Tons of Great Nokia adverts from Fallon for Dual Sims (SWAP) and QWERTY (Asha 303)

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Remember that odd Nokia dual Sim ads of two guys duelling each other, making the other instantly change clothes.

The campaign of “swap” is much more apparent now with these two videos that Mark found. The first one is just like the ad from Nokia Brasil. The second one is slightly different but the same quick swap theme. That turtle one I found to be hilarious. The channel  we are fallon has a bunch of ads, some of which are currently playing in the UK one now (the orange heads for one).

I am sorry for reminding you guys, but if you remember the “We Are TabCo” campaign? We thought that since Nokia was going with Fallon (slogan We are Fallon, like Maemo’s WeAreMaemo or We Are MeeGo – we thought they were connected. Lol what happened to that tablet?) I’m really glad Nokia are connected with these guys.

Fallon London was founded in 1998 and is one of the most awarded creative agencies in the world, responsible for the creation of iconic campaigns for Skoda ‘Cake’, Cadbury ‘Gorilla’ and Sony ‘Balls’. Part of the Publicis Groupe, Fallon is powered by a belief in the unreasonable power of creativity.


Nokia Tortoise from we are fallon on Vimeo.

Nokia Play from we are fallon on Vimeo.

Source: TheNokiaBlog


There’s actually even more Nokia videos on their channel. The ads brought a smile to my face as they’re really creative. I’m not used to great Nokia ads.

The message is concise. The recurring theme is SWAP. You can quickly swap from using SIM1/SIM2.

More on the Dual Sim stuff here:


Our first campaign for Nokia, promoting their new range of dual SIM phones in India, Philippines, Nigeria and Brazil, shows users how easy it is to swap SIM’s in seconds, switching between lifestyles.

Nokia Moustache from we are fallon on Vimeo.

Nokia Boxer from we are fallon on Vimeo.

Nokia Wigs from we are fallon on Vimeo.

Nokia Boardgame from we are fallon on Vimeo.

Next up – a Social Game feature called QWERTY Me. You’ll have to watch the first video to realise it’s a campaign where readers can challenge QWERTYman. Instead of saying email me, or message me, he says QWERTY me.

This seems to be for Indonesia. See more here:


Our latest campaign for Nokia, promoting the launch of their new range of Qwerty phones in Indonesia and Mexico, invites viewers to send in their challenges by SMS, Facebook or Twitter to Qwertyman and his team. If your challenge is chosen, viewers are invited to join them and watch the challenge take place in real time.

Nokia Qwerty Me Indonesia from we are fallon on Vimeo.

Well there we go. You might like it, you might not. I liked it. It’s a darn sight better and more memorable and better at selling the phone and feature than stuff we’ve seen from Nokia ad agencies last year.

Good products are vital but in this age, so is marketing. Discussing with a reader, zymo, here’s a copy and pasted comment:

Apart from the people that actually make the design (product) a good enough marketing team like the gods they have at Apple can make the uninformed masses believe in anything.

They are the playmakers. The true puppeteers, conductors what have you. They don’t just tell you they have what you want, they bore holes into your mind and place it with desire and an urge to want what they tell you to want. They’re quite amazing.

Context here was wishing Nokia advertised S^3 better. e.g. N8. N8 camera photography – blind person who can’t see the photos. Hmmm.

What do I get from the Swap adverts? Swap – swapping sims. The message is short and sweet. You want to have two sim cards in your phone, get this Nokia. It’s funny and memorable and you’d talk about it with your friends/colleagues for being a genuinely funny ad (well the turtle one at least – and the one where the guys are in the sim card cutouts and as it slides across they have different outfits on). You even get a catchy little catchphrase of “SWAP!”




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