Ridiculous: 1GHZ overclock for N8! NOT :(

| December 3, 2011 | 46 Replies

So nobody blames me later on-


What is overclocking?? Overclocking is the process of operating a computer component at a higher clock rate (more clock cycles per second) than it was designed for or was specified by the manufacturer, but some manufacturers purposely underclock their components to improve battery life.

In other words overclocking your device will almost definitely shorten our battery life (in a very noticeable way) and might cause your phone to overheat which may damage your centeral components (motherboard, GPU… they might stop working).

Now enough warnings, last night a tweet popped up in my timeline claiming there was a 1GHZ overclock for the Nokia N8m, now I haven’t tried this yet so I have no idea if it even works (nor do I plan on trying it, considering my battery is horrible as it is). Now you need a HACKED Nokia N8 to run this (simply signing your own certificates wont work, you have to have ROM manager and the other hacked files on your N8).

Apparently it’s quite straightforward, just unsign the .SIS file, rename it to Internal.SIS and Install. once you get it up and running all you have to do to revert to the default 680MGHZ is:

 To revert back to 680MHz, just delete the file C:\private\10202be9\20001079.txt

Once again I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS, I DO NOT TAKE ANY Responsibility FOR WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOUR PHONE (NEITHER DOES MyNokiaBlog) TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK (this will probably void your warranty, but hacking your phone in the first place also voids your warranty)

The File:


Via @jonjongoco ( you can find the instructions on his twitter feed as well)

*Update: A bunch of people telling me that this is a Old Irrelevant mod that doesn’t work for N8 (Sounds extremly likely considering it’s coming form the same person who claimed to have an N8-01) check out what the file actually contains: http://twitter.com/#!/marvelprash/status/142891772903829505/photo/1 Thanks Prashant

But since you’re already here, do you think the N8 actually needs to be overclocked?? Is there any use?

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  1. Chris says:

    This news amazes me.

    I mean, what the hell do you guys plan to do on an OC’d N8?

    Guess it will process videos and images better…?

    • arvi says:

      yeah i think so

    • Heh.. says:

      Don’t know bout you but i’m currently using the leaked belle, 11.30, and am experiencing some lag when playing back 30fps 720p videos that i’ve recorded using the default camera app. No mods added. Kinda showing the limitations of the hardware..

  2. Dafa says:

    I’d like to know by how much it’d shorten my battery life..

    As of now, my Belle N8 is pretty much the perfect phone for me, nothing painfully laggy, a perfect balance of smoothness, and battery life.

    Plus I’m not sure what benefit a 1Ghz processor will bring to the table at this point..

    • Dave says:

      Faster application startup will always be welcome, opening the gallery will be quicker, and maybe social will finally start to be usable ….

      Overclocking to this level will barely make any difference on battery life (I’ve done similar on laptops and have never seen any difference in longevity).

      • Konain says:

        dude overclocking takes a serios toll on battery life on laptops it doesnt affect much because of the intel speed stepping technology which underclocks the processor according to the usage

  3. Sun Down says:

    Oddly enough, my C6 with an ARM11 (433 MHz) opens up Opera Mobile in less than 5 seconds while my friends Samsung Galaxy S opens Opera Mobile around 20 seconds. Shows how much a 1 GHz CPU helps android, lol. I’d prefer a perfect balance of performance and battery life.

    • weirdfisher says:

      dont fake others
      SGS is fast and dont need 20 secs
      my Nexus S with the same spec as SGS opens OM in 3secs, while my n8 around 6secs
      The pinch zooming in Nexus S is also smoother than N8
      this is reasonable considering the difference in power

      • Diego says:

        are u guys talking about Opera MOBILE or Opera MINI??

        and about the load time on android its alll about if the app was opened before or not, it really takes some time to opem at first, but then it its already on memory, its like an application switch very fast…

  4. Greg says:

    No offence, but at least check that this stuff works before posting it? It just sounds dodgy all around, and to be honest, it gets us excited for nothing when you post the Update part.

    Should honestly delete the whole post altogether

  5. amoshydra says:

    Sometimes I just don’t understand when they say their N8 can last 2-3 days.. or even 24hours..

    My N8 never last more than half a day..
    Whatsapp installed.
    Several minutes of browsing
    push mail disabled

    I am using Symbian Belle, which most user claim having a better battery life than Anna. :|

    • Andre C says:

      Reduce the brightness.
      Use black/dark backgrounds.
      Disable wi-fi scanning.
      Do not keep apps in the background if you don’t need them.

      Read this article:

      If none of that helps, then it might be possible that you have a faulty battery and/or phone.

      • j says:

        he has definitly some hardware problems.

        • amoshydra says:

          perhaps next time I should flash my phone and see the battery performance without any other app installed :|

          And I wish it is my problem instead of hardware problem.

          Now I can only suspect that Whatsapp, Nokia Reader, Nokia Drop and Nokia Situation eating my battery lol..

    • Heh.. says:

      Mine never lasted 2-3 days either. Its always 1 day, 8am ~ 11pm average. Conectivity was set to dual mode.

      The best i got was 2 full days because conectivity was at GSM all the way.

      • napier says:

        I’ve gotten 2 day+ with mild-moderate usage. I comfortably get through a full day (24hrs) without any problems or special adjustments. My mail is set for soonest, and I get messages pretty much instantaneously. My Destinations switches seamlessly between home and office wifi and carrier network. I’m constantly streaming music via Play via Radio when driving.
        Use battery monitor and see what’s using up all that juice.
        I went on a ~6hr flight a few weeks ago and tracked it via SportsTracker. Still had >50% battery at the end. My phone was set to offline though.
        I’ve been really impressed with my battery life. But there does seem to be a great variation in user experience.

  6. FireDragon says:

    I like having my N8 to be a bit power-up. But not by over-clocking, the real upgrade from company. But yes I think I would like it to over-clock by around 800 or so. Just like N900 did. I remember people pushing it to a gig claim it damages thing and overheated too early while around at 900 it was perfectly fine and perfectly fast.

    Plus, I really really want to see RAM increment. But sadly no way to it.

  7. swiss says:

    has any one tried this hack cos if it work then i will also overclock my device and make a video

  8. cruz says:


  9. shpeta says:

    Now i have overclocked my n8 but i can’t see any diference i think its a joke. I will test my battery life.

  10. reptile says:

    What if someone bought a 701 and put its processor and gpu into the N8? :D

  11. ian says:

    Kinda unprofessional article. Getting used to Jay’s writing style, reading this makes me squirm.

  12. stylinred says:

    it would be nice if someone could bump it up to even 800mhz

  13. Comeon says:

    Hi,folks,the original 20001079.txt is a config file for n-gage.how can it have something to do with cpu overclocking!he is a cheater!folks,do not install that!maybe it is a malware! I wont try that!

  14. TrollerRoller says:

    This jonjongoco is little dickhead….he was the one who infected internet in past by spreading rumors of N8 successor which was fake and now just to get few hits for his blog once again He has posted fake information

  15. bladehu2 says:

    If you are retarded then at least use google before posting an ancient hoax. This 20001079.txt file was responsible for NGAGE game’s performance on S60v3 and no more exist since s60v5. It will do nothing on S60v5/S^3.

  16. Steve21 says:

    ravings of drunken monkeys!!

  17. glenny says:

    Hi ppl I used this hack and the browser on ble got HTML5 score of 164 and 7 point befor only 157 so i think it works at some point.

  18. Quintin says:

    I had been a N8 fan. Bought one at amazon, it had a billion issues, from restarting itself continuously to asking a PIN i had not assigned it. It was exchanged, the new one i had it for 3 months it started acting up, I called nokia they gave me a shipping label and i sent it back, hoping to have the pin code part dealt with, alas! the phone was declared defective and i was given a new one (weeks without a phone that costed close to $600). I have the one that was sent and this one has all soughts of bluetooth issues, I have used jawbone era, jabra, even nokia one all same it would freeze and even disconnect a call. I never thought I would ever fall in love with another phone company since I had used nokia phones all my life. I am now a proud holder of Iphone 4s thanks to nokia’s substandard – headache none friendly to use software and Yes nokia is a billion years away from Iphone OS, No match at all, features that I thought were to be usefu like radio transmitter are just but a joke, cannot connect and sustain a clear channel at all…from high frequencies to low ones. Shame on nokia, the N8 is now just a fancy looking mp3 player in my car. Thats the best Nokia can offer me in terms of MODERN TECHNOLOGY, shame on nokia….I bought a phone to use it to call not an mp3 player this is 2012 not 1990′s sony’s mp3 player time am not mr hammer! I do gaga!!!!! ulaaaaalaaaaah!

  19. SSs says:

    IT’s OT A OVERCLOCK IT’s a cracked app on N-GAGE

  20. Aly says:

    I tried that overclocking method that wasnt supposed to work anymore……and it worked O.o the reason I know this is because I can now open up 9 HD 500Mb sized games at once…. I even started recording 720p at 30fps. All of this WITHOUT lag…… I didnt however use the file that you linked me too… Although it was still a ‘Internal.sis’ and with the temperature problem, i’ve actually noticed a DECREASE in the temperature of my N8 (it stays at this cold temp, even when its plugged into a charger with, or without the apps open) anyhow….I think its just brilliant! :D

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