeuous and the applications themselves looks sexy. Is this lust or is this love?

  • troll

    its smooth? 😡 cause i read in the marketplace reviews that the app is pretty laggy. Maybe its pre mango or something.

    • KeiZka

      It’s “OK” on Optimus 7, though I guess those 400mhz more oomph might help here.

      • troll

        hopefully so =( cause when i tried finding a free replacement app i could not find one. but then again when im ready to buy one things might change. =D

    • Jay Montano

      Not had a problem with it myself on pre-nodo, though it is better on my Lumia 800 than Omnia7.

      If the video works, you should see it’s very smooth on the Lumia. 🙂

  • Bertie

    WP has good apps, however the inability to transfer any file between mobile and PC directly (e.g. without internet) is fatal design flaw of the OS and reaason why I’m getting N9 instead.

    • Meade

      Zune doesn’t exactly need the internet…

      • Bertie

        Zune transfers multimedia.
        But can I transfer PDF to phone via Zune?
        Can I download mail attachment to phone and transfer it to PC?
        If some app creates a file (.GPX for example), how can I transfer it to PC or another phone without using internet?

        Microsoft: All your files are belong to us.

  • dsmobile

    N9 has page function in documents app so no need to scroll down to page 386 🙂

  • Mazze

    Impressive! U’d never get that with Symbian. If MS now replaces these ugly tiles on the homescreen with nice widgets I’m all convinced.

    • Andre C

      You can get that on symbian IF and only IF adobe makes a pdf reader for it.

      MS won’t replace the tiles, that’s how metro UI was designed and windows 8 will use it too, on touch devices. Good or bad, it is what it is.
      Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with tiles. It’s just different. Humans are afraid to try new things. It’s in our nature.

      • Mazze

        I’ve tried it. But widgets allow me to perform the most important tasks right from the homescreen without browsing into the app all the time. I find that a lot more convenient and most importantly it’s quicker. Tiles can only show information. That’s all. For me that’s a waste of space. But apart from that I really like Windows a lot.

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  • Jesse

    I am happy to say I have never installed this app and never needed it!! Death to PDF’s 😀

    Although I have to say it doesn’t look bad at all, just the constant updates in the PC version have made me grow up to despise its existance.

    • Keizka

      Happy you -_- As a student I have to pore over research plans and studies that happen to be these days mostly in PDF..

  • Ghislain

    Hi, I’m new to this smart phone business and am having a lot of trouble downloading a pdf to my Lumia 800 that I have on my PC. How did you downloadm your pdfs? My pdfs are 59 and 26 MBs. Any hepl you can give would be great. Also noticed my PC doesn’t recognise that I’ve connected my phone to it by the USB.

    Many thanks for any help you could provide