Housings/cases for possible N8 successor? Has massive cut out for a mega camera.

| December 5, 2011 | 82 Replies

Look what Ed found. Is that a case or the actual housing? It’s in the traditional Nokia colours and Nokia shape.

Look at the centre – there’s a massive hole where a huge camera could be?

Nokia N8 successor anyone? 12MP+? Xenon Flash? True Zoom? Yes please!


I’m dying to see it. I’ve been to spoilt with the Nokia N8 camera that pretty much every thing else I’ve had the chance to use seems crap. Ed thinks it might be a new Lumia but other suggestions indicate the camera successor was likely a Symbian phone. Maybe Meltemi? There is only a hole for volume. There’s no hole for a camera button (which you’d expect if this was going to be a major camera centric phone).

Update: Remember our last post about those Lumia feedback? The image is on there, so it’s directly from Nokia. (via Michael Prince) That links to a design video where anything can be designed but be stuck forever in labs.

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  • jot3000

    my fear is that this may be the n8 successor body and if so may represent the end of an era for Nokia.if that is the n8 body it probably means that they’ll be no sd card,no hdmi and Will probably have a reduced feature set.Nokia may have realised that the mass demographic it’s trying to target are not bothered about certain features in the same way apple users are oblivious to all the things there phones can’t do.i basically need the n8 successor to have at least the same features as the n8 if not dedicated camera button would be a travesty!the n8 is feasibly the last true Nokia.hope I’m wrong

    • reptile


  • “If” this is the new camera flagship, then I will be waiting before I move from symbian to Android. There isn’t a perfect Android handset on the market today for me. Not even the quite staggering Droid Razr. They disappoint in the camera department.

    • Diego

      i agree with you, on a droid if u want a radio, u dont hav NFC(uncapectable since google is tring to implemente the Gwallet) if u have NFC u dont have Micro-SD for backups

      on n9 lacks radio Rx/Tx driver and Micro-SD

      n900 was far ahead his time…

      n8 was almost perfect just too little too late

  • Yemi

    For those who are complaining of no camera button, this housing might be an earlier prototype. Plus i kind of see nokia using this for both Symbian and windows. They will pull another move by putting the camera button on the windows version only

  • Spitfire

    Me too I’m afraid that there isn’t going to be a perfect N8 successor in the future.

    If it’s going to be windows phone then it’ll be without divx/xvid .avi video support, no SD-card, no HDMI, no usb-on-the-go. There is no way I will be buying such a phone.

    If it’s going to be symbian they’ll downgrade te phones features because Nokia can’t afford it to compete with their own Windows Phone devices.

    So sad. I always loved symbian for it’s wide range of universal features. I feel forced to move on to a Sony Ericsson device with a big camera and android. An entirely different side of the market.

    • Mr. Awin

      No..there is no such thing that N8 successor will not have those features that N8 do…there will be more features such as NFC..and the N8 successor will be the most perfect phone..don’t worry guys..this is just a rumour..

  • Bert

    There is no hard button to make photo’s 😮

  • lordstar

    I think this is a WP7 device or a possible follow up to N9????? I mean it has both the color schemes of the N9 and the lumia 800. No camera key would be pointless if it is the N8 successor.Oh wait, Symbian could go all touch now with the new belle interface with its navi bar….

    • Daniel McGuire

      Just because symbian has the NAV bar does not mean the menu button is redundant, how would you get out of a app that dosent have a NAV bar? How would you acsess the multitasking menu?

      You should think before you post.

      • svetlo

        with a swipe 😉

        • Daniel McGuire

          That wiuldvobly work on

        • Daniel McGuire

          That would only work on phones built for swipe such as the n9.

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  • Just looks like a Nokia N9 cover to me with a different shape cutout for the camera/flash area.

    Look at it, it looks identical to the N9.

  • lovenokia

    i hope this was just an early nokia 900

  • Steve Barker

    If we consider the evolution of Nokia devices from N8 to N9 the lack of a camera key and removable media card is to be expected.

    This would also rule out a WP device as WP demands a camera button.

    Looking at the recess around the screen aperture and the moulding detail on the back this could well be a polycarbonate unibody like the N9 / Lumia800 rThern than a cover moulding.

    So, a +12MPx camera (?) 16 or 64 Gb internal memory and touch-screen camera action.

    Sounds good to me…

  • iphone wannabe – nokia lumia 800

    i somehow love phone without camera button, it is more simplistic, more beautiful,etc

    if this phone does not have swipe, then i stick to n9

  • Do people have nothing better to do than feeding the rumour mills. It’s quite easy to see that this is just a cheap plastic case, not a housing. It doesn’t even have to be for a new phone much less an N8 successor. Cases generally cover up slots and buttons that aren’t really needed and speaking of the N8 its own cases have a much bigger hole than this.

    Future phones will have what they have, simple. Nokia did however announce their last Symbian and confirmed that it will only be Windows Phone from now on. Personally I don’t feel like feeding the monopoly and think this will be a death blow for them no matter how good the hardware is.

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