Lumiappaday #10: Super Mario Ringtones demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

| November 26, 2011 | 15 Replies

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Oh dear, trust unlucky 13. Slight mix up doing lots of reviews at the same time and an error during video processing meant a hiccup there and me forgetting to post about #10.


Nevertheless, here’s an appaday we’ll insert number #10 into correct position at the end of the day (if you also listen out at #11) Penguin you’ll hear me say that was meant to be number 10 :S). Number 13 will be up shortly too and then we’ll go back to normal numbering again.

#10) Super Mario Ringtones

Price: Free



Developer Blurb:

With now over 70 Ringtones to choose and save to your phone, this collection of music is a must have for any Mario fan.

Choose from 8 great Mario games including:

  • Super Mario Brothers 1
  • Super Mario Brothers 2
  • Super Mario Brothers 3
  • Super Mario Kart
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Mario RPG
  • Mario 64
  • Mario Tennis 64

As the app grows in popularity, more music will be added! It will remain entirely free too, so please support this polished app anyway possible!

First and foremost, you might think – how are ringtones apps now? Remember back in June when custom ringtone would was detailed amongst the features in WP? I also noted than unlike just being a possibility where you put your custom MP3, there is doing something more with this new feature.

Of course we can already download ringtones from Nokia Store and set them as ringtones. In this example (and there are many creative ways to go about making ringtones, e.g. Nokia loop) a developer has put together Super Mario songs for Ringtones. Possibly every memorable tune from nearly every memorable Mario game. From here, it makes it easy to select the particular type of tunes you want. No searching the web for it, no downloading and searching for that tune. Start the app, select the song, set as ringtone.

Rating: 9.25

 Design: 9


With Metro comes consistency. Some have commented it might make apps too similar. However, there are so many apps (and so don’t base it just on what I’ve shown) that use the panoramic nature of Metro but do something different with it.

Here, you can see intead of big words as titles at the top, you have the image of the game. Below it are a list of possible tones including the size, and play time. The background is an image from that game.

Another nice touch was the load page that started the Mario experience from the get go.

The buttons on the bottom are a little too small I think. They’re still clearly usable but perhaps make them a little bigger?

Oh when you select a song, a mushroom appears next to it.

Usability:  9

The panoramic nature makes it very easy to organize the tones into the Mario games they come from, move in between the different Mario game songs and hence making it easier to possibly search for a particular track.

The buttons as mentioned are a little too small but don’t actually make it difficult to use. It’s more an aesthetic thing. There is space though utilized by an ad banner.

Tap on the tone you want. You can press play to  preview it and/or the save button to save that to your ringtone list which you can set later, or if you want, set it as a ringtone there and then.

Performance: 9

Yup, it’s fast, stable and easy to work. (Note, not all apps we want to show are stable. Some have bugs, just most we’ve shown so far haven’t).

Start up takes about 5-6 seconds though, longer than usual but you are treated to a Mario load page where the progress bar are Mario icons as well as having a Mario sound. As an app that you’d only open occasionally (unless you change your ringtone daily) I think that’s fine.

Price: 10

Free with advertising banner

Conclusion: If you’re a fan of Mario and want some easily accessible Mario ringtones, you’ve got to try it out.


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  • stylinred

    ………. the apps on wp must be pretty bleak?

    • Jay Montano

      No, there are ‘better’ ones. I’m just trying to show different types.

      • Patata

        So when will you start to show any of the better ones? 😛

        • Jay Montano

          When I find the time.

  • larryg968

    agreed… Jay, r these really the apps u use on a daily basis bcuz apart from 3d brain, all the other apps a crap. I kno u say usefulness is subjective but showing esoteric apps is not productive.

    Imagine i am a potential customer. What apps would u show me to convince me to buy windows phone. Personally, i think the best combination is my symbian phone and an ipod touch for apps

    • Jay Montano

      No this is not an app I’d use every day. It’s an app that makes custom ringtones easier to use.

      It has changed what’s normally a search>download or rip>data transfer into an app experience where all the Mario tunes are easily available.

      You’d be surprised how many people actually like it. It’s taking something an experienced user takes for granted and packages it in a new easy experience for a new user.

      What apps do I have to convince you? I don’t know. Do you have any in mind? I have some other ‘impressive’ apps but as I’ve said before, I wanted to take my time on those. Just too busy at the moment.

      Anything I’ve reviewed here is most certainly better than anything I’ve ever used for Symbian (especially what I was offered to do for the Ovi Daily apps). Give me the name of some impressive apps for Symbian that isn’t Gravity/Opera.

      I’d suspect that WP isn’t for you anyway, no matter what apps I try to show.

      • larryg968

        Whether i like WP or not is irrelevant. I can appreciate beauty in the platform. I think metro is a wonderful idea. I don’t have an android but if a cool app is released i’ll watch a quick review to see if that app could fulfill needs in my life. More on point, none of these apps do that for me.

        I’d love to see some cool games with great graphics. They talk about Xbox live but all i see are stupid avatars and sharing information. Do they have cross platform games or is it just a gimmick like the kinect.

        Additionally, i’d like to see apps that make my life easier, isnt that the point of WP anyway

        Basically, i want to see someting impressive and im pretty sure the WP fanboys want to see that as well.

        And yes, WP is not for me but i am still interested in technology an what other platforms offer

  • MDF

    for custom ringtones check easyring
    amazing app

    as for useful apps that i use every day they are many

    wonder reader
    4th mayor
    soccer livescores
    im plus
    and more

    i hope jay will show some of them

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks. We’ve done TuneIn internet radio,

      as well as Kindle, Adobe Reader, BBC news reader, and a flashlight. Funny, according to Larry, none of them are useful but are popular on Symbian. I remember a petition trying to bring Kindle to Symbian.

      I think whatever app I will do, someone will shoot down how useful it will be so I will continue to just show apps I like and what my readers suggest.

      • larryg968

        I guess those were useful to others. I dont tink u can read on a phone so kindle is useful to me. Likewise, adobe reader is useful.

        Tune in radio is pretty cool. Proportionally, u’ve shown a lot of apps i find relatively useless but i guess its subjective.

        All i want to see r some cool games. Thats what most people buy on phones

        • Jay Montano

          Xbox live titles it is then for Larry 🙂 ilk try and get around to it this week.

        • mussab

          Here are some games:

          – Tentacles
          – ilomilo
          – Rocket Riot
          – The Harvest
          – de Blob
          – Angry Birds
          – Fruit Ninja
          – Rise Of Glory
          – Bejeweled
          – Max & the Magic Marker
          – PvZ
          – Hydro Thunder GO
          – Implode!
          – Hexic Rush
          – Flight Control
          – Gravity Guy
          – Full House Poker
          – Harbor Master
          – OMG: Our Manic Game
          – Need for Speed Undercover
          – Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles HD
          – Square Off
          – Jet Car Stunts
          – Kinectimals
          – Doodle Jump
          – Enigmo
          – Burn the Rope
          – Flowerz
          – Unite
          – PES 2011
          – Glyder: Adventure Worlds
          – Fable: Coin Golf
          – Orbital

        • Oh Hei

          Hey Larry! You don’t have to limit yourself to MNB for WP app reviews…Theres 1800 PocketPC, WPCentral, WMPU…All of those sites have ‘channels’ for WP Apps, and many have ratings and video demos as well. Even AAWP has app reviews for WP.

          There really is no need to harp on what apps you’d like to see Jay review based on what you feel is a useful app; if you want to see more app demos, there are plenty of places to find them. Even the app developers have YouTube videos that demonstrate the app.

          So, do yourself a favor – either visit the sites I mentioned above or visit the Marketplace, find an app that ‘you’ would find useful, click on the link, and watch the developers video.

          Simples 🙂

  • Viipottaja

    Jay, you might mention at the beginnig of the reviews that these are “just” apps you’ve used and like, not an attempt to e.g. cover the most popular apps and games of the WP Marketplace or other platforms per se. Another suggestion could be to at least for now list in each app review the apps you’ve already reviewed so folks who might find a particular app uniteresting could go and read the PDF reader review again…:p

    Btw, for me reviews of games and apps geared at pre-schoolers and toddlers would be useful, but I suspect nor expect you would time or interest for those! 😀

  • Shaun

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to say thanks for showcasing my app. I know many of you may ponder its usefulness on a daily basis, which I recognize, but the idea was to rekindle any nostalgia for those who grew up with the Mario franchise.

    While this app may not serve an everyday purpose, or be the frontrunner for wp7 apps, it offers great tones and a soundboard you can use for your own amusement or share with your children. When Microsoft enables custom alerts, the app will be updated to allow the custom notifications.

    If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at