Lumiappaday #7: Fluid demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

| November 26, 2011 | 7 Replies

We’re going to be showing a few apps for your Nokia Lumia today – they aren’t exactly useful apps in terms of having an every day function to fill. They’re just there for fun. Chillax, it’s the weekend.

The first app I’m showing is Fluid.

#7 – Fluid

Price: £0.79 ($0.99)



Developer Blurb:

Fluid is the fastest and highest quality particle-based fluid simulator on the Windows Phone 7.

It supports multitouch (and multitap) interaction and also responds to the accelerometer.

You can adjust a number of fluid properties and get anything from a gas to a liquid to a solid.

This is a very simple app that for some reason, my friends are finding impressive to play with. There’s no point to it other than just being sort of visually appealing. There was a similar app on Maemo 5 that I found just as mesmerising.

Rating: 8

Design: 8 – it’s a simple design. Blue particles that change to white as they speed up. Particles work with the accelerometer as well as touch. All together the particles act as a fluid, with various options that allow you to change how each particle behaves.

The controls look somewhat too basic though design wise and I felt could look a little prettier. But the particles themselves are nice.

Usability: 7 – The app is insanely fast. The particles move like as if you’ve got actual liquid in your phone and it also reacts just as quick to touch. The controls are however quite fiddly. Note that in the video eventually it gets easier sliding the different options, but it could be easier. Once you work out it’s just tap and glide on those bars, it’s very easy to control.

The top rows of options are somewhat obscured though by your thumb.

I am finding the fact that the main control bar appears each and every time you exit the app either from lock or multitasking.

Performance: 9 – It’s fast, fluid, no hiccups. Annoying resume though with that notification page for controls appearing each time you resume.

Price: 8 – It’s a well made app, and I think the developer’s pricing is quite apt for it. At 79p I think he’s done a good job, especially since it’s had a few updates already.

Conclusion: Great particle based app, though there are other free ones that you might want to check out first.


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