Lumia 800 users: How is your battery holding up?

| November 26, 2011 | 99 Replies

It is debatable if this is the right place to post this, after all nobody wants a Windows Phone and in particular not a Nokia Windows Phone. (wink, wink) Anyway, there have been some concerns around the web regarding the battery life of the Lumia 800. Reports range from barely getting a day out of a charge to a mere 12 hours and that is, whatever way you spin it, just bad.


I’ve been carrying a Lumia 800 for a week or so now and I can’t say that battery life has been stellar so far. Most likely it is in part due to the usage patern one has with a new phone, but still battery life isn’t what I expected of it. The worst I’ve seen so far was in the first days of ownership, I could barely get 12 hours out of a charge. Now, a few days later, it has increased to about 18 hours with a maximum of 27 hours whilst being on battery save mode for about 20 hours of that time.

Nokia has said that there is a fix coming to change some things on the software side that should improve battery life and apparantly also allow faster charging, this should arrive somewhere in December.

So the question is, first of all; are there any Lumia 800 users on this blog 😉 and second of all how is your battery life? And is it related to your usage or does it drain quickly even when you don’t really use it?


It might need a poll though? Jay, any help there?


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  • barry t

    i bought the lumia one the other week its by far not ready to go on sale call quality issues, battery issues, music playbac sound issues where does it end bad move nokia i got rid of my iphone 4 for this piece of crap now im going back to apple!.

  • bobhyde

    which video do you want us to watch with regards to reported battery issues on Lumia?