Nokia N8, only $299.99…Today Only!

| November 30, 2011 | 32 Replies

Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 is on sale TODAY ONLY for $299.99 UNLOCKED at

Today only, get the Nokia
for only $299.99. The N8
features a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen, the Symbian^3 OS, a 12 MP camera, and
GPS with free Ovi Maps. See all Gold
Box Deals


Discount is valid only for Wednesday, November 30, 2011.
Applies only to products sold by; does not apply to items sold by
other merchants on the website. Offer good while supplies

Considering the fantastic hardware, build quality, connectivity, amazing 12MP Carl Zeiss, Xenon equipped 720p HD Camera and the soon to be released Symbian Belle OS update, this is an incredible deal for a brand new N8. The sale covers a wide range of N8 colors.

What are you waiting on?!?! Add it to the cart!

Source: Amazon 

The N8 in detail (Nokia US Website) *click Start the tour

Thanks goes to reptile for the tip!


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  • Deep Space Bar

    FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK i need a new one mine has mad battle scars LOL

  • dss

    This phone.. best bang for the buck, no question about it.

  • MDF

    is this only for usa?

    • Viipottaja

      AFAIK, Yes. My understanding is that its essentially a part of the “Cyber Monday” (extended to a week) sales here although under the Gold Box banner.

      • MDF

        great now the 2 symbian fans that live in the usa can now buy their dream phone.

        Now seriously this deal should have been for the european audience where symbian is still strong

        • Deep Space Bar

          i’ve been a symbian and Nokia fan since 06 XD

          my current N8 is looking really ugly right now

          • dr_zorg

            Nice to see people realize that the N8 is a very rare kind of phone and deserves to have a backup, just in case 🙂

            With iPhones and Galaxys you KNOW there will be newer, better iterations.

            With Nokia, it’s any man’s guess.

            • Nick

              Could Apple stop making those blow up phones and google finally fix their huge security hole? I’ll take any Nokia any day over Apple and Google and know I’m getting a better deal.

              • dr_zorg

                I wouldn’t go as far as to say that.

                EDoF – a turnoff.
                No Xenon flash in newer phones.
                Cheap plastic chassis in most new models.
                Not to mention the styling, which is somewhat underwhelming.

                I hope the rumoured N8 successor will live up to the name, though. If we ever get to see it, that is.

                • Nrde

                  Not all Nokias are better than any Android. They usually have close enough HW features though (I don’t consider required CPU speed or bigger memory a benefit here)

                  “EDoF – a turnoff.”

                  For some, not everyone. Especially when the photos are still mostly better than “better” competing products take. (Galaxy Nexus…). There are exceptions of course.

                  “No Xenon flash in newer phones.”

                  You can count phones with xenon flash with one hand anyway. It’s obvious every manufacturer uses Xenon only in their camera specific phones.

                  “Cheap plastic chassis in most new models.”

                  There’s “cheap” and then there’s “cheap” I would think Nokias cheap is usually better than other cheap. There are soem really cheap plasticy phones in every manufacturers portfolio.

                  “Not to mention the styling, which is somewhat underwhelming.”

                  Not to mention taste which is subjective. I like my phones that don’t look like something else like iPhone, or Galaxy S or…

        • incognito

          One can grab an N8 for 293.65€ @ ( ). Not really $300, but one of the lowest prices in Europe, and bear in mind that it’s the price with VAT included.

        • reptile

          that argument implies that Nokia is behind the temporary price drop, but it’s actually just amazon.

  • nabeel

    good price. But its not the 50% discount that amazon says it is since just yesterday it was selling for 380

    • dss

      regular price is 380.. still $300 is by far the best price around.

  • Acura

    Yes, it has been hovering @ $389.99 for the past month or so … still a good deal as I have been watching the price for about a year & the lowest I recall was $359.99 for the silver …

    • dss

      Correct.. it was down to 360 at one point. I think they should just cut the regular price down to 340-350 for the holidays. With Symbian Belle around the corner, this would be a really good deal if you don’t want to sign any contracts

      • Deaconclgi


  • suyashxp

    my god 300$ only!!!
    I brought @ $510 (23000 rs in india)
    But Never the less , it help me a Lot in my useful time.

    I m Addicted to My N8 Now… No need to go anywhere !!!

    Just w8ing for BELLE ….

    • FireDragon

      Lucky you buys. We had ours at 38,000 pk rupees.

      And yes still have it and not planning to put it down, waiting for Belle or something as great as N8.

  • Cod3rror

    Very expensive, should be $200, it’s a four year old technology, I bet it costs Nokia $50.

    • Deaconclgi

      Welcome back.

    • dr_zorg

      It’s a “four year old” technology and yet there’s quite nothing like it anywhere.

      I got my first five for 550€, and then added another four at some 400€. And I still feel that the money was well spent.

    • Just Visiting

      Ha! I wish it were only $200, then I would *consider* purchasing another one in a different color 🙂

  • N900-00

    Thanks for the info. I just ordered the pink one for my wife, replacing her aging white N97!

    • Deaconclgi

      I’m glad that we could help!

    • dss

      Good call.

  • FireDragon

    I really wish what status said about old models that still are on sales. It should be something to know those numbers too.

    Like I said before, a long lasting product worth more than a splashing one. A week’s sale is maybe good for a ripple but for how long? A continue moving product is way much better for business.

    • Luisito

      MMM… thats nothing to do with a Nokia pricecut or something else… this offer is related to the Cybermonday week deals from Amazon, just look over the week to see if you find something you wanna (yesterday they were offering a 50% discount in some nice laptops)

  • Gen

    Best utility phone. although I gout an N9 now I can’t live without my N8. best backup camera, great loud speaker, fm transmitter, mp3 player, GPS(100X better than N9 maps) , instant push mail, multiple charging port (standard nokia charging port charges much faster than micro USB.

    the N8 is the swiss army knife of phones

  • kintoun

    Bargain of the century. Best camera and best OS only for 299.

    • MDF

      best camera yes
      best os no