Olive is the first full length feature film shot completely on a N8!

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gsmarena 001 Olive is the first full length feature film shot completely on a N8

Dear MNB readers, the Nokia N8 impresses once again. Say what you may about Symbian^3/Anna/Belle and even Nokia, but we cannot truthfully deny the craftmanship that went into designing and developing the N8’s 12 Megapixel 720p Carl Zeiss camera module.

From GSMArena:

The rapid progress that cameraphone have been making over the past few years is no secret for anyone, but shooting a whole movie on one? Yes, please! – said phone directors Hooman Khalili and Patrick Gilles and proceeded to shoot their full length feature film Olive on a Nokia N8.

We are talking a full cinema-ready movie here that should be hitting theaters in the US soon. And all it took for the N8 to turn into a piece of cinematic gear was a 35 mm lens adapter, which was modified to fit the smart phone in order to achieve the needed shallow depth of field.

The film stars two-time Academy Award nominated actress Gena Rowlands as well as John Scurti, Chris Maher, and Ruby Alexander. And the sound design was created by the George Lucas-owned Skywalker Sound.


Side rant: How come all the N8 vs. Other Phones videos never compare Digital Zoom during HD video recording? Answer: All other phones show the weakness of their camera modules and software and would lose massive amounts of detail, thus, the N8 becoming the obvious winner! Really, the quality of the N8 720p HD digital zoom compared to other phones HD digital zoom has to be seen to be believed. Does anyone know what video editing program is used to show split screen video comparisons? I want to make a N8 vs SGSII side by side video comparison.

Without further delay, head over to the GSMArena article for more information and a special Behind the Scenes and First 5 Minutes video preview of the upcoming movie: Olive.

You wont be disappointed.

Source: GSMArena

Thanks goes to Edmund for the tip!


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