Nokia N9 PR1.2 Update Screenshots: Camera UI updated, face recognition in gallery and more

| November 28, 2011 | 87 Replies

PR1.1 just got released (some may still be waiting) this is apparently already PR1.2 and you can check out the screenshots (From N950) over at

Ah, the N9 UI, undeniably beautiful. I really love what Nokia’s doing with squircles everywhere.

Anyway, here’s what the changes demoed:

  • In the handling of applications Added a button to manage applications.
  • The interface now separates the camera flash options (and camera UI was already very awesome)
  • In the video recording interface separated the icon to turn the LED flash.
  • The buttons have a new style
  • On display there is a new option settings Colour Profile
  • Settings Gallery has a new option for face recognition
  • The menu to display an image and has a new option “Insert face”
Cheers ADER for the tip!

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  1. Grazy says:

    I still haven’t got 1.1! let alone 1.2! i think it’s been about a month now! very dissapointing!

    • Nrde says:

      Just download and flash it yourself.

      But looks like the back button for example is getting slightly bigger, I hope they make some of the other buttons bigger too. In some places the buttons are slightly too small for no apparent reason.

      • jiipee says:

        Agree 100% with the button sizes. I dont know, if the increase of font size will improve the situation.

        And copy the swipe from WP UI within applications. This was also on Konttori’s wish list after they’ve been studying WP UI. The back button in many cases does not fit the Swipe paragigm. No mention in the blog, if they are considering it though.

        Btw. my first day on the road doing sales visits and the N9 works perfectly. Navigation, map, tethering, calendar, email, bluetooth in the car….

      • zlutor says:

        Does it matter what image I flash? OK. 16 vs. 64 GB should count but otherwise? I have a 64GB variant bought in Switzerland, no update signal received…

        Any step-by-step instruction about how I can flash it to PR1.1?

      • Punching Bag says:

        Nerd, please stop telling us to just “flash it ourselves”

        a – it’s unsupported
        b – it doesn’t help anyone else who’s not a nerd and doesn’t know how

        • Nrde says:

          - what kind of support do you require? As far as I know it does not void the warranty even.

          You only have to follow instrutions, the worst that can happen is that you need to do it again or take it to Nokia. There are many good walkthrougs how to do it. So I’m basically just fed up with the whining not having the FW…

          All the phones are the same, what is different are the default languages and pre loaded maps.

          So central european FW would be good for the swiss phones for example. DL the default files Navifirm suggests.

          I got tired of waiting for the swiss FW also and flashed my phone, worked without any issues. I wonder who (Orange, Sunrise or Swisscom?) is delaying the FW for CH as it was the same for N8 and C7 with Anna update. (those are flashed also with something else than CH fw now :)

          • Punching Bag says:

            Please post your source that flashing at home utilizing navifirm and phoenix does not void warranty

            • crisscross says:

              Why use phoenix? The official nokia flasher works perfectly….

              • Punching Bag says:

                Please post the link.

                I was unaware Nokia released a flash utility for end users outside of the standard software update tool.

            • Nrde says:

              My source is that they have no way of knowing why a phone is bricked. They are just reflashing it (and you can do that yourself even)

              flasher is Nokia tool.

              • Punching Bag says:

                So you’re saying what they don’t know can’t hurt them?

                Please post the link to this official flasher tool

                • Nrde says:


                  Other thing is that I haven’t heard anyone following instructions bricking otherwise working device. So yes it’s possible to be the first to totally brick a N9 with flasher, but so far it seems the risk is non existent.

                  • Punching Bag says:

                    Thanks for that.

                    Admittedly I did not look very deep, but I don’t see the firmware images for download?

                    • Nrde says:

                      usually they become available after all variants have been released.

                      But in case you want to flash it that way you night do it with the software updater anyway. (from the phone or with the Windows software updater).

                      So DL FW with navifirm and flash with flasher. Or wait your phone to give “official” version for your phone.

                    • Punching Bag says:

                      I thought Navifirm was a bootleg unnofficial method? I’m looking for official methods.

                    • Nrde says:

                      “I thought Navifirm was a bootleg unnofficial method? I’m looking for official methods.”

                      the “official” method becomes available when the FW has been released to users (or soon after).

                      So you can’t use “official” FW dowloadable from Nokia before it’s already released to OTA updates. using Navifirm is unofficial, but the repository is the same that Nokia care centers use.

    • dsmobile says:

      If you are from Australia. Whole Australian variant is waiting because operator X is the delay. Not Nokia.

      This might be reason for other countries also as there is no Operator variants only country variants and it will effect even if you have “unlocked” model. Operator X is the blame in some countries for the PR1.1 delay.

      • Punching Bag says:

        I have an unbranded phone from Australia. What’s the excuse now?

        • Nrde says:

          So you don’t use any of the AU networks then? There’s only one FW for all AU and they are waiting operator X or operator Y so they can release it for everyone. That I got from dsmobiles message, you obviously did not.

          • Punching Bag says:

            Nerd, please explain

            a – then why some aus variants claim to have received it
            b – is there no such thing as an ‘unbranded’ n9 in aus
            c – how this system of updating can be considered anything other than terrible

            bully for you for flashing via a backdoor method. the rest of us shouldnt have to

            • Nrde says:

              Maybe they got their phones from Singapore? Is the product code for AU for them?

              I have no idea what models there are for Australians to purchase.

            • shuga says:

              There are unbranded Nokia N9′s for sale in Australia, I actually own one and have flashed PR1.1 on it.

              It is a pretty simple process.

              • Punching Bag says:

                Thanks I appreciate that, but I’m still stuck with the proposition that if it fails, I’m left with figuring out how to get my N9 serviced in Australia (I’m in USA)

                Will they ship internationally? Would I have to use a proxy mailing service?

                I wish Nokia would just release/announce updates in a reasonable fashion. They are waaaay too big and global for this “you’ll get it when you get it” update platform

                • Nrde says:

                  Flasher does a “bricked phone” flash by default anyway. So if your phone is working there is minimal chance it breaks just during the update process making your phone a real brick.

                  But if you are concerned about warranty and logistics it might be wise to wait for the OTA update.

                  And yes, FW updates always seem to be late for someone unfortunately.

      • abba says:

        I have got my official update a week before. I have bought this phone from dick smith and its with optus network now. Its better to check with nokia technical customer service.

    • Chris P says:

      Its unbelivable, No PR1.1 for Sweden (unlocked), and not available in Navifirm if you want to do it yourself.

  2. Blackidea says:

    Veri rich os.
    This should be the futuru.
    Just in my dream now :(

  3. Blackidea says:

    Very rich os.
    This should be the future.
    Just in my dream now :(

  4. wdd says:

    never get enough of improvement on n9!!!!!

    give me a much improved web browser and flash mobile!

  5. usino says:

    iphone 3gs battery is Betta then this Nokia N9, my Nokia N900 battery is just the same as my Nokia N9. shame

  6. Morpog says:

    I have got similar battery life than with my N8. But my N9 feels so much better, a whole lot better experience. I love my N9

  7. usino says:

    1 day and in full charge, and whit out opening online software. this happen too me after update.maybe PR 1.2 will be good.

    • Gelas says:

      Usino, I’ve faced this exact problem before .. but it solved already .. below are the steps to fix the battery issue .. please bear in mind that I’ve tried much of the web suggestions, but none work except for below ..

      1) someone mentioned to me that this could be the issue with how the sim was cut .. I did notice that my signal is not very stable .. sometimes the 3g icon just disappear, something it’s back again, sometime I can’t even connect .. not to mention the signal bar is pretty hectic .. can drop from 4 bar to 2 bars in second, and back to 4 bar again .. you should check yours whether you have the same issue or not .. in my case, i simply re-insert the sim, and apparently the signal problem is gone .. but not the battery issue .. so i deduce that, maybe because of the signal problem, there might some file that has corrupted or something (hosts file etc) .. I am note a techie guy, so instead of trying to fixed the corrupted file .. i just tried below steps ..

      2) Remove all accounts .. you don’t have to re-create it for now ..

      3) clear the device (setting-reset-clear device) .. make sure you backup all your important data, pic, videos etc because everything will be erased ..

      4) recreate the account .. I would suggest you give some time gap between account creation (eg: create exchange account, then sync, and wait for 1 – 2 hours .. then proceed with fb, sync and wait for 1 – 2 hours .. repeat with the rest of account .. sure it takes time, but i think there is something wrong with the account because previously, when I recreate the account at one go .. apparently, some of the account didn’t sync properly to the point that it just hang out there ..

      5) REBOOT .. you may notice that your N9 will keep asking password .. don’t worry, just re-enter .. eventually it will stop asking (in my case, it asked me to re-enter password twice in the first day, but not anymore and today is my 13 days without reboot) ..

      6) that’s it .. you’ve done .. you can try monitor your battery using the battery usage app .. it should be at around 7 – 20 during idle time depending on your setup (mine is 13 ma, exchange schedule every 1 hour, gmail every 1 hr, always on 3g, facebook, gtalk)

      please note though, mine is 64GB unlocked malaysia version ..

      Good luck .. and hopefully the core of the problem will be resolved in pr1.2 ..

      and yes .. sorry for the long post and for the grammar .. am not a native english speaker ..

  8. lolz says:

    still no front facing cam ? :\

  9. @UGN999 says:

    My N9 is having battery problem as well. Seems like 64 variants are facing it according to maemo forum. Its draining and the back heats even if its not running any app on the background. I flashed mine to PR1.1 too.

    • Gelas says:

      refer to my reply above .. just want to see whether the solution worked or not ..

      thanks ..

    • zlutor says:

      I have no problem with my 64GB variant. No heat, acceptable up-time…

    • Nrde says:

      I have no battery draining issue with my 64GB model, idle power consumption is between 10 and 20mA. So it must be a software thing. Too bad there’s so many variables to reliably explain why some phones seem to suffer from it.

  10. usino says:

    yes i have 64 version and everyday morning i have to charge.

  11. walterhoe says:

    Nokia hav do the good job…hope pr1.2 faster coming out….wel done Nokia!

  12. BarryB says:

    Looks promising, i hope they allow you to set a contacts primary number, if they have more than one, have to keep selecting when sending a text:(

    Apart from that its all good :) PS european N9 got 1.1 on first boot! :)

  13. Gourmet says:

    Still lacks HDR ?

  14. Heh.. says:

    I still do NOT understand why nokia wants to end this platform.. =.=

  15. arianit says:

    im waiting for camera update.

  16. oli says:

    N9 battery lasts longer in power saver mode.

  17. Bob says:

    Wonderful to see PR1.2 on the way isn’t it? Except that as I can’t get 1.1, despite having a N( since November, I presumably won’t get 1.2, so a bit rubbish actually. I should have stuck with Apple, at least when the issue an update they …… issue an update.

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